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She took Tumaini's hand in hers
Ten year old girl imagined God being a girl;
Sandra continued to wonder as she loosened
If Sandra’s mother - Jacqueline Gitonga-
Other children avoided her saying she was a
Sandra also remembered how her best
I am only nine years old. My parents don’t
I have ever known.” The little girl said
Jean said as she winked at Sandra
Sandra cherished once a while in her mind
She opened her eyes again and looked at
Sandra thought she had seen a face of an old
Sandra was now all grown up and Jean was
Sandra and her mother have never had
Sandra’s mother said knowing too well where
The look on his wife’s eyes reminded him of
Sandra Muthoni Could not concentrates on
She could not tell where they were exactly
St. Judina High school was going to be her
Sandra missed that
She wished her mother would live her alone
The saying goes; money can buy you anything
Who would want to burn the
High Club was mentioned. Sandra and her six
Though the blame was not wholly pointed
Jacqueline blamed her daughter for
If burning down the administration
Judina High school is your last chance in
Sandra wanted to laugh. Is my father
Dr. Gitonga’s dream one day his daughter
Gitonga added looking at his daughter
Sandra wondered. She looked at her father
Sandra asked obviously annoyed. Her mother
Conversation and where it was headed
I am really sorry.” Her mother said
St. Judina High School was an all girls
There were about four hundred students
St. Judina High School was among the top one
The school was built with a modern touch
The girls in their green skirts and yellow
Sandra thought and as she shook her head
Two girls walked graceful passed Sandra
That’s all there is to it in school and I
The room was tidy with pictures of
Christina thought Nelson was the most
His voice was deep and well calculated
Tumaini Mwasambu walked with her head
Judina High School. Modeling was her dream
As a model there were certain standard
She looked at her reflection on the mirror
Sandra and her parents were taken to her
Sandra had never shared anything with
Sandra wondered as she felt her heart
The small room brought back all the good
Jean. The many nights she shared Jean’s
Sandra’s mother helped her make the bed
The bell rang for about three minutes
Sandra uncovered herself and stared at her
She was seeing her for the first time
Christina. Sorry I did not introduce myself
This was definitely not what she expected
She had heard rumors that her new roommate
I really don’t care. I have morning preps to
Christina said as she left promising herself
5.30am morning prep two months ago. Before
8.30 am. Now they were finding it very hard
This gave her a reason to wake up every
At Form Three and Four blocks everything
Form Four student who had been admitted in
Three student who had just been admitted at
From the photo one would not believe the
Her father – Dr.Gitonga – was a very well
Financial Controller at a well known
It was not because of their prestige
School but something she discovered as the
Lusumba realised there was something
Every argument she made was defensive and
It was not easy to get Sandra to express
Mrs. Lusumba to conclude that not only was
Mrs. Lusumba’s curiosity. As she explained
Morning prep ended at 7am in the
Sandra was still asleep when Christina
There was a lot of noise in class Three
South when Mr. Otieno entered for his
Some of you seem to be in the wrong place at
Tumaini’s exercise book
Mr. Otieno said and at that moment the door
What time is it by your watch Miss. Sandra?”
Students shouted still laughing. Obviously
Sandra thought as she removed a book and a
Sandra after Mr. Otieno had left the
Sandra replied ignoring Tumaini’s extended
She was now losing her patience
English lesson
After school Sandra went to see Mr
Otieno. The staff room was a hall with each
Three weeks had passed since Sandra was
Sandra thought
The year was coming to an end and new
She did not want to be appointed prefect as
It’s fun. I have been in drama club since I
Give it a chance. If you don’t like it
St. Judina. She was also a very bright
The month of October was probably the
Christina had feigned sickness so that
Just after prep she had received a parcel
She did not want to ruin her happy mood by
Nelson. Remembering the day they met. How
"Do you know that this relationship could
From then on Christina and Nelson met
Christina now smiled as she looked at
Nelson's picture pasted on the wall
'Welcome to the family Nelson. My mother
Parent’s visiting day was regarded as
The administration block was crowded as
Tumaini was the first one to go. She
Sandra's parents had not yet showed up. The
'What are you up to now?" Sandra’s mother
"Is that the first question you ask a
"You really have not changed Sandra. I am
"Sandra we are glad you love this school."
Her father said once they were through
"Love? That's a very strong word Dad."
