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LongmontLife Newsletter - March April 2011

LongmontLife Newsletter - March April 2011

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Longmont Life is an informational newsletter distributed six times per year via U.S. mail to all city residents and businesses. Provides news and information about City events and programs.
Longmont Life is an informational newsletter distributed six times per year via U.S. mail to all city residents and businesses. Provides news and information about City events and programs.

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Published by: City of Longmont, Colorado on Nov 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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March / April
 Your community, your life
Vol. 3, Issue 2
Tree Limbs
Annual pickup starts in April.
Page 3
Museum Camp
Hands-on summer fun for childrenin art, history, and science.
Page 4
Use this number foremergencies only.
Page 5
Planet Earth
Celebrate with your neighbors onApril 16.
Page 7 
Fish Line
Cast your line for Button Rocklicense.
Page 8
 An informational newsletter  for Longmont residents.
Longmont Declares
Th Y of Businss
L L
City of Longmont350 Kimbark StreetLongmont, CO 80501
Four Programs HelpLocal Businesses Thrive
The City of Longmont offers four programs that provide technical assistance,access to capital and grant funding for local businesses:The
Longmont Economic Gardening Initiative
offers training,marketing and research data, and strategic planning resources to Longmontcompanies. Most LEGI services are free; a few have minimal costs.The
Small Business Lending Program
is a collaboration between the Cityand the Colorado Enterprise Fund that provides access to capital. Applicantscan obtain loans of up to $50,000 for inventory, real estate acquisition,operating costs, and other uses.The
Business Start-up Grant
program is for new storefront businessesthat generate sales tax. Up to $2,000 is available as reimbursement for costsassociated with opening a new retail business. Applicants must complete abusiness training program, submit an acceptable business plan, and be incompliance with City codes and regulations.The
Business Improvement Grant
provides up to $7,500 for existingstorefront retail businesses to make permanent improvements to theirproperty. There are other requirements regarding location and qualifyingimprovements.
To get more information on any of these programs, please call Doug Bene inthe Economic Development Department at 303-651-8403, or send e-mail todoug.bene@ci.longmont.co.us
BY proclaiming 2011 as The
 Year of Business
(d tt   2), tlt my d cty cu utt t tv fbd ttv tt tttd ut vtt  tuty. F x, tu ut t lt ae cu (laec) t kd ttt y y;t cty t vu f d tx t fud t lt a Vt at (laVa),w t tu; d tu ut t eDvt Dtt’ but  tt  ddt ttt d tt lt bu d t y. T  jut  fwx f t cty’ fft – t y  – but t   tu vtt  ltd t b v  bu-fdy tuut 2011: t Y fBu  lt!
Movies in the Park!
Longmont Recreation Services will host the free2011 summer lm series in Thompson Park at4th Avenue and Bross Street. These free movieswill take place on July 16, 23 and 30 at dusk.The lms will be announced in the May issue ofLongmont Life.
or more information pleasevisit www.ci.longmont.co.us/rec.
Hear Me
Outdoor Warning Tests Begin April 4
From April through August, the City of Longmont tests the outdoor emergency warning system therst Monday of each month at 10 am. The sirens are intended for outdoor warning and may notbe heard indoors.The system consists of 17 sirens located throughout Longmont that are radio-controlledby the Longmont Emergency Communications Center. The system operates on solar-charged batteries and remains functional in the event of a power failure and when phonelines are down.If you hear the siren and it isn’t 10 am on the rst Monday of the month, you shouldimmediately seek shelter inside and tune to Comcast cable Channel 8 or to a local televisionor radio station to learn more about the nature of the emergency.Please DO NOT CALL 911 when you hear the siren unless you have a real emergency. Itis critical to keep the 911 lines open for people who require immediate assistance. Residents areencouraged to use battery-operated weather radios that activate automatically during severe weather.
For more information, contact the City of Longmont Ofce of Emergency Management at303-651-8438 or www.ci.longmont.co.us/emergency.
