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Dac Nhan Tam

Dac Nhan Tam

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Published by: api-3708103 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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\u0110\u1eafc nh\u00e2n t\u00e2m

20- G\u1ee3i Nh\u1eefng T\u00ecnh C\u1ea3m Cao Th\u01b0\u1ee3ng
21-Kh\u00edch Th\u00edch Th\u1ecb Gi\u00e1c
V\u00e0 \u00d3c T\u01b0\u1edfng T\u01b0\u1ee3ng C\u1ee7a Ng\u01b0\u1eddi
22- Khi M\u1ecdi C\u00e1ch \u0110i\u1ec1u V\u00f4 Hi\u1ec7u B\u1ea1n H\u00e3y Th\u1eed
C\u00e1ch N\u00e0y Xem Sao
23-Ch\u00edn C\u00e1ch S\u1eeda T\u00ednh Ng\u01b0\u1eddi
M\u00e0 Kh\u00f4ng L\u00e0m H\u1ecd Gi\u1eadn Gi\u1eef, Ph\u1eadt \u00dd
24-Ch\u1ec9 Tr\u00edch C\u00e1ch N\u00e0o M\u00e0 Kh\u1ecfi G\u00e2y Th\u00f9 O\u00e1n?
25-Ph\u1ea7n Th\u1ee9 Hai M\u01b0\u01a1i L\u0103m
26-\u0110\u1eebng Ra L\u1ec7nh
27-Gi\u1eef Th\u1ec3 Di\u1ec7n Cho Ng\u01b0\u1eddi
28-Kh\u00edch L\u1ec7 Ng\u01b0\u1eddi Ta C\u00e1ch N\u00e0o?
29-V\u1ecb Tr\u00ed K\u1ef7 Gi\u1ea3 D\u1ee5ng
30-N\u00ean Khuy\u1ebfn Kh\u00edch Ng\u01b0\u1eddi
31-L\u00e0m Sao Cho Ng\u01b0\u1eddi Ta Vui S\u01b0\u1edbng
L\u00e0m C\u00f4ng Vi\u1ec7c B\u1ea1n Nh\u1edd C\u1eady
32-Nh\u1eefng B\u1ee9c Th\u01b0 M\u1ea7u Nhi\u1ec7m
33-B\u1ea3y L\u1eddi Khuy\u00ean \u0110\u1ec3 T\u0103ng H\u1ea1nh Ph\u00fac Trong Gia \u0110

\u00ecnh, Ch\u00f4n S\u1ed1ng H\u1ea1nh Ph\u00fac Gia \u0110\u00ecnh
34-T\u00f9y Ng\u1ed9 Nhi An
35-Th\u01b0\u01a1ng Nhau Ch\u00edn B\u1ecf L\u00e0m M\u01b0\u1eddi
36-L\u00e0m Cho Ng\u01b0\u1eddi \u1ede Chung Quanh M\u00ecnh
\u0110\u01b0\u1ee3c Sung S\u01b0\u1edbng L\u00e0 \u0110i\u1ec1u D\u1ec5 D\u00e0ng
37-C\u00e1i G\u00ec L\u00e0m C\u1ea3m \u0110\u1ed9ng M\u1ed9t Ng\u01b0\u1eddi \u0110\u00e0n B\u00e0?
38- Phu Ph\u1ee5 T\u01b0\u01a1ng K\u00ednh Nh\u01b0 T\u00e2n
39-Nh\u1eefng K\u1ebb Th\u1ea5t H\u1ecdc Trong H\u00f4n Nh\u00e2n
40- V\u00e0i C\u00e2u H\u1ecfi