Sandra responded with a smile
"What I meant is that we are happy to see
"I am glad you feel that way." Sandra
Dad. Do I?"
"Christina I hope you do realize that I
Christina as he gazed at her pretty innocent
"I know. One year is a long time for us
"Open your eyes now."
"You are now officially my girlfriend. This
Inter- drama festivals were progressing
Talents most thought they did not possess
Tumaini watched her best friend Sandra
Christmas holidays had a little meaning
This was the holiday she found herself at
Sometimes she could hear him leave for an
Her parents were always rushing in and out
It was only one month separation but they
Students in classroom and outside
Christmas season. It was like there was
"What did you do over the holidays
Christina?" Sandra asked her roommate once
"Of course I had fun. Nelson took me boat
Nelson and your mother does not know?"
"Yes. She won’t allow me to go out with him
She didn’t give me much choice. I love
"Now that sounds funny coming from you
For a girl that burnt down a whole
You’ve got a lot under your sleeves.”
Christina said and started laughing as she
"Do you have a boyfriend?"
"Me? Are you kidding?" Sandra asked and
Who is your love?"
"What's so funny about that?"
"How close are we talking about?" Christina
"Well sex. My mother always tells me to wait
"Are you telling me that you are a virgin
Sandra?" Christina asked ignoring the
"Of course I am a virgin. You want to doubt
Sandra said wisely
"I am sorry; I did not mean to upset you
Sandra. You sound defensive" Christina said
"Done What?" Christina asked puzzled
What about we go keep ourselves busy with
"Give me a minute I change into something
"Don't worry; you know very well I can also
Tumaini was declared the best actress
The best participant after being crowned
Miss Judina High School was to participate
Tumaini smiled as she filled her
Her mother had told her one day when she
Tumaini had her mind set on modeling. She
Miss World Beauty Pageant and hoped one day
And she felt she was ready for the
Tumaini was known to be beautiful by all
It’s one thing to be know and appreciated as
Year had brought more beautiful fresh young
Naomi Campbell. Nothing was going to stop
St. Judina High School was ranked number
The mood was so motivating for even
Christina and Sandra watched Tumaini
"I have a good feeling Tumaini is going
"I hope she does win otherwise the loss will
Sandra replied as she watched every move her
More screams emerged from the crowd when
Alex Mundia's name was mentioned. She was a
Form One student who had been nicknamed Alee
Kweck because of her beautiful dark
Sandra flashed a look at her friend Tumaini
Alex and bowed as she passed her
"She is threatened by Alex." Sandra
The following day Christina missed to go
"I love you very much Christina. You really
The night she gave her body and soul to
Nelson had just gotten a job as an
After a while he had promised her he was
"Sometimes I feel like running away."
Sandra said to Tumaini
"Run away? Run away to where and from what?"
Tumaini asked surprised at Sandra's sudden
"What are you talking about?" Tumaini asked
I could get through to them. I miss them so
"Okay now you are making some progress
"I have tried but before I can even
"You don't have to flatter me Tumaini."
Sandra said
"I mean it Sandra. From the moment I laid my
"I want you to come with me for my beauty
"You know I will be there anytime you need
"Thanks. I am glad it's almost coming to an
Christina entered the class- room late
Christina and as a friend and roommate she
"Why won't you play tennis with me
Christina?" Sandra asked her after school
"I am not feeling well Sandra. Please go
Christina said and busied herself by folding
Christina replied quickly
"You seem unhappy. You hardly talk to me
"There is nothing wrong you have done to me
Sandra. I can't be right"
Christina said and covered her face with her
"You can't be right about what?"
"I think I am pregnant." Christina said
"What's happening to you? Why would you say
"Are you crazy?"
How then did it happen that you are pregnant
"What are we going to do? Oh my goodness!"
Nelson told me I could not get pregnant the
Christina asked and burst into tears
"How do you know that you are pregnant?"
