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46162371 Charlotte Lamb Love in the Dark

46162371 Charlotte Lamb Love in the Dark

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Published by klamboy123

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: klamboy123 on Nov 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Love in the Dark
Charlotte Lamb
He had always been a threat 
Stephanie had come halfway around the world, built a new life, met another man. And now Gerard Tenniel had arrivedGerard, who knew all about the scandal five years earlier and threatened to talk about it. Unless...It was the "unless" that bothered Stephanie. She agreed that disclosure would hurt her brother's career, that her buddingromance must die a-blooming. She even agreed to leave townwith Gerard. So what else did he want? She was shocked to learn that despite the bitterness left by thetrial, Gerard still wanted her. But was it for love or revenge? 
"Are you in love with him?" 
Stephanie's eyes flickered, but she didn't answer."Are you?' Gerard Insisted."I don't know," she admitted. "I didn't have time to find out.He was the sort of man most girls dream of marrying" "Good husband material" he finished for her cynically, "it wasn't love at first sight, then?" "I don't believe in love at first sight" She felt herself flushing asGerard eyed her oddly. She had fallen for Gerard at first sight,of course. Stephanie froze, looking up into his hypnotic gray eyes."You know you'll be living with me in London." it was astatement that shocked her completely. "I'm not letting youout of my sight until we're married," he said.It seemed the most insane idea she had heard in her life! 
handed her key to the woman on the other side of the reception desk, smiling politely. 'I hope you'll be verycomfortable here, Mrs Graham. George will bring up your bagsimmediately. You're on the second floor; take a right turn as youleave the lift, your room is halfway down that corridor.''Could I have some tea brought up to my room at once, please?'The grey-haired woman gave a sigh. 'I'm very tired and I'm dyingfor some tea.''Of course, I'll see to that for you at once,' Stephanie nodded,giving the woman a concerned glance. She looked tired; in factshe looked exhausted. 'Is there anything else I can do for you,Mrs Graham? Please don't hesitate to ask, we're here to help our guests.''That's very good of you, but all I need is a cup of tea, a warm bath and an hour or two on my bed, then I'll be fine.' MrsGraham was very thin and pale; her features seemed drawn.Stephanie hoped she wasn't ill. She had seen that look insomeone's face before² the bluish lips, the lines of pain. Shewouldn't be surprised if Mrs Graham had a heart condition. Shewatched the woman walk towards the lift, frowning, then wroteon Mrs Graham's private card, PHC. It was the custom of theWyville Arms to have a careful filing system for all their guests,listing their tastes and preferences, their characters and danger spots. It helped the staff to give a personal service so that if acrotchety retired Army officer arrived he would not beoffended by the wrong newspaper in the morning, or by beinggiven China tea when he only drank Indian, or lightly grilled bacon when he liked it crisp.

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