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All Energy is of God (Chi)

All Energy is of God (Chi)

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Published by EliShone

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Published by: EliShone on Nov 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All energy is of God, and He maintains the stars in their courses, gives life to the ant, causes black holes, and keeps eachsingle atom spinning by the energy that envelops and permeates through from the smallest cell to every galaxy by His mighty breath that animates the cosmos. It is possible and advantageous to learn to get out of the way for such energy to flow freelythrough your vessel. Energy as a concept resembles a cut diamond, each face reflecting a different light, yet all emanatingfrom God, the sovereign essence of the Universe, moving within and through the Word as a Spirit to use His creation as Hesees fit, sustaining all and maintaining all as the ultimate cause and the ultimate effect, yet entirely self-contained. Man is anintegral part of the total partaking of the nature of the total. Energy is the principle of change. Cosmic change is cyclic, itobeys laws, and these laws can be understood and utilized. The primitive character representing energy meant, “no fire.” Inother words, if the fires of lust or desire were dampened, then one was filled with ruling fire of God’s energy. When oneachieves silence of the mind a real channel to the Spirit of God is opened.A way of life based on rhythm and flux, on the natural harmony of nature, tends to the unconventional, and exhibits afreedom loving detachment from worldly things. Its product is the poet, the artist; often in past times tolerated in the royalcourt when drunk; the meta-physician, the mystic, and the sage, all of them light hearted and given to laughter. This involves pursuing a life-style in which worry and personal ambition are kept to a minimum so that the gradual blossoming of a flower can be enjoyed in all its magic. Such men are rare today, as the ability to channel the original power was lost when man became cleverer and less wise. As the ages rolled past the initial simplicity was lost.The Word of God for all practical purposes is matter, and as such the material manifestation of the creator. God does nothave a fixed form and His Spirit can’t change. The Word is the dynamic energy of the Holy Spirit expressed in materialform. Light, strong, and subtle, the Word floats as air, and becomes through increasing deep wavelengths to a solidsubstance. In its initial ray-dation it manifests itself as thermal energy. In this subtle form it is a vitality that may in fact bequite indistinguishable from its source, God, of heaven. The aims of the mystic are to convert the weak strains of the Wordinto its perfect subtle form to better achieve harmony with its vessel. In order to better unite mind and matter, and animatethe body through the Spirit according to the Will of God, one must have a hold on the Word of Truth. The Word animatesthe higher functions of the mind and can unite the artist with creation. Every movement of the Spirit in the Word influencesthe soul life, others, and our wider environment. It is through the resonances of the Spirit energy dynamics in the Word thatwe become sensitive to discern spirits and pick up intuitive information. Through the Word runs great synchronicity, andwhen the current of Word and Spirit are harmoniously integrated, or encouraged to be so, the benefits of the quickening arise.The unitary nature of Spirit energy never changes. This bi-polar multi-faceted energy exhibits itself in many forms with sub-varieties of expression in each form. This Spirit energy is the invisible protective and defensive energy of the body of Christ,and is diffused through the five-fold ministry by the preaching of the Word in Spirit and in truth. Two levels of the Wordclarify true potential and manifestation of the potential, which is Rhema-Logos. The Word from heaven is specific to what itwas sent to do, and that heavenly Word becomes physically manifest on earth by declaration through God-chosen men whoreceive the heavenly manna from angels ascending and descending with the Word of God for men, that God’s Kingdom may be established on earth.The Word is best kept in concept as a unity, based on man as a microcosm reflecting the macroscopic. The wise man seeksto move with cosmic forces, at least by analogy. He seeks to control change by aligning himself with the cosmic change bornof and by the Word or Breath of the Word, for the Wind moves where so ever it listeth. The presence of laws means thatchange has controlling factors, number one being able to rest in the everlasting arms of an omniscient and omnipotent God.The law of cause and effect means that sometimes an effect can be precisely forecast from a cause. If God were fullyrevealed, and His entire history, even of the Universe, was taken into account, one could predict His response to certainstimulus.The balance in tension between positive and negative forces, being light and dark, and day and night, holds the universetogether. This balance is awry, and it is mans solemn duty to aid in the process of resolving this tension through the rightlydivided Word mechanically separated from the lie, thereby opening up the floodgates of heaven.The Word is the mechanics, and the Holy Spirit is the dynamics, and these two as inseparable Rhema-Logos are the cementof the manifest world, for it is they that maintain its being. From the centrifugal force of the speed of the moon in space being balanced by the force of earth’s gravity, through all humans and human organizations, to the maintenance of the atom by balance and harmony, is found the mechanics and the dynamics of the Word. The Word is the way of heaven and earth.The Word is the fundamental principle of the myriad things, the father and mother of change and transformation, the root of inception, and the power of destruction.