1-Mu\u1ed1n L\u1ea5y M\u1eadt \u0110\u1eebng Ph\u00e1 T\u1ed5 Ong
2- M\u1ed9t B\u00ed Quy\u1ebft Quan Tr\u1ecdng
Trong Ph\u00e9p X\u1eed Th\u1ebf
3-H\u00e3y Kh\u00eau G\u1ee3i \u1ede Ng\u01b0\u1eddi C\u00e1i \u00dd T\u1ef1 Mu\u1ed1n L\u00e0m C\u00f4ng Vi\u1ec7c
M\u00e0 Ch\u00ednh Ta \u0110\u1ec1 Ngh\u1ecb V\u1edbi H\u1ecd
4-T\u00e1m L\u1eddi Khuy\u00ean \u0110\u1ec3 Gi\u00fap C\u00e1c B\u1ea1n
\u0110\u1ecdc S\u00e1ch N\u00e0y \u0110\u01b0\u1ee3c Nhi\u1ec1u L\u1ee3i \u00cdch Nh\u1ea5t
5-\u0110\u1ec3 Cho T\u1edbi \u0110\u00e2u C\u0169ng \u0110\u01b0\u1ee3c
Ti\u1ebfp \u0110\u00f3n Ni\u1ec1m N\u1edf
6- M\u1ed9t C\u00e1ch D\u1ec5 D\u00e0ng
\u0110\u1ec3 G\u00e2y M\u1ef9 C\u1ea3m L\u00fac S\u01a1 Ki\u1ebfn
7-Kh\u00f4ng Theo Quy T\u1eafc Sau N\u00e0y
T\u1ee9c L\u00e0 T\u1ef1 R\u01b0\u1edbc L\u1ea5y Th\u1ea5t B\u1ea1i
8-B\u1ea1n Mu\u1ed1n Th\u00e0nh M\u1ed9t Ng\u01b0\u1eddi
N\u00f3i Chuy\u1ec7n C\u00f3 Duy\u00ean Kh\u00f4ng? D\u1ec5 L\u1eafm
9-L\u00e0m Sao G\u00e2y \u0110\u01b0\u1ee3c Thi\u1ec7n C\u1ea3m
10-L\u00e0m Sao Cho Ng\u01b0\u1eddi Ta \u01afa M\u00ecnh Li\u1ec1n
11-Trong M\u1ed9t Cu\u1ed9c Tranh Bi\u1ec7n
Kh\u00f4ng C\u00f3 Ng\u01b0\u1eddi Th\u1eafng K\u1ebb B\u1ea1i
12- M\u1ed9t C\u00e1ch Ch\u1eafc Ch\u1eafn \u0110\u1ec3 G\u00e2y O\u00e1n Th\u00f9 Tr\u00e1nh N\u00f3 C\u00e1ch N\u00e0o?
13- Qu\u00e1 T\u1eafc Quy Cung
14-Do Tr\u00e1i Tim S\u1ebd Th\u1eafng \u0110\u01b0\u1ee3c L\u00fd Tr\u00ed
15-B\u00ed Quy\u1ebft C\u1ee7a Socrate
16- X\u1ea3 H\u01a1i
17-Thi\u1ec7n B\u1ea5t Chuy\u00ean M\u1ef9
18-Qui T\u1eafc N\u00e0y S\u1ebd Gi\u00fap B\u1ea1n
L\u00e0m \u0110\u01b0\u1ee3c Nh\u1eefng Vi\u1ec7c D\u1ecb Th\u01b0\u1eddng
19- Lo\u00e0i Ng\u01b0\u1eddi Mu\u1ed1n G\u00ec?

Ph\u1ea7n M\u1ed9t

Ng\u00e0y 7 th\u00e1ng 5 n\u0103m 1931, m\u01b0\u1eddi
ng\u00e0n ng\u01b0\u1eddi \u1edf ch\u00e2u th\u00e0nh N\u1eefu \u01af\u1edbc
\u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c m\u1ee5c K\u00edch m\u1ed9t cu\u1ed9c s\u0103n
ng\u01b0\u1eddi s\u00f4i n\u1ed5i ch\u01b0a t\u1eebng th\u1ea5y. M\u1ed9t
tr\u0103m n\u0103m m\u01b0\u01a1i l\u00ednh C\u00f4ng an bao
v\u00e2y m\u1ed9t c\u0103n ph\u1ed1 \u0111\u1ec3 b\u1eaft t\u00ean t\u01b0\u1edbng
c\u01b0\u1edbp Crowley, bi\u1ec7t danh L\u00e0 "Hai
S\u00fang" v\u00ec l\u00fac n\u00e0o y c\u0169ng mang hai
c\u00e2y s\u00fang \u1edf trong m\u00ecnh.

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