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Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark

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Published by viralavatar3212

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: viralavatar3212 on Nov 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Challenge
Is there one employer that you’vealways wanted to work with, but neverknown how to grab their attention?One idea that you’ve always wanted tomake a reality, but have never had thechance to? This is your opportunity topick your own client, target audience,and medium, pass you by.We’re asking you to come up with anidea or method to present yoursel thatputs you on the map. It may challengethe very oundations o creativity aswe know it, or simply demonstrateexceptional crat, skill and passion.Either way, we’re looking or entries - inany medium - that get you noticed.
With over 25,000 advertising anddesign students graduating into theUK job market alone, it is important –now more than ever - that you harnessyour creativity and learn how to marketyoursel. Why you are dierent? Whatmakes you special? Thinkers andmakers are the lieblood o the industryand the demand or rst-rate talentnever diminishes; all you need to do isgrab opportunity with both hands, andmake your mark.
A link to your portolio and contactdetails.
Think about who your employer couldbe; an agency, art director, brand,celebrity or producer, and tailor yourresponse accordingly
Who’s work do you most admire?
Impassioned targeting - research theculture o the company or personalitythat you are trying to be noticedby. They vary enormously and yourmessage should be in keeping withthis.
Consider how you connect withheart and mind. People like workingwith people they know – how do youportray a sense o sel? For example,the ounders o Innocent have thevan test – they will only give a job tosomeone they could happily spendan entire day with, driving aroundselling drinks (as they did in the earlydays).
Ensure your idea is refective o yourskills and portolio.
Have an opinion: agitate, inorm,inspire.
Avoid clichés
Judging Criteria:
Great ideas, which express originality,innovation or inspiration.
Great crat.
New ways and means o communicating.
Upload a presentation lm o yourwork (max 2 mins). You may alsoupload supporting images and/or postsupporting objects and/or upload azip older o supporting interative work.Please see the Formatting GuidelinesPDF or more inormation.
Further Inormation:
See www.dandad.org/studentawards@baby_pencils
D&AD Student Awards 2012
Make Your Mark
Brie set by:
Written by:
Rory Fegan, Pearlfsherand Amanda Moorby, D&AD
Sponsored by:
D&ADDeadline or this Brie:
Entries or this brie must be submittedby Friday 9 March 2012.Supporting objects must be receivedat D&AD oces by Friday 16 March2012.
Shortlisted entrants will be eligibleto interview or the D&AD GraduateAcademy.#bp_makeyourmark
Grab the attention o your dream employer.
D&AD Student Awards 2012Rules
The contest is organised by D&AD, registeredofces 9 Graphite Square, Vauxhall Walk, London,SE11 5EE. By entering the contest entrantsagree to comply with these rules.Only ull or part time students enrolled onrecognised undergraduate, postgraduate andHigher Education courses anywhere in the worldare eligible to enter (HND, BTEC, BA, BSc, MA,MSc, MD or equivalent are all recognised).There is one exception. New Creatives can enterthe ‘Make Your Mark’ brie. D&AD consider NewCreatives to be under 26 years o age on 9 March2012 or to have graduated less than two yearsago on 9 March 2012.1 Entering the Contest
1.1 Entry is open to individuals working alone orgroups o up to ve persons working as a team.1.1.1 There can be no mixing o teams betweenstudents and those not in ull-time education.1.2 Entrants should register at the D&AD Site(http://www.dandad.org/studentawards) downloada brie, generate a response to that brie (“theResponse”) and submit their work in accordancewith the deliverables as laid out in their chosenbrie.1.3 Entrants can download and respond to asmany bries as they wish; they may also submitmore than one Response per brie. Each Responseis considered a separate entry and will need to beaccompanied by the relevant ee.1.4 All Responses must be the original work o theentrants. Entrants who incorporate any images,writing, music or other creative material belongingto someone else must obtain the other party’spermission. Entrants may be asked to evidencetheir ownership o the Response and should keepdated records o all working materials.1.5 Moving image Responses that areaccompanied by sound recordings whose copyrightis not owned by the entrants will not be promotedin the event o a prize being awarded. Entrants willbe asked to re-submit a version that can be publiclydistributed.1.6 New Creatives can only enter the ‘Make YourMark’ brie.1.7 The ee or entry is £17 inc VAT per Responseor non-members o D&AD or a discounted rate o £12 or members o D&AD or students enrolledon a course which is registered as an EducationNetwork Member o D&AD. In order to qualiyor the discount no membership ees should beoutstanding at the time o entry.1.8 All Entries must be submitted via our onlineentry system. Physical entries may be submitted assupporting material only.1.9 In order to assist D&AD in promoting thewinning work ater judging all entrants are asked toprovide credits or each entry. These must include:(a) Full names o entrant/s(b) Full names o tutor/s (as applicable)(c) The name o their college or university (asapplicable)1.10 Entrants who wish their physical Response(supporting material) to be returned to them aterthe contest must clearly indicate this, in the ormo a ‘return request’, at the time o entry and, i applicable, pay the necessary return postage ordelivery charges.1.11 The closing deadline or entries to be receivedby D&AD is Friday 9 March 2012 at 5.00pm. D&ADaccepts no responsibility or lost or undeliveredentries. Proo o postage does not guarantee thatan entry has been received by D&AD.1.12 D&AD is under no obligation to reundpayments made or either individual Entries orgroups o Entries. Under the circumstance o technical error it is at the discretion o D&AD toreund payments.