All things that exist by the Word are backed by shade and shadows, and faced by the Light, harmonized by the ImmaterialBreath of the Eternal Holy Spirit of the Word. All beings and things in the Universe are aggregates of the Word and arecomposed of varying proportions of mechanics and dynamics, being in a state of dynamic change through a transformationwhich is unceasing eternal. Man’s place is to aid the processes of this harmony heading into the future millennium and beyond. The Word is static and signifies endurance, and encourages the maintenance of present states. The Spirit in theWord is dynamic, aggressive, and signifies change that is vital and positive. The Word is detriment to express the Spirit, andwithout the Holy Spirit there is no Word to express. Nothing can exist without its opposite. This is a fundamental truth. Good is only known as good because you’ve known evil.But even those evil in high power are subject with the rest of all manifest beings to the Word and the Spirit, and those whofall outside the narrow way that balances it will find destruction, as well as any objects, systems, and empires. Not only musthumankind be subject to the law of grace that balances such, but should seek to exemplify and increase the possibility of harmony between opposites. The Word and the Holy Spirit contain within itself the balance of negative and positive power,even since it is One and the same source. It is solar, as blooming in the sun, and lunar, as rising from the waters of Spirit pre-creation. The combination of air and water symbolizes spirit and matter In the gardens of the sage was found a continual attempt to increase the likelihood of harmony by seeking theinterconnectedness of all things, and so the continuance of the Universe, of which man is a part. Earth, metal, water, wood,and fire encompass the phenomena of nature that can be applied as a symbolism equally to all life, though not entirelyrepresentative of the underlying theoretical framework. They are symbols only seen in type. This planet’s peoples will sink or swim according to each person’s actions and response to losing their individual consciousness when God is revealed fromthe heavens with His Universal Consciousness that every knee above and below must bow, and every tongue confess, that Heis indeed, Lord. This is done through the vehicle of the Word energy, though each Word were a living cell withconsciousness.It is the task of man to seek to discern his own ordering principle, and those in the world around him. The wise sage willstudy the manifestations of change around and in him, and attempt to go with their flow. Questions of moral imperatives donot arise with him, because the only imperative is to be true with the mechanics, cultivating the flow of Spirit Breathdynamics, which should not be opposed.Janzen is a lifetime work of self discipline and study of the Word anchored in the full measure of Grace. Even unto truemagic, investigating the laws of nature with the idea of using them according to the high calling and deep purpose of God.Magic is the art of producing marvelous results by being compelled to use the secret forces of nature by the Holy Spirit, thateven the angels may be called upon, in so far that the Magician is inside the Word of Grace and casts such enchantments toglory the heavenly Father. The art of such illusions must be done as God’s business, and His alone, having given the gift of asecret or mysterious power over the imagination or will to a vessel of His choosing as a gift for the Bride and a curse to theworld.Man exists in breath of Spirit, and breath of Spirit is within the sons of God, saving not those serpent seed awaiting the 2
death. From heaven and earth, to all kinds of creation, there is nothing that would not require the Breath of the Holy Spirit tostay alive. The man who learns how to circulate the Word of the Holy Spirit Breath through the constant application andstudy of the mind of God will find the way to banish all evil. This brings about the regeneration of Spirit energy in theindividual, allowing the mystic or sage to reach a stage of spontaneity in action that can only come with oneness in the Word,and thereby nature, and the Universe itself. It is a state of being in which no initiative is taken to produce either happiness or disaster, but instead responding to each influence of the Holy Spirit as he feels the pressure to act, like a great tree possessedof consciousness and mobility to go with the flow by letting go and letting God, ceasing from senseless striving to co-operatewith his nature, which is of God. And as the Spirit so moves amongst His people in these last days, so let virtue beestablished in thine heart for the express purpose of mapping approaches to this pinnacle of simplicity. Even in the heavensabove should the Magician study, to make certain his destiny through the Astrology of old. Precise diagnostic skills arerequired, and precise timing of the manufacture of the magic object is essential.Painting is that which reveals the objective reality of the form. In other words, the Breath of the Spirit makes the paintingexist for itself and moves it beyond itself. The artist is wholly identified with the cosmic rhythms and harmony in a totalawareness. To experience the Eternal our consciousness must perceive through the workings of the right cerebral
