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Copy of Quasar Instruments Service Contact

Copy of Quasar Instruments Service Contact

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Published by Daniel_Scott_West
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Uploaded from Google Docs

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Published by: Daniel_Scott_West on Nov 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DATEService PerformedHours
12/4/2009Setup ASPDOTNETSTOREFRONT for demo testing.212/7/2009Phone Meeting to Discuss Storefront Database and Frontend1.512/8/2009Phone Meeting to discuss Storefront (conference call)0.512/8/2009Phone Meeting with Heidi Garland0.7512/9/2009Phone Meeting with Heidi Garland0.7512/9/2009Phone Meeting with Ken to discuss Middleware solution forASPDONNETSTOREFRONT112/9/2009Email Correspondence with Ken regarding order import and orderfulfillment integration.0.512/10/2009Phone Conversation with Heidi & Scott112/11/2009Conference Call with JBExotic.com & Quasar112/11/2009WebEx of EjectIT.com0.512/14/2009Conference Call with Heidi & Scott for web layout1.512/14/2009Follow Up call with Heidi and emailed Social Networkworking Iconsfor her use.0.512/15/2009Correspondence with Heidi regarding outline0.2512/16/2009Review Middleware soltutions0.2512/16/2009Conference Call with Hiedi0.512/18/2009Conference Call with Ken, Ken, Heidi regarding site.11/4/2010Call with Heidi to go over initial PSD design for website.0.251/5/2010Executed contract with Ken Phillips for Business Works Intgration11/6/2010Phone conversation with Heidi about category layout0.251/6/2010Conference Call with Ken, Heidi, Scott regarding site.11/6/2010Call with Bill regarding timeline0.251/6/2010Storefront setup41/7/2010Storefron setup - SKin/template81/8/2010Storefront setup6.51/11/2010Stroefront Setup71/12/2010Storefront Setup81/13/2010Storefront Setup71/14/2010Storefront Setup6.51/15/2010Storefront Setup61/18/2010Storefront Steup81/19/2010Storefront Setup61/20/2010Storefront Launch51/25/2010Product Import0.51/26/2010PITTCON Updates0.751/28/2010PITTCON Production0.51/29/2010Research Quote in Cart, training Ken on Coupons, CustomerLevels and "Request For Quote" payment option0.752/2/2010Update to Receipt (add image)0.252/2/2010Research quoting tool for shipping, tax and total amounts0.52/3/2010Shipping Import & BW Customer Import32/3/2010Shipping Import & Inventory Import52/4/2010Order Export22/5/2010Middleware testing and delivery to Ken Phillips2.52/5/2010Provide Heidi Garland with Admin Access0.252/12/2010Move DEV Site to Production3.52/16/2010iPad Landing Page URL created0.252/17/2010Middleware script update for Ken Phillips12/18/2010Product Category Layout Mockup0.252/18/2010Product Category Variant Images design0.752/19/2010iPad Entry Page and Thankyou22/19/2010Heidi Meeting1
2/22/2010PITTCON CRM integration0.52/23/2010Working with Heidi on some questions regarding new categories0.252/24/2010New Category Images and Text updated in DEV site from Heidi12/24/2010Pushed new categories and header/text into production0.52/24/2010Update Robots.txt file to allow search engines to spider site.0.253/2/2010De-bugging middleware with Ken Phillips0.253/3/2010Middleware debugging13/4/2010Middleware deployment and testing (updating order generationprogram)0.53/12/2010Remove PITTCON from website.0.253/12/2010Update Admin site to restrict access for Sales People83/18/2010Phone Meeting with Heidi0.54/1/2010Moved Middleware into production44/2/2010Researched Quote to Order and PO's not public.14/8/2010Update to Middleware Output File0.54/8/2010Meeting with Heidi Regarding SEO/Site Updates0.54/8/2010Site updates/Google Webmaster upgrades/W3 Validation4.54/12/2010Template.ascx update to make W3 friendly0.254/12/2010Featured Product Dynamic on the Home Page1.54/12/2010Setup Ecommerce and Tracking Goals on Google Analytics0.54/14/2010Display Promos in Cart and Throughout Process104/15/2010Update Shopping Cart for Promotion64/16/2010Work with Heidi, Scott and Ken on Promotion on site.44/19/2010Updated OrderConfirmation.aspx to include promotion banner afterorder completes.0.54/19/2010Spoke with Scott and Ken regarding Business Works integration.0.254/21/2010Call with Heidi regarding website Meta Tags0.254/21/2101Setup the Storefront the send Dropshipper Notifications forwebstore@qi-us.com.14/23/2010Call with Heidi regarding SEO planning 0.254/23/2010Call with Heidi regarding Accumax Email Blast and landing pages.0.254/26/2010Setup Skype Account for Conference Call - with Headset0.54/27/2010Skype SEO conference call14/28/2010Accumax Promotion Email and Landing Page development4.54/28/2010OptOut Database table and ASPNET code14/28/2010Phonecall with George discussing promotion0.254/28/2010Phone call with Heidi regarding promotion.0.54/28/2010Accumax Promotion Email Version 245/3/2010Move Dev Promotion Materials to Production55/5/2010/Lead form. Removed password and added iPad giveaway0.755/5/2010Added OrderTotal to Dropship Notification15/10/2010Email Blast Setup and TEsting with Heidi25/13/2010Created New Landing Page Graphic15/17/2010Updated New Landing Page Graphic per Heidi0.255/17/2010Provided Heidi with Landing Page URL for Newsletter Page0.255/22/2010Past Events Page - http://quasarstore.aspireworks.com/t-events.aspx15/26/2010Added Hong Kong to the list of Countries shipped to0.255/27/2010Updated Middleware to include the "ShippedVia" field0.56/1/2010Spoke with Scott regarding item updates.0.256/1/2010Research Amazon Selling 2.56/1/2010Lee Ann support for Middleware export (ShippedVia not appearingbefore 5/27/2010)0.5
6/2/2012Google Meta Tag update to verify ownership0.256/2/2010Selling on Amazon and Yahoo Email0.25SEO Email to Scott0.25Created Privacy and Products Topic pages to fig Google Crawlerrors0.56/3/20108:30 - 10:00 Fixed multiple default variants for Bulk Products1.5Proposal for Accumax Exclusive Site1.56/7/2010Sales Price on Products tested in DEV and placed into production.1Research non-publishable products0.56/9/2010Photo gallery for Demolab16/11/2010Google AdWords Tracking on Confirmation Page0.56/15/2010Support0.256/16/2010Updated Page Title AppConfig0.56/24/2010Zip Code Issue0.756/25/2010Zip Code +4 Bug fix1.56/28/2010Update to Export File and Phone Call with Ken Garland0.5Re-applied Google Anayltics and Conversion code to the site toremedy issue.0.57/6/2010Update DEV site: remove slider and add youtube video0.57/7/2010Update Google Analytics Code0.25Added Lead Source Field for DemoLab Leads0.257/19/2010Phone Meeting with Kepharts regarding multistore0.757/20/2010Phone call with Scott going over Featured Product0.5Updated production site to remove slider and add youtube video1

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