2 Sponsors Logos & Names
2.1 Sponsors may submit their own brandingor that o the sponsors’ clients or the purposeo inviting Responses. All rules relating to thesponsors’ branding apply equally to the sponsors’clients’ branding.2.2 All sponsors operate strict controls on the useo their names, trademarks and logos. Any misuseo sponsor brands by an entrant will lead to thedisqualication o all that entrant’s responses andmay expose the entrant and D&AD to legal claims.2.3 By submitting a Response entrants agree touse the sponsor branding only in accordance withthese terms and conditions.2.4 The sponsors permit entrants to use thesubmitted branding or the sole purpose o responding to the brie sponsored by that sponsor.2.5 Entrants may:2.5.1 only use sponsor branding on Responsessubmitted to the D&AD Student Awards 2012;2.5.2 include a submitted Response in theirpersonal portolio in exactly the same ormat asthat submitted to the D&AD Student Awards 2012.2.6 Entrants must not:2.6.1 use sponsor branding on any other materialor or any other purpose;2.6.2 upload their submitted Response to anyonline location beore the nominations have beenannounced whether as part o an open or access-restricted site;2.6.3 denigrate sponsors or sponsor branding,subject sponsor branding to derogatory treatmentor otherwise bring the sponsor and/or its brandsinto disrepute;2.6.4 do anything to suggest that the entrant isendorsed, associated or otherwise aliated withthe sponsor;2.6.5 provide or make available sponsor brandingto any third party or any purpose.2.7 For the avoidance o doubt the sponsors or theD&AD Student Awards 2012 are as listed on thesponsors’ page o www.dandad.org.2.8 For the avoidance o doubt the sponsor clientsor the D&AD Student Awards 2012 are as detailedon the individual bries.2.9 Entrants who submit a Response that containsany trademark or logo or other branding other thanthose specically submitted by the sponsors maybe asked to re-submit their work without suchbranding.
3 Ownership o your Work
3.1 Entrants retain ownership o their Responsessubmitted into the contest but where such workincorporates sponsor branding entrants may onlyuse the work in accordance with the sponsorguidelines. Entrants may remove sponsor brandingrom their Responses and ater that may use suchResponses at their own discretion.3.2 By submitting a Response entrants grant D&ADand the relevant sponsor a non-exclusive licenceor the duration o copyright protection to reproduceor distribute a reproduction o their entry in allmedia in order to promote, or act as a historicalrecord o, the D&AD Student Awards or D&AD asan organization or a sponsor’s involvement withthe D&AD Student Awards or as part o any D&ADpublication (whether online or ofine).3.3 Entrants agree that, should a sponsor wishto develop or use a Response or commercialpurposes, the entrant will enter into negotiationswith that sponsor to agree terms or suchdevelopment or usage beore negotiating with anyother party in relation to the Response. We reer tothis as the First Negotiation Agreement. The FirstNegotiation Agreement will remain in operationrom the date o submission o a Response untilone week ater the awards ceremony. Initial contactbetween entrants and sponsors will be acilitatedby D&AD only. Entering into a First NegotiationAgreement does not constitute a guarantee thateither party will reach a nal agreement.3.4 D&AD advises all entrants to obtainindependent legal advice in respect o anyagreements being discussed between sponsor andentrant.
