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Rotary Newsletter Nov 8 2011

Rotary Newsletter Nov 8 2011

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Published by David Keller

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Published by: David Keller on Nov 15, 2011
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Rotary Newsletter
Dr. Jennifer Carraudo
Sweet Cravings
ith holidays rounding the corner who of us is not thinking of all thecalories up and coming? What about mom’s pie or grandma’s fudge? Soinevitably some of us will try to cut calories by turning to artificial sweeteners.But are these safe? This article may have you thinking twice before grabbingthat tasty diet cola at the next Rotary meeting.Artificial sweeteners were designed to be sugar substitutes. Soundsgreat right? But what does the artificial imply? There are five artificialsweeteners in the marketplace including: saccharin, neotame, acesulfamepotassium, aspartame, and sucralose. Of the five sucralose and aspartameare the most common.Sucralose is a relatively newadditive. It is marketed under the name Splenda. Itspreparation involveschlorinating sucrose. Yes,you did read “chlorinating.”But isn't chlorine aknown carcinogen,you ask? Why would the FDAallow toxic materials to beused in our food andbeverages?A recent study, which was published in the
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health
, found that Splenda reduces the amount of goodbacteria in the intestines by 50%, increases the pH level in the intestines, andcontributes to increases in body weight. Wait a second so this chemical maycause weight gain? Is anyone confused here? It also may interfere withmedications. Instead of being absorbed as intended, medicines could go rightto the intestines and bypass their target.In a study performed at Purdue University, researchers comparedrats who were given plain sugar versus artificial sweetener. The rats givenartificial sugar gained more weight, put on more body fat, and didn't make upfor it by cutting back later. Basically, artificial sweeteners alter the way our body regulates sugar. Problems with self-regulation might explain in part whyobesity has risen in parallel with the use of artificial sweeteners.So grab a water or even a natural juice beverage. Stay clear of artificial sweeteners. If you must have soda opt for regular (although thesehave high fructose corn syrup, also toxic). One great way to cut back oncalories during the holiday season is to avoid all those beverages weconsume on a daily basis that are full of empty calories. This includesFrappuccino’s, lattes, colas, and yes even those large sized Jamba juicesmoothies. Opt for water, and you won’t have to change your belt positioningduring the Holiday season!
ThisBenefit Dinner will be at the SJDoubleTree. See flyer in thisnewsletter
We will be serving dinner at theEmergency Housing Consortiumstarting between 4:30 and 5:00.Sign up with Jerry Cummings.
Join a group forlunch and share the joy of Rotary.
BobCarlson has info on time andplace.
Subash Khanijow talking about“Taking Care of Yourself Through Mediation.”Barbara Brann will do theintroduction.
NOVEMBER 8, 2011
Rotary Club of Campbell
s Mike Anderson announced both in an email and at last week 
s meeting, November is Rotary Foundation (TRF) month.
When I first started in Rotary, not that long ago, I wondered so what.
Why do they ask me for money and I don 
really understand what it is for. Maybe I wasn 
listening as I should have been or there was so much information coming at me, it was hard to figure out this from that.
So because of my earlier confusion, I decided to look into the history, what TRF does, and why should I give.
In 1917 the RI President proposed that an endowment be set up “for the purpose of doing good in the world.” 
In 1928, when the fund had grown to $5000, it was renamed The Rotary Foundation and became a distinct entity within RI.
5 trustees were appointed to 
“hold, invest,manage, and administer all of its property . . . as a single trust, for the furtherance of the purposes of RI.” 
2 years later, the Foundation made its first grant of $500 to the International Society for Crippled Children, later known as Easter Seals.
In 1947, after the Depression and WWII, Paul Harris,Rotary 
s founder, died and contributions began pouring into RI and the Paul Harris Memorial Fund was created to build the Foundation.
That year the first Foundation program, the forerunner to Ambassadorial Scholarships, was established.
Although it is the oldest and purported best-known program, I was unfamiliar with it.
Since its inception, more than 40,000 men and women from about 100 counties have studied abroad under its auspices.
Today, it is one of the world 
s largest privately funded international scholarships programs.
The purpose of the program is to further international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries and geographical areas.
The program sponsors academic year scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students as well as for qualified professionals pursuing vocational studies.
While abroad, scholars serve as goodwill ambassador to the host country, and give presentations about their homeland to Rotary clubs and other groups.
TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK, since we have the full month of November as Foundation month.
Look for Ambassadorial Scholars to come to our club to talk with us.
Jerry is working in squeezing one or all into his booked scheduling.
We currently have three scholars studying at Stanford during the 2011-2012 academic year.
Toby Futer, from New Zealand, studying Law; Jack Sujin Ko, from South Korea studying Education; and Pia-Maria Zottl from Austria, also studying law.
I received an email from a young man,Felmer Lenida, the Interact District 5170 Co- Outreach Coordinator 2011-2012.
He is also the Livermore High School Interact Co-President and Livermore High Hip-Hop President.
He received a phone call from a Willow Glen High School student, Matt Malani, who along with other students at the school, are interested in starting an Interact Club and all they need is a sponsoring Rotary Club, OURS, to begin.
The Willow Glen Club had been working with the high school and the Interact Club as I understand.
Either that or the high school students are wanting to start a club and are looking for us and remember the Willow Glen Rotary Club!! 
I did mention to him that we are interested in starting one at junior high level, Citizen Schools, as well and he said that there is no problem at all in having one club with two Interact Clubs.
The main thing we need is willing club members to go to their meetings once per week.
The attendees can alternate between members.
Again, this is more reason that club members MUST have the Youth Protection Training and fingerprinting.
Speaking of that, Janine mentioned that fingerprinting can be done at the Sheriff 
s Department for about $10.
Janine, would you confirm this and let us know the address for those who would prefer to go there.
In 1917 the RI President proposed that an endowment be set up “for the purpose of doing good in the world.” 
NOVEMBER 8, 2011
BOARD OF DIRECTORS MONTHLY MEETING Date: 10/13/2011, 6:00pm Winchester Plaza Location: 
1101 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite M250 
Meeting called to order at 18:09.
In attendance: 
Dr Susan Klear, Bill Ellington, Dr. Jennifer Carauddo, Ravi Chari, Jerry Ross, Marv Bamburg, Mary Beth Seratt.
Minutes of 15-September-2011 (FY3) approved.
Treasurer Report – Carl Middione Motion to terminate David Tripp 
s membership based on non-participation and attendance.
Motion withdrawn.Motion to reinstate Frank Cliff as honorary member for period NTE five years.
Motion passes.
Club Secretary to draft Letter expressing Club 
s gratitude for Frank 
s past service to club.
Will not be billed for dues.
Solicit foundation contribution.
Board reviewed financial results for month of September.
Business a.
President 1.
Status of Boy Scouts – Pete Constant 
s son is member of club in which we 
ve been involved.
Carl Middione will check with Jim Morelan about our Club 
s involvement with the Scout troop.2.
Wireless Internet Connection – In spite of 24 months of trying to make it work, we 
ve had continuous trouble with Internet connection through EMQ 
s network.
Motion for board to authorize $30/month expenditure for wireless internet service (3G, non-location dependent).
Fixed cost NTE $200 for 3G card.
Monthly service is $50.
Ravi suggested that he and/or others should volunteer to share portion of monthly cost with Club; $20 members; $30 for Club.
Involves 2-year commitment for monthly service.
Motion Passes.
Rule of 85 (entitles members to pay for lunches of meetings attended only).
Rule of 85 members do not affect attendance statistics when they don 
t attend, but are included when they attend.
Current Rule Of 85 Members include: 
Burgard, Meyer, Davis, Ellington.
this list has been expanded to include all “previously qualified” Rule Of 85 Members: 
Bacosa, Paul 
Gilbert, Warren Garland, Dick Ellington, William 
Tannenbaum, Alan Bamburg, Marvin 
Meyer, Fred Morelan, James Nielsen, Philip Osborne, Rex Cliff, Frank 
Davis, Richard 
Scott, Gerald 
Cummings, Gerald 
Crowley, David 
President-Elect 1.
Motion to charge new members an admission fee of $50 to cover costs for Cap, Apron, pins, etc.
Motion passes.2.
Amendment to motion by Ravi: 
admission fee be reviewed and board determine appropriate application fee at that time.
Motion passes.3.
Request for President to appoint nominating committee to set forth list of officers for FY2012-13.
Responsibility for committee handed to President elect.4.
Bylaws review progressing.
Will present to board before presenting to membership.
Past President 1.
Traveling Mics – motion to approve $649 for purchase of travelling mic 
Motion passes.2.
Motion to make 408-357-4566 the official Campbell rotary telephone number.
President and Membership chair will be target of phone calls.
Permission for Ravi to act as administrator.
Email address associated with tel # is campbellrotary1@gmail.com .
Motion passes.
Chairpersons 1.
Club Service a.
By-laws mtg after next Tuesday luncheon.
Will finalize after this meeting and bring to board b.
Social schedule – target one event per quarter; after-hours, drop-in social and membership development event.
(Membership development fund.) 
Motion to poll members on convenient day to meet.
Motion passes.

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