Sandra asked hopefully
"It's been over a month since nelson and I
Sandra. For ten days I have been waking up
"I am very sorry. I know how you feel right
Anything could be possible. Just don’t be
"I don't know. I don't want to be pregnant
Sandra had never seen anyone so sad. She
Christina’s body was showing all signs
"You can't be sleeping all the time
Christina. If you want this to remain a
Sandra told her friend. Christina had gone
Abortion was definitely not going to be
Christina thought over and over again. She
Tumaini's success on the beauty pageant
World. The success of her dream coming true
With extra assignments and more coaching
Tumaini was in control of her life. The
Sandra sat at the headmistress's
She remembered the few occasions she had
Now Sandra was back at the headmistress
Sandra’s locker and immediately concluded
Sandra was drinking wine in school. As
Sandra sat wondering why nobody ever believe
St. Judina High School. A day she would be
Having spent most of his childhood
The sweet little girl that always cried
Financial controller. Her career at the
Bank of Baroda became her new found children
As they waited to know the fate of their
The door to the headmistress opened
Sandra's heart skipped. She saw the
Sandra greeted everyone and sat on a sofa
"I have nothing to explain Mrs. Lusumba. I
"Sandra!" her father shouted losing his
"Okay. Not exactly what I expected
"I am sorry Mrs. Lusumba. I am sure my
"Sit down and don't ever talk to your mother
"What is wrong with you? Try to show some
Sandra obeyed and sat calmly
She watched everyone as they all tried
An alien that he wished would stop
"I am very sorry Dr. and Mrs. Gitonga
I hope one day you will realize how lucky
Five good chances and all you need to do was
"I am very sorry Madam." Mrs. Lusumba
"But the last time you wrote you said she
Sandra had been expelled from school and
book that he would rewrite it again
"I am very sorry; you are now free to take
Expelling a student was never a proud
"I am not going home!" Sandra shouted. They
Sandra had proved to be really dramatic; she
Lusumba thought of a possibility maybe
Sandra shouted pointing at her parents. By
Lusumba asked impatiently. She was begging
"This is not a game. I know what everyone
I could even commit a crime. As a child
Lusumba asked attentively
"I am not your daughter and am not going
"You know we never taught you to be rude."
She added as she offered her a tissue
"If only you could calm down and tell us
We are trying to find a solution not blame
"They are not my parents. They have never
"What are you talking about Sandra?" Her
"You are never there for me. You are always
"You know that is not true dear. Your father
"Yes it is true and I hate you very much
Isn't that what parents are supposed to be?
"You can't even remember. You are too
"I am very sorry Sandra. I am really sorry."
Her father said sadly. "We never thought you
Sandra concluded
This place is all I have left that make me
There was a long silence. No one knew
She knew there was something very special
Dr. Gitonga had never seen their
They had neglected their daughter and made
Dr. Gitonga looked at his daughter and
Lusumba could say to break the silence
Jacqueline sat silently wondering; A
3p. When Sandra reached home from school
Jacqueline and clarify the whole issue. When
Sandra did was cry uncontrollable. At that
As Jacqueline recalled all these
Tumaini asked after Sandra failed to attend
"I think she is still at Mrs. Lusumba's
"Expelled? Why?" Tumaini asked puzzled
"It looks like you have not heard latest
"I am going to look for Sandra." Tumaini
Christina looked at her and after a few
"She looks very sad." Tumaini said to
Christina as they approached her
Sandra who was in deep thought. She never
"We were worried about you so we came
"I am okay Tumaini and thank you. It's good
Christina. You better go back to class now."
Sandra said still starring at the ground
"We are not going anywhere without you
"Thank God? That's good enough for me. Come
Tumaini’s hands and the three girls headed
Sandra spent her lunchtime with her
At 2:00pm the girls were not supposed to
Sandra was busy arranging her desk when
Tumaini came in and informed her of what was
"What kinds of a medical checkup?" She asked
Tumaini suspiciously
Tumaini asked. Sandra was not listening to
Christina laughing so happily with her desk
Sandra’s thought
Tumaini did not seem to understand what
At that moment the head girl entered the
Sandra hated the look of desperation she was
The medical checkup took about two
Tumaini was the first one to go. She walked
Christina good luck and left for class
Sandra knew she was going to be the last
One; according to the registration number
When Christina's turn came she held her hand
Sandra was shown the room where the medical
Christina there but she was not. Where have
"Where is my friend?" She asked the nurse
"What friend?" The young woman in her early
"Christina Achieng; she came in here for
"I am very sure you will find your friend in
She looked around but there was no way
Sandra were being used as identification to
Judina High School. The week that followed
Sandra prepared to go for the finals of
Christina was not going to be with her
Tumaini who was among the top ten semi
Students started to enter the dining
Sandra missed her friend’s presence. The
