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A Blueprint for Deception

A Blueprint for Deception

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Published by Anthony Forwood
An article on the UFO enigma and its place in government disinformation campaigns
An article on the UFO enigma and its place in government disinformation campaigns

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Anthony Forwood on Nov 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Blueprint for Deception
Excerpted from BIZARRE REALITY: Secret Projects and Strange Phenomena(unpublished)By Anthony ForwoodCopyright 2011 © All rights reservedThe UFO enigma is a blueprint example of how a false sense of reality can be createdwithin a population of people so that a deeper truth is buried in plain sight. Thisenigma has been purposely played by certain organs of the US government in a majorway, using various methods of deception to create a modern-day mythologysurrounding the subject of UFOs, for whatever reason that might be. It’s not therumors and stories themselves that are of greatest importance to the discussion here,but rather the bigger picture of what is going on.A disinformation campaign surrounding the UFO enigma was started as early as 1947,after Kevin Arnold spotted nine flying discs over Mt. Ranier in Washington State. Afew months later, the Roswell crash was reported to the news service, only to beretracted the next day and almost completely forgotten for the next fifty years. A fewmonths after that incident, the CIA was formed.Ever since its inception, the CIA has been heavily involved in running propagandacampaigns, both at home and abroad, for whatever reasons. At a deeper and moresecretive level, this very secretive organization has also sought ways to control thehuman mind, and would go on to develop methods that included a mix of psychological tactics, hypnosis, drugs, electronics, and anything else that wouldachieve these ends. The CIA also had direct connections to the genetic researchconducted by Joseph Mengele even prior to his work in the Nazi concentration camps,when he was still working at the Keiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany.As UFO sightings began to be publicized in the newspapers over the next fewdecades, starting with the sighting by Kevin Arnold, public interest in the subjectgrew, and a number of public and private UFO groups and organizations came to beestablished, involving themselves with investigating sighting reports and relatedstories, discussing the various aspects of the phenomena, and disseminatinginformation to their members and the public at large.At the same time, the Air Force set up a number of projects to investigate thephenomena, the best known being Project Blue Book, which was promoted to thepublic as a serious investigation into the matter, but which was later found out to benothing more than a cover project that was intent on creating the public impressionthat there was nothing to the phenomena. Project Blue Book was surreptitiouslyfiltering the less easily explainable witness reports of UFOs to the CIA, and were onlydocumenting and investigating those reports that were able to be easily debunked.Project Blue Book officially closed in 1969.
In spite of the official claims that there was nothing to the UFO enigma, more andmore people continued to report sightings around the globe, and the stories gotweirder.UFO groups and organizations were heavily infiltrated by intelligence agents, and theamount of disinformation being spread through them grew. It became increasinglyhard to separate the truth from the lies.A general mythology developed that centered around extraterrestrial invaders,underground laboratories, secret advanced technologies, human abductions, andgenetic experiments. Many of the stories that were promoted tended to beoutrageous enough to either put a person off completely, or draw their interestfurther. This created the ability to more easily distinguish between those people whowould be more likely to automatically believe the official version of events and thosewho wouldn’t believe it so easily and would seek to learn more about the subject.In spite of the more outrageous and unbelievable aspects of the UFO enigma, and thegrowing amount of public ridicule of the subject, certain other aspects remained thatindicated that there was something deeper going on that involved the interests of themajor governments of the world. The government interest itself was the firstindicator.The more reasonable-minded people who were interested in investigating the UFOenigma and were likelier to be believed by the general public were carefully soughtout by intelligence agents and fed disinformation as government leaks, leaving thesepeople busy trying to follow leads that usually led nowhere. These people more oftenthan not became central figures in the growing community of ufologists, with theirresearch often being privately funded by certain philanthropic parties with unknowninterests in the subject, most notably the Rockefellers, who had secretly funded theNazi eugenics research in earlier years.Other key figures that became involved in this enigma were certain respectedscientists and publicly recognized figures, such as J. Alan Hynek, Carl Sagan, EdgarMitchell, etc. They were often more closely connected to the government than wereother investigators, and their level of authority or the respect they held with thepublic helped greatly to influence public perceptions, some of them towards doubtabout the reality of UFOs, and some towards belief.Certain factors surrounding the UFO phenomena began to develop that were harderto explain than others, but left the possibility that the more outrageous stories mightactually be true. These included cattle mutilations, secret underground bases, cropcircles, reports of encounters with a growing variety of mysterious creatures, etc. Ontheir own, many of these mysteries may have begun as unrelated phenomena, butthey soon became tied directly to the UFO enigma.The UFO phenomena also came to have ties with psychic groups, mostly through thetrance mediumship of certain people who received communications from disembodiedentities that claimed to be higher intelligences who were contacting the human race
from another plane or dimension of existence. These communications helped toestablish the already developing New Age movement, mixing ancient history andreligious ideologies with occult knowledge and metaphysical understandings. Theresult was to influence the ideas that would be promoted as the basis for a newunderstanding of the human situation, with these disembodied entities paintingthemselves as our superiors and benefactors.The complexity of the developing situation surrounding the UFO enigma resulted inmaking it virtually impossible to distinguish what was true and what was not. Littleserious media attention was given on the subject at all any more, other than luriddepictions that were based on the general mythology that had developed, whichbecame heavily portrayed in fictional storylines in movies and television shows.The development of the internet from a private military communications network intoa public communications network resulted in further confusion about the UFO enigmaas a flood of information, both true and false, not only became far easier todisseminate to the public at large, but also became far more difficult for the averageperson to verify the authenticity of.The internet also became the perfect tool for intelligence organs to monitor andcontrol information, moving beyond the limited abilities of the traditional informationmedia and creating a situation that allowed these organs to look deeper into theminds of the public and monitor them far more closely. Patterns and trends could beanalyzed and influenced, character profiles could be compiled and studied, and thepersonal information compiled on individuals and groups could be used to benefit theintelligence organs in various ways.The control of information and the covert monitoring of the public was expanded asthe proliferation of computer technologies took root in the 1980s and early 1990s,and soon became a virtual necessity in the lives of most people. With thesetechnologies, the collection and dissemination of information could be much moreclosely monitored, and its effect on the public, both as a whole and individually, couldbe more easily predicted. Those who came into possession of information that wassensitive to the interests of the government or might have a significant effect on thepublic mind were able to be more easily identified, monitored, and contained.That conspiracy theories in general have dominated much of the internet activitysince it first became popular is interesting to note, in light of what has just been said.The internet has become a clearinghouse for ideas and opinions, making it far easierfor intelligence organs to distinguish the mindset of individuals and separate theminto various character profiles, which in turn makes it easier to predict how anindividual might react to a particular piece of information. By allowing conspiracytheories to remain popular and proliferate among the public, they could be easilymonitored and kept under control. Websites were set up by intelligence organs asfront outlets for information on both older conspiracies, conspiracies that were stilldeveloping, and new conspiracies that were yet to arise, and these sites were heavilypromoted so that they would become popular enough to draw much of the flow of 

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