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Published by Justin Cerone

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Published by: Justin Cerone on Nov 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OK - disclaimer first: I've NEVER been huge into politics. I've had little political "kicks" in the past, Iwas involved as a conservative for a little while back during the 2004 election. Then I just sort of stopped caring. I soon saw politics as a constant partisan drone of bickering, business, and corruption.I'd even say I turned a bit liberal during college since...I mean...I'm surrounded by the typical collegeliberal (pay for my education, government!). I still didn't care though. And *gasp!* no - I didn't evenVOTE in the 2008 election. There I said it. Didn't like either one enough to vote if that makes anysense at all.However, thoughts have been stirring these past eight months or so. I've been determined to solidify apolitical stance for myself - for myself as in not democrat, not republican, not even necessarily acombination of both. And honestly...I'm not really sure why. Maybe after watching "Inside Job." Ireally liked it, but it has nothing to do with what I'm writing. I think I just really liked the way it mademe think, and how I admired the passion behind the film - the message they wanted to convey - howwell they did it.I was on a politics "kick", or so I thought. I decided to dive in head first, however stay open-minded,not stubborn to a specific party or "set" of Democrat or Republican views, but go full-circle. To startfresh without any "ism's" if you will. Just read, think, think more, and decide. I read with the goal inmind to decide what was for the greater and eventual good. I did my homework, read up on dozens of issues and topics, and made sure I knew what the other side had to say about it. But to make a longstory short - my search led me to Congressman Ron Paul.Now you might be thinking I'm just a Ron Paul "fan boy." Well, I'd heard of Ron from back in the2008 election, and being unimpressed with his whole 3% vote kind of just said "Heh...nice try oldman." Even before he decided to run for president in 2012, I was recommended to read the book "Revolution - A Manifesto."I could not believe how much sense he was making. He gave new perspectives on foreign policy,money, jobs, small government, freedom, government spending, taxes... this man had a vision.(However, I'm STILL a little stuck on regulation vs. deregulation of investment banking after thehousing crisis - possible topic for future post) Needless to say, I was very excited to hear he decided to run for president of the United States.However I have become very angry with the way he is being completely blacked out by the media.How can someone with a plan to balance the budget, bring back the sound dollar, repeal the Patriot
Act, bring our troops home, end foreign aid and policing the world, reduce the debt tremendously, andphase out the IRS and Federal Reserve be ignored so VERY blatantly? He predicted the 2008recession years in advance! Most every GOP nominee discussion I've listened to (tons) has mentionedevery nominee (even Huntsman, Santorum, and Bachmann) and left out Ron Paul! He is gettingminimal debate time as well.I am 99% certain that this is not a "whoops" accident. I really think he is being ignored because he isnot an "establishment" president. He is not the kind of person to put a "band-aid on a bullet would" if you will. By that I mean giving bailouts to big scoundrel-run companies that screwed up and screwedover millions of Americans. By creating money out of thin air. By making temporary settlements todebt crises that will only roll back around to bite us again and again and again. The poor get poorer sowhat do we do? "Oh, hey, free health care for everybody!" says Obama. There's got to be a betteranswer.BIG changes MUST happen NOW!!! No more big-government nonsense. The fiat (essentially "funnymoney") currency we use is about to die. We are involved in needless, unconstitutional, undeclaredwars. Obama's federal takeover of healthcare "Obamacare" is a total joke. It is a stab in the back to afree society. Talk about a band-aid on a bullet wound. We cannot have the government in the medicalbusiness. The federal government is responsible for continuing to allow the Federal Reserve to inflateour currency. The government is becoming increasingly powerful since the President seems to think hecan make foreign policy decisions without the approval of Congress. Big government (Obama'sgovernment) = massive, irresponsible spending that YOU AND I will pay for (with a dying dollar notto mention). Obamacare, undeclared wars, printing money with the push of a button, where will thesesocialistic, even dictatorship-like policies end?Our exploding debt will only lead to where Greece is right now, if not worse.Something isn't right. MANY things are not right. The media is blacking out Ron Paul because he isnot "status-quo."I'm telling you...I've done my homework. I'm not just some activist for the sake of wanting to be anactivist. This is not a hobby, or a lifestyle. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised to read thiscoming from me. I was compelled to do this because for some reason the fact that nobody was gettinghis message of freedom, peace, strength, and sound money REALLY irritated me. This is something Ifell into, leaving me in shock at how little attention is paid to such brilliant, profound ideas. ITSHOULD BE OBVIOUS who the best fit candidate is for 2012. He vows to accept a presidentialsalary only equal to the mean American salary which is no more than $39,336 instead of the currentpresidential salary - $400k. When it comes to receiving donations from Military members, he

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