Apart from the beauty parades there were
Including Tumaini waited with a bated
She thought most people voted for Alex. Her
Mwasambu's name came out so well pitched
The crowd went wild as Tumaini walked
Sandra. They exchanged a knowing look. She
Then she fell on stage. People stopped
"Tumaini what's wrong?" She asked as she
"Of course I won't let you die! What are you
Tumaini was carried to the school's
Tumaini who was so happy and looked so
"Where am I?" Tumaini asked. The nurse
"You are at Cangai Memorial Hospital - Don't
"Cangai Hospital?" Tumaini asked looking
"What happened? Why am I here?" She
She picked a second card. The sender must
It was from Sandra. At that moment the whole
Miss St. Judina High School prior to her
"How is Miss Tumaini? Feeling alright?" He
He advised her to have enough sleep. Once
Tumaini asked anxiously. She could hardly
"You will go back to school as soon as we
"What tests?" Tumaini asked
The room was small with dirty dishes
On the bed lay someone who Sandra could not
The noise of crying babies filled the air
Sandra waited for the woman to respond but
The woman slept her face away from Sandra
She thought as she left her bed and switched
'Christina' she called out softy. “Poor
Tumaini was released from hospital in
Tumaini could not remember ever been so
Christina sat staring vacantly in the
She did not give up. She wrote five more
"I am from seeing a doctor." Judy said and
"What is this?" Christina asked. She looked
"What kind of a doctor is this?" She asked
"What do you mean by that mother?" She
"So you thing saying the word abortion is
"Listen to me young lady; this is the only
Don't you realize what you have done?" Her
"I am not going to have an abortion mother
Nothing is going to change my mind. I have
Her mother was now losing patience
"I was only informing you Christina. I am
Christina begged
"If only you had listened to me about that
Judy said starring at her daughter in
The heavy rains in March made some
Corner they worked even extra hard with
"Is it a business or personal visit?" Mrs
Lusumba asked as she wrote something a piece
"It's personal madam. She has refused to
Lusumba looked up with curiosity
"Christina! Are you okay? Come in please
Have a seat." The old woman said assisting
"Are you here alone or is your mother with
She looked at the woman seated across her
"So what can I do for you?" Christina
Breathed heavily. This was question she had
"I don't have anywhere to go Mrs. Lusumba."
She said and started to cry. She looked so
"What happened at home Christina?" She asked
She sobbed. Mrs. Lusumba got even more
"What are you talking about Christina? Who
"Now calm down Christina. No one is going to
She turned to Christina and indicated with
"I want to continue with my studies if
"I also want to keep the baby Mrs. Lusumba
In the history of St. Judina High School
She took another look at Christina and felt
Board and then I will give you a conclusive
"I do understand you very well Christina. I
Lusumba said looking distracted
Christina and Shiko left. It had been a
Christina's home but nobody answered the
Christina back to class and yet she could
For this reason she felt she owed
Christina something
"I am sorry I didn't hear you come in." She
"I know. I just wish I could know whether
"Why did it have to end that way? We don't
Sandra added
Know Christina needs us but how are we going
"I think there is something we can do
Think of that?"
"You really are smart. We can still keep our
"I promise you all that and much more
Tumaini." Sandra declared and hugged her
Christina heard the bell rang from the
Judina to have dinner before they proceeded
She could have been part of that special
She wanted badly to complain the food was
Always complaining for no apparent reason;
"I am sorry. I was just imagining what I
"You would be having dinner with the other
"But now I am not. It's my entire fault. I
"I know it's odd for me to take your side
The whole day I could not think of anything
"Are you giving me a second chance Mrs
Lusumba?" Christina asked letting her tears
"Yes Christina. You can continue with your
Lusumba said
"What is that? Name anything and I will do
I have tried to reach her during the day but
"Thanks very much Mrs. Lusumba. " Christina
"May I request for one favor please?"
What is it?"
"I was wondering if it will be possible for
Lusumba said and rose from the bed
The day was cloudy making it chilly. The
Tumaini was busy practicing how to catwalk
World beauty pageant. With the help of her
There was no turning back for Tumaini
Mwasambu. The best they could do for her was
The last lesson to lunchtime had just
Tumaini to go and see the headmistress
Everyone including Tumaini was curious but
Mr. Otieno had no further explanation
Tumaini had not expected to find her
"What is going on mama?" Tumaini asked. Her
"Please sit down Tumaini." The headmistress
"Why? What have I done? Am I under
"No. Not at all: your parents have something
"I am sorry Mrs. Lusumba but you are not
"What's going on? You are all scarring me. I
Friday I am supposed to go to Nairobi for
Contest. What's so important that you can't
"I know. This is going to be harder for you
"Please enough of suspense. Let's hear it
"Remember the tests that were taken when you
He asked cautiously
"Yes." Tumaini said carefully
"Bad news?"