hemisphere, turning off the analytical and skeptical workings of the left. An artist, it could be argued, is only aware thatcertain idiosyncratic activities trigger access to the imminent, and is not afraid to use them.That which is Word indicates form. That which is dynamic indicates Spirit. Ten thousand things in the everyday world, allcarrying a form and hiding a spirit are in motion with the multitude. When Word and Spirit harmonize the 10,000 things aretransformed. This is called the Day of the Lord. Since it is a function of the Word to unify the appearance of the mechanicswith the reality of the Spirit of ten-thousand things, it would appear that the artist who essays to do likewise should humblyserve the Holy Spirit in order to achieve this. So, in the composition of a picture, this interplay of mechanics and Spirit will be most subtly seen in the use of light and dark, of space and non-space. The darkness is solid ink wash, and the whitevacancy or light becomes solid as the clouds and mists are drawn and the solid becomes vacancy for the Holy Spirit. Thus theentire picture will be full of the life rhythm. The world of ten thousand things does not stand still, it is in constant movement,changing, streaming. To fix it on paper or silk, in stone or clay, or in words alone seems on the face of it to be acontradiction. Yet this can give birth to realization of movement with a seamless web of unbroken movement and change,adulations, waves, patterns of ripples, and temporary standing waves like a river. Every observer himself is an integralfunction of this web.To such an artist as God would use there becomes the sensation that the work is happening on its own, that the brush isactually writing by itself. Thus, mastery in ink painting is attained only when the hand exercising perfect control over technique, executes what hovers before the mind’s eye at the same moment that it begins to form. You can thus unite whatcan’t be seen with what can be seen, the Word of God with the Spirit of God. This requires an emptiness, where mans ownreason and thoughts are counted but dung, becoming characteristic of the vessel created for the Breath of Spirit Word, evenas the whirling and axial movement of the Universe, its folding and unfolding, contraction and expansion, can bring theSupreme Essence into the realm of matter and return full control to the source from which it came. When energy is flowingfreely, as in the search for immortality, a power that is not normally available is indeed released. And although the brushstrokes follow certain rules – moves, turns, changes and penetrates, it must not be limited by its quality or form but be as itwere flying and flowing. The painters total being must be enlisted, as it must be in all exponents of art forms. The Spiritmust flow freely throughout the hemisphere, as it must throughout the body, to serve as a vehicle of spiritual development.When the swordsman stands against his opponents he is not to think of the opponents or himself, nor of his enemies swordmovements. He just stands there with his sword, which, forgetful of all technique is ready only to follow the dictates of theunconscious. The man has effaced himself as the wielder of the sword. When he strikes it is not the man but the sword in thehand of the unconscious that strikes. The consciousness must be detached yet alert for no mind, not in an analytical mode, but in a heightened mode of awareness as though being in a state of flowing, Word in, Word out, valued far more than sheer  physical power, and the only way the Bride can achieve her goals. The inhalation of the Word into the soul of the secret of the rapture for the bride closes and gathers her into God’s chosen place of worship, and the exhalation, or out breath of theWord opens and discharges the mighty command of God to the world in judgment. The Holy Spirit achieves this first byestablishing control of our minds in the greatest battle ever fought, becoming one with the Life in the Word by the invisibleunion of Christ and His Bride, and the flow of such light reflected back into the earth as the little Bride set as a candle on ahill becomes the light of the world.An expert martial artist, because of his training, aims to use the most potent of all forces – the power of God Himself. Youdo not need to deal with a person’s body at all, as long as you can redirect the flow of energy in his mind.Man is not separate from nature, and everything he does to nature he does to himself. Never extend ones body or energycompletely. Only go to a certain point then draw inward to gather ones energy.Mercury and Silver are seen as metals belonging to the mechanical expression of the Word, sulphur and gold as dynamic.A Sage knows how to reverse the sequence to regain original perfection, and is truly an autonomous man who acts withoutobstruction as so God makes a way for him. His heart is a placid lake unruffled by the winds of circumstance. True men arenot afraid when they stand alone in their views. They can’t credit themselves with the great plans and exploits manifestedthrough them and remain humble in success. Scaled cliffs never dizzy. Plunged in water never wet. Walked the fire andwere not burnt. Thus their knowledge reaches all the way. Their food was plain and they breathed Word deep. Fountains of  passion lie deep in their heavenly springs and they fear not the 2
death. Easy come, easy go fight their way through life.Appropriateness of response, spontaneity, synchronicities, and quietude of deep reflections and pondering are common in theMagician-Sage. He is very concerned with the protection and projection of his energy, and is concerned with harmony more

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