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BSU Report October 2011

BSU Report October 2011

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Published by StaceyGreg Xander

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Published by: StaceyGreg Xander on Nov 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BSUTruman State UniversityNovember, 2011
Hello everyone,It is hard, no scary; and really with a feeling of just not being
qualified enough
to feel like we, my wifeStacey and myself, can find the best words that would just be humbling and Godly and wise and full of the joy of what the BSU continues to be for students who are in college today. To think of all the livesthat the BSU has ministered to, been a part of; that meshing of Jesus and your life into one of the most intimate and close relationships ever. What the BSU means to me? Sounds like a report my teacher would ask me to give when I was in 3
grade. How amazing it would be to hear the responses to that question. Now wouldn
t that be something
.Amazing God 
 Amazing Holy Spirit 
.Amazing Jesus
 You know the story of the Samaritan woman at the well when Jesus comes and sees a life with adesperate and deep need for a real and true life, a life with the places in it that only God could fill. As Heencounters and starts sharing with the woman
and actually it is more a story about us than this particular woman
 Jesus says at one point:
Jesus answered her, "If you knew the gift of God and who itis that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water." - John4:10 NIVIf you knew
if you only knew
the real truth, the real hope, the genuine love, the passionate heart beatof God for you
for me
the display of unconditional love of an innocent Christ on a cross and themessage of who you are to God
.if you knew
you would have asked
 It would be so so incredible to hear the work of God in so many of your lives from the days of your BSUexperience and onward. And that is very much the prayer right now for the ones we are just sodesperate for - to meet and understand and accept and know Jesus and God the father and theHoly Spirit.I am
our students in leadership
all 14 of them
my wife
our church
our friends
our fellow campusministries
we are just clinging to the life and truth of God to be at work in our lives for the girl who isengaging with us, the college guy who wants to work thru stuff 
for all of them
the college students wesee today.Grateful for the ones who went before me when I was in diapers? Oh yes. For the ones before that whoplanted seeds, who built a foundation. Oh yes. For the ones who continually strengthened and servedand shared and celebrated lives together for Jesus. Oh yes. For the churches and the members whowere always praying, always sending a check for money for the electric bills, or for the mission trips, or
 just for continuing to work in students lives. Oh yes. For the friends and families of so many students orstaff or anyone who had a connection with the BSU and for all they gave and shared and did. Oh yes. Itis a huge burden to feel you can adequately say thank you to so many I will not meet here on earth now,but with Christ in Heaven.
God please let your Holy Spirit speak thru me in a very real and powerfulway to everyone who might read this and know they were a part of your work, a part of somethingbeyond any of our abilities, outside of our control and that you love them
so very much.Thank you Jesus, and it is all for your glory. We love you. We trust you. We depend on you. In Jesusname, A-men.
 Thank you everyone. Thank you very very much!What do you see? It is hard to
or be a part of a place when you are just not there all the time;studying in the lounge, or walking to the library at 10:30pm at night; or eating in the cafeteria; orsnowsleding on food trays, or etc and more. So, to be as much out of the way as possible and to prayand hope what you will
below will help you maybe connect in a fresh way with a place that still isseeking to impact lives for the Kingdom, here are a gaggle of snapshots. And some brief descriptions of some of the lives that we are a part of in various levels of their process of seeing themselves as lovedones of Almighty God and Jesus Christ.We hope you come away with a renewed sense
maybe a fresh glimpse of God and His work that is stilla part of this ministry that is
 just a bunch of people who love Jesus.
 With love and joy for you to know you are so loved by God,The BSU Tribe
 Steps to reading this report (and more than anything, we hope you just are drenched with the love Godhas for you).
Step 1 Find a quiet place with your computer on, or maybe a print off of this report, etc,.
Step 2 Breathe
Step 3 Relax
Step 4
with consecrated eyes…watch…and breathe deep the breath of God…
a glimpse of what is on God’s agenda…

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