"Yes." He said and paused. He looked at his
"I am very sorry Tumaini. You have the HIV
"Are you saying that I am having Aids? That
I am going to die?" She finally asked
"No! You are wrong Papa? You are all wrong
I am very okay. How can you even think of
"Tumaini please calm down. Your father is
"You don't even have a vague idea of what
"The doctor said..."
She said and left the room running. Her
Why? Why does it have to be my little
"She will come around Mrs. Mwasambu. Right
The headmistress said as a matter of fact
Tumaini sat on her bed upright staring
Her parents had ordered for other tests and
Only a few weeks were remaining till they
Sandra said apologetically
"What has she written?" Tumaini asked
Lusumba to finish her forth year at St
Judina High School. At lease that sounded
"I never thought Mrs. Lusumba could be
Tumaini said almost to herself
"At least she is happy now. It's not good to
Only three days had passed since she was
Something about her eyes dulled her face:
"These last few days you seen withdrawn. You
"No apparent reason. I realized my parents
"What exactly did they tell you to
Tumaini losing her patience retorted
"I don't like the way you are snooping into
"I was only concerned. You don't have to be
Sandra. It was too late now. Sandra was gone
"Oh God I cannot take it anymore. Why
What did I do to deserve this?" Tumaini
Thinking of a life she wanted so
Sandra walked furiously to her
Christina always knew how to handle such
The distance between Sandra’s dormitory
Students seem to have gathered and talk in
Having finished helping the house help
She had not heard from her mother since the
Christina thought and signed. The doctor had
She was the one they looked up to as their
The dining hall was full to capacity
Students had turned up for their supper
Tumaini walked into the dining hall
Then she continued to her dining table and
Nobody responded. Tumaini had never felt so
Sandra missed the whole drama as she was
"What's going on?" Sandra asked Sheila who
"Are you serious?" she asked Sandra with
"Am I serious about what?" Sandra asked
Aids. The girl is dying. Who would have ever
I can promise you that this is not a lie
Isn't it great?" Sheila asked with pride. "I
Sandra was shocked
The rumor had been going on for quite
The headmistress came in and suddenly
Sandra noticed the trophies in the
Christina and then they fought as they
Tumaini's parents were already there
Tumaini's mother broke down to tears when
Then she looked at Sandra and smiled
"You must be Sandra because you can't be
Christina who she told me she is pregnant."
Mrs. Mwasambu said
"Thanks. It means a lot to Tumaini and to us
Christina and she are the roses of St
Judina High School. You look exactly as she
"Thanks. I am sure she would do the same if
I was in her shoes." They hugged each other
The doctor interrupted them
"You can now go and see her. She is still in
Results from investigation shows I was
Sandra was about to respond when she noticed
Tumaini's head fall limply to the side with
"What is it doctor?" Tumaini's mother asked
"I am very sorry she is dead." He said and
"How can she be dead just like that? Is it
When Sandra entered the dining hall for
Sandra said and ran out. The news of
Tumaini's death brought everything to a
There were no more laughter only tears
Everyone was mourning. They all wished she
Some of them were convinced if they had
The situation was running out of hand
Counseling professionals to talk to the
They all came to give their last respect. To
Christina gave birth to a health bouncing
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The Roses - A Little Love is All It Takes

The Roses - A Little Love is All It Takes

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Published by Lucyanne Ndungu
What choices have you made lately? Life can be simpliefied as the choices that we make on a daily basis. We choose the kind of company we keep, the car we drive, and the house we live in and if one day you wake up dissatisfied with your career, you may chose to start all over again with a new one. But, what happens when someone you trust and love dearly, makes the wrong choices? For example, If your child was troublesome would you give up? Who would you blame?
What choices have you made lately? Life can be simpliefied as the choices that we make on a daily basis. We choose the kind of company we keep, the car we drive, and the house we live in and if one day you wake up dissatisfied with your career, you may chose to start all over again with a new one. But, what happens when someone you trust and love dearly, makes the wrong choices? For example, If your child was troublesome would you give up? Who would you blame?

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