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Types of Literature

Types of Literature

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Published by Gleison Bancolita

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Published by: Gleison Bancolita on Nov 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 TYPES OF LITERATURE1.POETRY2.HISTORY3.BIOGRAPHY4.LETTERS5.PHILOSOPHY6.ORATORY7.APOCALYPSE1. POETRYGreek poetry - writing that created emotional responses through meaning and metric patterns, with various regular rhythms of short and long sounds.Epic poetry started the written Greek literary tradition by the transcriptions of Homer'sand Hesiod's poems during the Archaic Age (7th and 6th centuries BC).Homer 8th century BCHesiod7th century BCLyric poetry, originally meant to be sung, occurred in varied rhythms and often expressed personal emotions and experience.Sappho7th century BCPoetic drama -- tragedy and comedy in rhythmic meters -- developed from sung chorusesin the Classical Age (5th - 4th centuries) in Athens.Aeschylus5th century BCSophocles5th century BCEuripides5th century BCAristophanes5th - 4th centuries BCMenander 4th century BCPoetry of the Hellenistic Age (3rd - 1st centuries BC) often reflected on earlier poetry byimitation or allusion.
Apollonius of Rhodes3rd century BCCallimachus3rd century BCTheocritus3rd century BC 2. HISTORYGreek history was a chronological record of significant events (often of a political group,institution, or military campaign), sometimes explaining their causes.Luke's Acts of the Apostles belongs to Greek historical tradition as it presents the originsand growth of the early Christian community.Herodotus5th century BCThucydides5th century BCXenophon5th - 4th centuries BCPolybius3rd - 2nd centuries BCDiodorus of Sicily1st century BCDionysius of Halicarnassus1st century BCJosephus (Jewish)1st century AD(Luke) (Christian)1st century ADArrian1st - 2nd centuries AD 3. BIOGRAPHYGreek biography contained narrative of the events of a person's life and illustration of hisor her character.Greek biography had varying forms, styles, length, and degrees of relative truth.Christian gospels form a part of the Greek tradition, with their hero, anecdotes of happenings, and famous sayings.(Xenophon)5th - 4th centuries BCMatthew (Christian)1st century ADMark (Christian)1st century ADLuke (Christian)1st century ADJohn (Christian
) 1st century ADPlutarch1st - 2nd centuries AD
4. LETTERSGreek letters were direct or personal written messages addressed to a person or group, for  private or public communication.Greek letters included
correspondence of famous people
"open" letters of advocacy (Isocrates, Plato, Demosthenes)
letters of moral advice (Plutarch and Paul)
technical and scholarly treatises in letter form (Dionysius of Halicarnassus)
letters attributed to famous people (for instance, Socrates, and heroes of earlyChristianity, such as James, John, and Peter).Christian authors followed the lead of pagan philosophers, who shaped into letter formtheir ideas about ultimate reality and principles of human behavior.(Isocrates)5th - 4th centuries BC(Plato)5th - 4th centuries BC(Demosthenes)4th century BC(Epicurus)4th -3rd centuries BC(Dionysius of Halicarnassus)1st century BCPaul (Christian)1st century ADJames (Christian)1st century ADPeter (Christian)1st century AD(John) (Christian)1st century AD(Epictetus)1st - 2nd centuries AD(Plutarch)1st - 2nd centuries AD(Arrian)1st - 2nd centuries AD 5. PHILOSOPHYGreek philosophy involved a search for a general understanding of values and reality.Philosophical writings in the Greek tradition are preserved in various forms:
accounts of philosophers (biographies and lists of teacher/student relationships)
collections of doctrines or sayings

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