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Published by Capt.Seithu Htun

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Published by: Capt.Seithu Htun on Nov 15, 2011
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ernhard Schulte Shipmanage-ment is to implement theMarineLink e-commerce elec-tronic purchasing system from EDBErgoGroup, which is being providedin collaboration with WilhelmsenShips Service.Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement(BSM) manages a fleet of more than650 vessels, of which over 300 vesselsare under full management. The com-pany will use the new system to con-nect with its suppliers for the han-dling of requisitions, quotes, ordersand order confirmations, as well asmanaging the receipt and processingof electronic invoices.The service also includes a numberof additional tools to create statisticsand KPIs, and maintain control overthe purchasing function.“Professional e-commerce deliveryby MarineLink will clearly advanceour procurement process resulting inimproved efficiencies and reducedcycle times,” said BSM group director- supply chain management, DrRuanthi De Silva.“Not only would it bring abouttime and cost efficiencies, it will alsohelp us monitor and further improveour procurement strategy throughreporting tools.”“We are confident that selectingan e-commerce leader and theMarineLink service will support ourfuture electronic procurement needsat a quality we expect.”
The MarineLink service has enjoyedsome notable successes over the lastyear, with the current maritime prod-uct having evolved from the MarineTransaction Services (MTS) electronicpurchasing system previously ownedby Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS).Founded in 2000, at a time whenelectronic purchasing systems wereseen as 'the next big thing' and a raftof new internet companies wereestablished to ride the wave of the'dot com' bubble, MTS fared betterthan most by surviving for most ofthe decade while the majority of thenewly formed companies fell by thewayside (though this was presum-ably helped by its ability to supplyservices to its parent company).However, despite this longevity itfailed to fully establish itself as a suc-cessful stand-alone company and wasabsorbed back into WSS in March 2009,to be run in-house and no longer bemarketed as a separate product.Interestingly, at that time FredericFontarosa, vice president of interna-tional sales and market segments atWSS, commented that “we don’t seee-commerce as a special product –rather as a part of our larger offer tocustomers.”However, just one year later WSSannounced that it was now outsourc-ing its e-commerce service toErgoGroup, a Norwegian IT compa-ny already claiming more than 8,500integrated customers on its own exist-ing e-commerce technology.
er 2011
electronics andnavigationsoftwaresatcoms
Marine Management to install GlobeiFusion system – 6Iridium launches AxcessPoint for Wi-Fi – 4Crew PC to separateseafarer communications – 6BP agrees CCTV powerline deal – 8
650 BSM vessels to move to e-commerce system
 A Methodological Framework for evaluating Maritime Simulation – 34ECDIS implementation –Legal implications – 38How not to use ECDIS - MAIB – 40Spectrum pressures andeffects on radar –Dr Andy Norris – 42
International shipping company Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement,managing over 650 vessels, has signed an agreement with EDB ErgoGroupto implement its MarineLink e-commerce electronic purchasing system
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Bernhard Schulte will use the new system to manage purchasingfor its fleet of more than 650 vessels
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“Now I can enjoy the day”
- Thomas Dinter,
IT Manager, Seaarland Shipmanagement 
Seaarland Shipmanagement in Hamburg has recently focused on the strategic importance of ship-shoredata communication and have ultimately selected
Dualog® Connection Suite™
."Dualog Connection Suite provides us with a real time overview and the ability to respond quickly and efficiently." says I Manager, Tomas Dinter. "Tesoftware includes an integrated firewall so there is no additional hardware to worry about and no unexpected or unauthorised traffic." says Dinter, conclud-ing “Dualog Connection Suite has improved our everyday situation.”
(+47) 77 62 19 00 or sales@dualog.com
Experiences with shipmanagement software:
Report from the 2011 ABS-NS user conference, with B
d S
an ShipM
PL andHumb
t– 18
Digital Ship November 2011 page 2 
Vol 12 No 3
Athens Metropolitan, Athens22 - 23 November 2011
Magnushall1-2 February 2012
Scandic Hotel Bergen City28-29 February 2012
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Dr Andy Norris (navigation)apnorris@globalnet.co.uk
No part of this publication may be repro-duced or stored in any form by anymechanical, electronic, photocopying,recording or other means without theprior written consent of the publisher.Whilst the information and articles inDigital Ship are published in good faithand every effort is made to check accura-cy, readers should verify facts and state-ments direct with official sources beforeacting on them as the publisher canaccept no responsibility in this respect.Any opinions expressed in this maga-zine should not be construed as thoseof the publisher.
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EDB ErgoGroup integrated the MTSservice into its own platform, adding newfunctionality for invoice processing andlogistics integration.David Tandy, president of WilhelmsenShips Service, explained the move, saying“we saw that our industry needed a gener-ic e-commerce service, where e-commerceis handled professionally as the commer-cial tool that it is.”“We need a service provider, with largevolumes, which also has the ability to han-dle the relatively small number of ship-ping specific services that exist. High vol-ume will automatically drive the cost ofusage down and at the same time increasethe efficiency and functionality.”With this move existing buyers andsuppliers using the WSS e-commerce sys-tem were transferred to ErgoGroup,which continued to provide them with e-commerce services.Since then the company has been ableto report a steady stream of new customers,with companies such as Fred OlsenMarine Services, Jo Tankers, BergshavManagement, Rederi AB Transatlantic andImperial Ship Management having all beenannounced as agreeing new deals in 2011.More than 3,000 vessels are now trad-ing through MarineLink, performing over250 million transactions annually.“We at Wilhelmsen Ships Service arevery happy that such a large customer asBernhard Schulte Shipmanagement haschosen MarineLink,” said Siri Jacobsen,vice president strategic marketing andbusiness improvement at WilhelmsenShips Service.“We feel it proves us right whenwe sold our solution (MTS) to an e-commerce specialist such as EDBErgoGroup. The MarineLink platformbenefits from its large scale e-commerceoperations and it is more functionally richthan any other e-commerce solution inthe marine segment.”
