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6/9 тест

6/9 тест

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Published by S Zlateska

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Published by: S Zlateska on Nov 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name and surname________________________________________________ 1.Look at the picture and circle the correct answerARiverA VolcanoACountryB LakeBCityBCityC MountainCHillCSea3/___2.Complete the sentences with
am, is
 1. We ______ at school.2. Where ____my book?3. She _______ eleven4. They _____ in museum.5. _____ you OK?6. He ______ my brother7. I ____ from Macedonia8. You ____a teacher4/____ 3.Write the correct answers about you1.Are you English?___________________4. Is your English teachera boy?_____________ 2.Are you eight?_____________________5. Am I girl?_____________3.Are you Macedonian?_______________6. Is your best friend from UK? ______________ 3/____ 4.Look at the picture and write the members of the family1.Emma is Robert’s and Tom’s _____________ 2.Angela is David’s _______________ 3.Emma is Beth’s ________________ 4.David is Beth’s _________________ 5.John is Emma’s _______________6.Robert and Tom are Beth’s ______________ 7.Emma is Angela and David’s _____________ 8.Emma is Andy’s __________9.Andy and Emma are Angela andDavid’s _________ 10.Angela is Robert’s and Tom’s ____________ 10/___ 1.Find and circle the adjectives in the sentences
I read a very interesting book. The book is red and big. The writer is an old man. The book is about one young girl who lives with her serious and evilgrandmother. Her grandmother is a very dangerous lady. She is a bad  person and she has got a cruel face.
5/____ 2.Put the word in the right order and make a sentenceperson/quiet/a/she/is___________________________________________________ a/film/it/boring/is ______________________________________________________ exciting/an/Rome/city/is ________________________________________________ 6/____ 3.Write a descriptionWhat’s Sandra like?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9/___ 4.Read the text and answer the questions
My family
My name is Jennifer and I am fourteen years old. I am quite and serious. I live in Vancouver,Canada, with my parents, my brother Kevin and my two sisters Colleen and Sandra-oh, yes, andwe have got a funny dog called Rex. My father, Ken, is a math teacher. He is tall with fair hairand blue eyes. He is interesting and he is very funny. My mother, Kate is also a teacher at myschool. She’s 38 and she’s friendly and very kind. My brother is interested in sport, sport andsport but my sisters aren’t .They’re good at science and math. They’re great sisters and they’re

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