Longmont Life | March-April 2011 www.ci.longmont.co.us
The city council made that formal proclamation earlier this year to reafrm the council’s commitment to the health of our localeconomy and acknowledge the important role that business and commerce play in the overall health and success of our community.The council supports innovative ideas and investment that maintain our nancial footing and propel our communityinto the future. The proclamation reads:WHEREAS; Longmont’s businesses represent an invaluable component of the Longmont community; and,WHEREAS; Longmonts businesses represent the economic lifeblood of the community by providing tens of thousands of  jobs to residents of Longmont and the surrounding region; and,WHEREAS; Longmont business operations support the community through wages that support families, generate sales andproperty taxes, support charitable, civic and business organizations, and enhance the community at large; and,WHEREAS; entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, partnerships, and public and private corporations provide the hard work,creativity, risk, sacrice and protability that propel our community forward; and,WHEREAS; businesses have recently endured the worst nancial period since the Great Depression, and are continuing towork to rebuild our economy; and,WHEREAS; the City Council of the City of Longmont recognizes the contribution that Longmont’s businesses make towardbuilding a better community.NOW, THEREFORE, I Bryan L. Baum, by virtue of the authority vested in me and the City Council of the City of Longmont,do hereby proclaim the year 2011 as “The Year of Business” in Longmont, and I invite all citizens in thecommunity to recognize the importance of our local businesses to the success of our community as a whole.
Economic Cents
2011 is th Y of Businss
Bryan L. Baum
T x 11/2011by.bu@.t..u303-651-8602
Gabe Santos
T x 11/2013b.t@.t..u303-775-4005
Brian Hansen
T x 11/2011b.@.t..u303-847-7186(m. & Tu., 8 t 10 )
Katie Witt
T x 11/2013kt.wtt@.t..u303-642-6606
Sean McCoy
T x 11/2011.y@.t..u303-847-6076
Sarah Levison
T xis:11/2011
Alex Sammoury
T x 11/2013
Longmont Life 
 dtbutd x t  y v U.s.  t  ty dt d bu.ct  t w ft d tt  w t tyt@.t..u
City Council
There are a variety of ways tocontact city council members:
cty u t, vyTudy t 7 cff wt cu, tstudy f vy te- d  ubtd m / cty ck’ of,350 Kbk st.pub vt, ud c dmy, ryt  t rv dFtv  m
From left 
Gabe Santos, At-Large, Mayor Pro Tem; Katie Witt, War II;Bryan L. Baum, Mayor; Alex Sammoury, At-Large; Brian Hansen, War I;Sean McCoy, War III; Sarah Levison, At-Large
sv ttv f t lt Buuty ttdd t Fbuy 8, 2011 cu mt tw ut d t t t  bf f tbu uty ud
Longmont Area Economic Council,
Longmont Downtown Development Authority,
Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce,
Longmont Entrepreneurial Network,
Boulder Small Business Development Center,
Longmont Area Visitors Association,
Latino Chamber of Boulder County 
The goal isto encourageinvestmentin Longmontand to becomeeven morebusiness-friendly.How’s Business? 
City’s Outreach Team Here to Help
The City of Longmont has started a business outreach effort to better connect with retail and servicebusinesses in the community. If you own or operate a retail or service business, City staff would like to meetwith you to hear what’s on your mind.Interviews usually take about 30 minutes and are scheduled at the business’s convenience. All responses arecondential with data collected only in aggregate form for purposes of analyzing information.If you have a retail or service business in Longmont and want to let the City know what you think, pleaseschedule an interview by contacting
Doug Bene, Economic Development Manager at 303-651-8403 ordoug.bene@ci.longmont.co.us.
The City’s Business Outreach Team currently is interviewing retail and service businesses throughout Longmont to:Introduce businessesto City staff and othereconomic partners,Learn aboutbusiness needs,plans, and attitudes,Respond tospecic businessrequests, andProvide information abouteconomic developmentprograms and other services.
PurchasingDivision Moves
The City of Longmont’sPurchasing & ContractsDivision has moved its ofcesfrom the Longmont ServiceCenter on Sherman St. to thesecond oor of the Civic Centerat 350 Kimbark Street. Theofces are upstairs above theCouncil Chambers.
See moreat www.ci.longmont.co.us/purchasing/index.htm.