D&AD Student Awards 2012Rules
4 Judging the Contest
4.1 D&AD will appoint a jury that shall becomposed o judges who in D&AD’s sole discretionhave the appropriate qualications to judge thework. Responses will be considered in accordancewith D&AD’s selection criteria. These are:(a) An excellent creative idea; and(b) Excellent crat or execution; and(c) On Brie 4.2 The jury will be asked to create a shortlist o Responses to act as a record o the best o theyear. This shortlist will be termed Best O Year andwill appear on www.dandad.org. From this shortlist,prizes will be awarded to a select number o theResponses whom the jury considers, in its solediscretion, to be the best Responses.4.3 The jury is not limited in the number o prizes itcan award and similarly there is no guarantee thata jury will award a prize in a category i they do noteel that work is o the standard required.4.4 The jury has the right to edit pieces submittedas part o a Response and to ask or onlycertain parts o the Response to be displayed orpromoted.4.5 General eedback will be gathered rom the jury. This will be available to view on the D&ADwebsite when the winners are announced.Individual eedback will not be available.4.6 I D&AD is made aware o any concerns thata Response does not constitute the original worko the entrant then in the rst instance D&ADwill contact the entrant and will ask or copieso any notes or drawings which evidence theentrant’s assertion to be the creator o the work.D&AD will also contact credited tutors or urtherinormation. Where possible D&AD will considerthe evidence gathered and decide whether to allowthe Response to remain within the contest or toremove it. D&AD’s decision is in its sole discretionand is nal.
5 Prizes
5.1 The prizes to be awarded are as ollows:
Student Yellow Pencil:
Student Yellow Pencil award,a Certicate, a year’s ree membership o D&AD,work eatured on the D&AD website and promotedto industry, work exhibited at key D&AD events,invite to participate in the Graduate Academyand key D&AD events. The right to use the D&ADStudent Award kitemark as ound on the winners’area at www.dandad.org/studentawards.
a Certicate, a year’s ree membershipo D&AD, work eatured on the D&AD websiteand promoted to industry, work exhibited at keyD&AD events, invite to participate in the D&ADWorkshops and key D&AD events. The right to usethe D&AD Student Award Nomination kitemark asound on the winners’ area at www.dandad.org/studentawards.
Best of Year:
a Certicate, a year’s reemembership o D&AD, work eatured on the D&ADwebsite and promoted to industry, work exhibited atkey D&AD events, invite to participate in the D&ADWorkshops and key D&AD events. The right to usethe D&AD Student Award Best O Year kitemark asound on the winners’ area at www.dandad.org/studentawards.5.2 Winners are all entrants awarded with aNomination and above. All winners o a StudentYellow Pencil will be considered or the nal prize:Student o the Year: A Student o the Year YellowPencil5.3 Student Yellow Pencil and Nomination winnerswill share a travel and accommodation und o £20,000 or the attendance o at least a singlerepresentative rom each team at the prize givingceremony. Furthermore £2,000 will be awarded tothe winners o the Student o the Year in the ormo a cash prize.5.3.1 Bursary: There will also be a bursary awardedto the winners o the Moving Image, Illustration andPhotography bries as extended placements cannotbe guaranteed or these categories.5.4 Where more than one person has created theResponse the team can divide their share o thetravel und to subsidise costs or each memberattending or select a single member to be undedor travel and accommodation.5.5 Winning tutors will also be recognised withinthe awards and will receive a certicate.5.6 Winning Responses will be promoted to thecreative industry via the D&AD’s website, throughpress releases and any other means deemedappropriate by D&AD. In addition all winners will beeligible to display their work on the Talent section o D&AD’s website.5.7 Placements and other prizes unique toeach brie will be awarded at the discretion o the sponsor with guidance rom D&AD. To beconsidered or one o these prizes the studentmust have attained a Nomination or a StudentYellow Pencil. In the event o a team being chosenit is at the sponsors discretion to amend theoering to cover all or a single team member.
6 Return o Materials
6.1 Materials will only be returned i a returnrequest was made at the time o entry and theappropriate postage ee was paid in advance. Forthose wanting to collect their work rom our ocesthis must have been requested at the time o entry and collection must take place no later than5.00pm on 30 May 2012.6.2 In the event that the return o materials is notrequested at the time o entry D&AD will take theollowing actions:(a) All prize-winning work entered will be stored tobe displayed at exhibitions until 30 May 2012.(b) Models, 3D objects and other items which areo high quality will be stored until 30 May 2012.(c) All other remaining items that are unsuccessulat the time o judging will be destroyed or recycledwhere appropriate.(d) All materials that remain ater 30 May 2012 willbe destroyed or recycled.6.3 D&AD is unable to guarantee the saety o work entered and is unable to accept responsibilityor the loss or damage o entries received. D&ADadvises all entrants to retain a copy o their workor their portolio.
7 General Points
7.1 D&AD reserves the right to make changes tothese rules, i necessary, rom time to time.7.2 The Rules are subject to English law andany dispute that is not resolved by consultationbetween the parties shall be reerred to the courtso England and Wales.For any enquiries relating to the D&AD StudentAwards please contact studentawards@dandad.orgor telephone: +44 (0)20 7840 1111.

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