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Hackers Survival Guide

Hackers Survival Guide

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Published by api-3748867

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Published by: api-3748867 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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steal this book
by abbie hoffman
dedicated to jerry lefcourt, lawyer and brother
library of congress number 72-157115 (stolen from library of congress)
copyright \u00a91971 pirate edition
stable of discontents

aiding and abetting

1. free food
\u00a5 restaurants
\u00a5 food programs
\u00a5 supermarkets
\u00a5 wholesale markets
\u00a5 food conspiracies
\u00a5 cheap chow

2. free clothing and furniture
\u00a5 free clothing
\u00a5 sandals
\u00a5 free furniture

3. free transportation
\u00a5 hitch-hiking
\u00a5 freighting
\u00a5 cars
\u00a5 buses
\u00a5 airlines
\u00a5 in city travel

4. free land

5. free housing
\u00a5 communes
\u00a5 urban living
\u00a5 rural living
\u00a5 list of communes

6. free education
\u00a5 list of free universities

7. free medical care
\u00a5 birth control clinics
\u00a5 abortions
\u00a5 diseases treated free

8. free communication
\u00a5 press conference
\u00a5 wall painting
\u00a5 use of the flag
\u00a5 radio
\u00a5 free telephones
\u00a5 pay phones

9. free play
\u00a5 movies and concerts
\u00a5 records and books

10. free money
\u00a5 welfare
\u00a5 unemployment
\u00a5 panhandling
\u00a5 rip-offs
\u00a5 the international yippie currency exchange

11. free dope
\u00a5 buying, selling and giving it away
\u00a5 growing your own

12. assorted freebies
\u00a5 laundry
\u00a5 pets
\u00a5 posters
\u00a5 security
\u00a5 postage
\u00a5 maps
\u00a5 ministry
\u00a5 attrocities
\u00a5 veteran's benefits
\u00a5 watch
\u00a5 vacations
\u00a5 drinks
\u00a5 burials
\u00a5 astrodome pictures
\u00a5 diploma
\u00a5 toilets

fight! 1. tell it all, brothers and sisters

\u00a5 starting a printing workshop
\u00a5 underground newspapers
\u00a5 high school papers
\u00a5 g.i. papers
\u00a5 news services
\u00a5 the underground press
\u00a5 switchboards

2. guerrilla broadcasting
\u00a5 guerrilla radio
\u00a5 guerrilla television

3. demonstrations
\u00a5 dress
\u00a5 helmets
\u00a5 gas masks
\u00a5 walkie-talkies
\u00a5 other equipment

4. trashing
\u00a5 weapons for street fighting
\u00a5 knife fighting
\u00a5 unarmed defense
\u00a5 general strategy rep

5. people's chemistry
\u00a5 stink bomb
\u00a5 smoke bomb
\u00a5 cbw
\u00a5 molotov cocktail
\u00a5 sterno bomb
\u00a5 aerosol bomb
\u00a5 pipe bombs
\u00a5 general bomb strategy

6. first aid for street fighters
\u00a5 what to do
\u00a5 medical committees

7. hip-pocket law
\u00a5 legal advice

\u00a5 lawyer's group
\u00a5 join the army of your choice
\u00a5 canada, sweden & political asylum

8. steal now, pay never
\u00a5 shoplifting
\u00a5 techniques
\u00a5 on the job
\u00a5 credit cards

9. monkey welfare

10. piece now
\u00a5 handguns
\u00a5 rifles
\u00a5 shotguns
\u00a5 other weapons
\u00a5 training
\u00a5 gun laws

11. the underground
\u00a5 identification papers
\u00a5 communication

1. fuck new york
2. fuck chicago
3. fuck los angeles
4. fuck san francisco


it's perhaps fitting that i write this introduction in jail-that
graduate school of survival. here you learn how to use toothpaste as
glue, fashion a shiv out of a spoon and build intricate communication
networks. here too, you learn the only rehabilitation possible-hatred
of oppression.steal this book is, in a way, a manual of survival in the
prison that is amerika. it preaches jailbreak. it shows you where
exactly how to place the dynamite that will destroy the walls.

first section-survive!-lays out a potential action program for our new
nation. the chapter headings spell out the demands for a free society.
a community where the technology produces goods and services for
whoever needs them, come who may.

it calls on the robin hoods of santa barbara forest to steal from
the robber barons who own the castles of capitalism. it implies that
the reader already is "ideologically set," in that he understands
corporate feudalism as the only robbery worthy of being called "crime,"
for it is committed against the people as a whole.

whether the ways
it describes to rip-off shit are legal or illegal is irrelevant. the
dictionary of law is written by the bosses of order. our moral
dictionary says no heisting from each other. to steal from a brother
or sister is evil. to not steal from the institutions that are the
pillars of the pig empire is equally immoral.community within our
nation, chaos in theirs; that is the message of survive!we cannot
survive without learning to fight and that is the lesson in the second

fight! separates revolutionaries from outlaws. the purpose of
part two is not to fuck the system, but destroy it. the weapons are
carefully chosen. they are "home-made," in that they are designed for
use in our unique electronic jungle. here the uptown reviewer will find
ample proof of our "violent" nature. but again, the dictionary of law
fails us. murder in a uniform is heroic, in a costume it is a crime.
false advertisements win awards, forgers end up in jail. inflated
prices guarantee large profits while shoplifters are punished.

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