303-776-6050 March-April 2011 | Longmont Life
Trail Run
Spring Gulch Projectto Include Trail
The Public Works & Natural Resources Department is beginning the design processfor Spring Gulch #2. This project addresses drainage, park and transportation issuesby designing and constructing a missing greenway link and drainage connectionalong Spring Gulch from west of County Line Road southeast to Sandstone Ranch andthe St. Vrain Greenway. This project will address storm ows from the Spring Gulchdrainage basins and create a valuable off-street pedestrian/bicycle connection from eastLongmont to Union Reservoir,Sandstone Ranch and the St.Vrain Greenway.This project will featurea two-mile trail that willconnect to the St. VrainGreenway as well as UnionReservoir. The trail will runfrom Stephen Day Park ineast Longmont down SpringGulch #2 and go beneath WeldCounty Road 1 and Highway119 to provide a safe crossingof two very busy roadways.A request for proposalswas issued in February fora design team to determinenecessary drainageimprovements, as well as puttogether a full conceptualdesign for the entire project.The conceptual design willbetter dene the scope of work and estimated cost of the project.The City purchased a large tract of land on the western side of Union Reservoir in2010. This newly purchased land will allow for more natural drainage solutions forthe area.This project will be funded by current Storm Drainage bonds, the Street Fund andthe Open Space Fund. Construction of some elements will begin in 2012.
Trim Time
Tree Limb CollectionBegins April 11
The annual citywide curbside Spring Branch Special Collection takesplace April 11 through 22. Limbs will be picked up in the area northof 9th Avenue April 11-15 and from the area south of 9th Avenue April18-22.Tree limbs must be placed curbside before 7 am on the Monday of your scheduled collection week. They will not be picked up on yourregular trash day but some time during the designated collectionweek. There will be no collections from alleys or private property.Limbs must be cut into lengths no longer than six feet, and nolimb may be larger than six inches indiameter. Limbs and branchesMUST be bundled and nolarger than three feetin diameter. Piles of branches will not bepicked up.There will onlybe one pass througheach neighborhood,so please ensure that yourbranches are curbside prior to yourarea’s collection week.Trash and other debris will not be collectedduring this special event.Residents also can take limbs and branchesto the City’s Tree Limb Diversion Center at 140Martin Street, open year round Monday, Tuesdayand Wednesday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm andThursday, Friday and Saturday from 8:30 amto 5:45 pm. The center is closed on Sundays.There is no charge if you take your City of Longmont utility bill showing that you are a trashsubscription customer.
For more information call 303-651-8416.
Agua Action
Whitwt pk pnnd fo 2013
The expression “Happy Trails” evokes the image of a Western farewell to most people. Butfor the residents of Longmont it could mean a welcome through the City’s existing andplanned sections of the St. Vrain Greenway Trail System – and beyond.The Pavlakis property was purchased with Open Space funds in July of 2002, and theGreenway Master Plan was modied to denote this site as a future District Park. Thisproject is bordered by Harvest Junction on the south, Main Street on the west and MartinStreet on the east. After construction Boston Avenue will border the north end of theproject. Final design for Pavlakis Open Space will begin this year with meetings in thefall to seek public input.Initial plans include a whitewater park, children’s shing pond, and two dog parks.Construction on the Pavlakis Open Space is planned to begin some time during2013 when Boston Avenue also is scheduled to be extended. The project will be fundedthrough state lottery funds.The trails of the St. Vrain Greenway span more than eight miles from Airport Roadto Sandstone Ranch. The trail system also includes other Longmont parks adjacentto it, including Roger’s Grove and Izaak Walton Pond, as well as the Boulder CountyFairgrounds and two new trailheads at County Line Road and 119th Street. Further landscaping and trail enhancementsbetween Left Hand Creek and Sandstone Ranch are underway and will be completed soon.In addition to the nature trails, the Greenway also comprises many miles of concrete multiuse paths with an adjacentsoft-surface walking trail. Visitors also have access to the Left Hand Greenway just east of Main Street the LongmontMuseum and the Longmont Recreation Center.Future Greenway projects will extend west beneath Airport Road to Boulder County’s Pella Crossing and east to St.Vrain State Park. The western extension is planned by Boulder County and will lead to Lyons while the eastern extension isplanned to pass under Highway 119 and through St. Vrain State Park to the Firestone/Frederick area. The St. Vrain GreenwayTrail System is part of the Colorado Front Range Trail Plan—a statewide trail that will extend to the Wyoming and NewMexico borders as planned by the Colorado Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation.

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