Printed byThe Manson Group LtdReynolds House, 8 Porters' WoodValley Road Industrial EstateSt Albans, Hertz AL3 6PZU.K.
 John Inge Røtting, Wilhelmsen Ships Service; Dr Ruanthi De Silva, Bernhard SchulteShipmanagement; and Jonny Lotten from EDB ErgoGroup celebrate the new contract
Stratos Government Services (SGSI), asubsidiary of Inmarsat, has announcedthat it has won a five-year IndefiniteDelivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) con-tract with the United States Coast Guard(USCG).Under the agreement, SGSI will providethe USCG with Ku-band satellite airtime,installation support, teleport equipmentand service, and Network OperationsCentre support and training.According to the contract, SGSI willbuild out a Ku-band network to supportUSCG High-Endurance Cutters andMedium-Endurance Cutters. The broad-band service will enable the cutters tointerconnect with the USCG datanetwork to exchange operational shiptraffic, including SIPRNET andNIPRNET data.Ku-band is regarded to be critical to theUSCG’s efforts in upgrading technologyonboard its ships, as it migrates fromInmarsat-B leased services to an IP-basedcommunications architecture.The upgrade, which will also includethe provision of FleetBroadband,already currently being provided bySGSI, is hoped to increase the vessels’communications throughput capabilitiesto operate globally in all weatherconditions.“This contract award represents a crit-ical component of USCG’s technologyupgrade and transition to an IP-basedarchitecture,” says Bob Roe, SGSI presi-dent and CEO.“We consider it an honour and a priv-ilege to have been entrusted with thisresponsibility, and we are grateful for theopportunity to expand our relationshipwith USCG.”
Globe Wireless has announced the signingof a contract with Piraeus-based MarineManagement Services (MMS), wherebyGlobe Wireless will provide its iFusionsystem to MMS.Globe iFusion is a communication solu-tion featuring an Inmarsat FleetBroadband250, a dual firewall, optimised IP connec-tions and multiple least cost route gate-ways. The system is designed to providevoice calls using GSM, sending and receiv-ing e-mail, and browsing the internet.The solution also offers shore-side control,including the administration of user pro-files, browsing capabilities, firewall settings,satellite gateways and least cost routing.“The driving force behind this longestablished relationship with GlobeWireless has been our requirement to min-imize the overall cost of our communica-tions traffic, which has always been a verysignificant operational expense,” saysConstantinos Psomopoulos, IT manager,Marine Management.MMS has used Globe iFusion to test theoperational uses of all other onboard satel-lite systems, examining a wide range ofapplications, including web browsing, e-mail and GSM calling and texting. Crewmembers were given very low cost accessto voice and internet services every dayduring their leisure hours.“We are honoured and pleased toenhance and extend our strong partner-ship with Marine Management Servicesand grateful for their business,” says DaveKagan, president, Globe Wireless.“Globe Wireless has supplied MarineManagement Services with messaging solu-tions, satellite and HF communications servic-es and operational IT applications since 2000.”In other news, Globe Wireless has alsoannounced that it has been granted aBlanket Wireless Radio Station Licence bythe Japanese Ministry of Information andCommunications.This licence authorises Globe Wirelessto offer Inmarsat FleetBroadband mobilesatellite communications services in Japanand on Japanese registered vessels.“With this licence in place and our newRegional Sales Office in Tokyo, we haveenhanced our ability to offer new and excit-ing services to meet the growing Japanesedemand for the latest FleetBroadbandsatellite communications,” says Mr Kagan.
US Coast Guarddeploys StratosKu-band
Globe iFusion for Marine Management
H2OSatellite and Korean company KNShave announced the launch of theSuperTrack A6 60cm VSAT, designed tobe used with the ASTRA2connect service.The A6 will be included as a new productin H2O’s Litespeed product range.H2OLitespeed is a marine broadbandcommunications package offering down-load speeds of up to 4 Mbps. The range ofproducts already includes an 85cmSuperTrack A9 terminal from KNS.“The Super Track A-Series servicepackage enables maritime customers tonot only benefit from a constant internetconnection and VolP services but also tocut down on the high cost of equipmentand services,” says Kevin Jin, CEO KNS.The H2O Litespeed packages are pow-ered by ASTRA2connect airtime and offerEurope-wide coverage.“We had great success with the A9,85cm terminal and we recently celebratedthe installation of our 100th terminal,”says Robert Kenworthy, MD H2OSatellite.“I am sure this new, smaller more com-pact A6 terminal will be an even greatersuccess, as it is suitable for such a greaternumber of ships.”The package is now being sold in the pre-commercial phase, while service perform-ance is monitored for further improvements.
H2O and KNS launch SuperTrack A6 60cm VSAT 

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