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November 16, 2011 Sports Reporter

November 16, 2011 Sports Reporter

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Published by: Sports Reporter on Nov 17, 2011
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The East's Most Read Bowling Weekly 
Sports Reporter
The Nation's Leading Bowling Tournament Newspaper Since 1940
Vol. 72 No. 37 November 16 - 22, 2011 50 cents
WAYNE, NJ – Rob Gilbertearned top honors in the Knightsof Pythias League at T-BowlLanes firing a 300 game for a highseries of 779. Nick Licitra rolled near perfectwith a 299 game, Mark Duca post-ed a 278 in a session high 771 set.Tom Rogan hit 278, Dan Golub269, Dave Herman 268, KevinDorrman and Pat Powell 267, JimDemas 265, Chris Pagano andMario DeFranco 257 and MarioPietrobono 246.
Patrick Plate Blasted 290-827At Majestic Lanes
HOPELAWN, NJ- Patrick Platetook the spotlight with game andseries honors while contesting inthe Raritan Bay Men’s Leaguewhen he posted games of 290, 278and 259 for the impressive highseries of 827.Jim Medoro rolled a 235 gamein a 712 set followed by SteveVenito with 279-236-704, EdHayes, Jr. 245-275-694, JohnKertesz 249-243-685, JamieDunham 248-261-678, GlennMohr 246-224-204-674, KenHorvath 215-225-232-672 and Nina Fallacaro 221-235-644.
Chris DeMasi Blasted 300At Rab’s Country Lanes
STATEN ISLAND, NY - ChrisDeMasi blasted a twelve banger 300 game in the Scaran Sunday Nite Mixed League at Rab’sCountry Lanes.Erin Schneider rolled 290,Mike Williams 288, Chris Haynes276, Joe Russo 258-731, and PhilOppenheimer 244.
Rob Gilbert 300 at T-BowlTommy Jones Survives to Win All-In Showdown
By Jerry Schneider
Jeremy Schaffer Rolled 300At Farmingdale LanesMichael Martell, 13 Years-old,Rolled 779 at Maple Lanes
LAS VEGAS (Nov. 4, 2011) – Thirteen-time Professional BowlersAssociation Tour champion TommyJones of Simpsonville, S.C., survivedthree tension-filled matches to win the$45,000 jackpot in the winner-take-allBowlersDeals.com All-In Showdownat South Point Bowling Center.Jones defeated four-time PBA Tour titlist Sean Rash of Montgomery, Ill.,446-426, in the two-game final match.After Jones got off to a 245-214 leadafter the first game, Rash made a run inthe second game defeating Jones 212-201. Needing a double in the 10thframe, Rash left a solid nine pin on thefirst ball and couldn’t erase the 31-pindeficit.As a prelude to the PBA WorldSeries of Bowling, All-In Showdownentrants Jones, Rash, Chris Barnes, BillO’Neill, Chris Warren, Brian Himmler,Ronnie Russell and Joe Paluszek each put up $5,000 in the elimination-stylespecial event streamed live on pba.com’s Xtra Frame which also paida $5,000 bonus provided by eventsponsor BowlersDeals.com.“For the first two matches your mindset is to survive to the next round but that changes when you get to thefinal match, and then it turns to do whatyou have to win,” said the 2005-06PBA Player of the Year. “There was alot of money on the line here but believe it or not my mindset is to justwin whether it’s a format like this or aPBA final."The All-In Showdown consisted of three two-game matches with the topfour from the first round advancing tothe second round and the top two fromthe second round advancing to the titlematch.In the first round Jones (494), Rash(485), Russell, (483) and Barnes (448)advanced to the second round withJones bowling a 503 pinfall and Rash467 to advance to the title match.BROOKLYN, NY - MichaelMartell, at 13 years-old, rolled a779 series highlighted by a 298game, two pins shy of perfection,while bowling in the SundayAdult-Child league at MapleLanes.Ralph Barrientos rolled a 277game en route to a 720 set in theMonday Mixed Handicap Leagueand Juan Gonzalez posted a 258 ina 705 set.FARMINGDALE, NY – JeremySchaffer blasted 300 in theThursday 3-Man League atFarmingdale Lanes.Glenn Gerstner 236-279-258for the session high series of 773.Eric Smythe rolled 290-239-235-764, Joe Casale rolled 234-234-279-747, Joe Traina Jr. 278-265-751 and Earl Holden hit 224-258-225-707.
SEATTLE, Wash. – The constantly changing climate in theworld of professional sports has prompted the ProfessionalBowlers Association to return to a competitive environmentthat will re-open the doors to its national tour to all aspiring pro-fessional bowlers.Changes in competition rules, announced to the PBA mem- bership at the start of the PBA World Series of Bowling, willmean the end of the “exempt tour” concept the PBA hasemployed since the 2004-05 season and a return to a “non-exempt” Tour program for the 2012-13 season.“Over the past few years the definition of an PBA ExemptTour player has changed fairly dramatically,” said PBACommissioner Tom Clark. “For the current season, the number of exempt players was reduced from an original field of 57 to49 with only two events (Carmen Salvino Classic and the PepsiPBA Elite Players Championship) that fit the traditionalExempt Tour model.“With the goal of setting the PBA on a new trajectory, fol-lowing discussions with many players and industry leaders, thePBA is announcing a rules change that eliminates the ExemptPlayer designation beginning next season. All tournaments dur-ing the 2012-13 season will be open to all players – as most of them have been the past two years – with the PBA Tournamentof Champions and the new PBA Elite Players Championship being the exceptions.”While competing to earn Exempt Player status is no longer an incentive, earning a high position in the PBA competition points list during the 2011-12 season will still be extremelyimportant. Competition points will determine which players areeligible for the season-ending Dick Weber PBA Playoffs andwill also be a major factor in determining the field for the PBAElite Players Championship, which will consist of players whohave won major titles in the two most recent seasons plus play-ers who rank high on the previous season’s points list to roundout an exclusive field of 36.“We have changed the name of this year's Pepsi PBA ExemptPlayers Championship – which will be part of the PBA WorldSeries of Bowling currently underway in Las Vegas – to reflectthe changes. The event will now be named the Pepsi PBA ElitePlayers Championship, launching a new Elite PlayersChampionship tradition,” Clark said, “and every player in thePepsi PBA Elite Players Championship will cash.”In conjunction with the rules changes, the PBA will revive theformer Touring 1 and Touring 2 classifications which identified players by the number of events they entered. Those classifica-tions will include specific membership benefits and exposuresimilar to the Exempt Tour model.Touring 1 status will be earned by players who bowl 80 per-cent of the PBA Tour events, including the World Series of Bowling, two additional majors and three Xtra Frame Tour events. Touring 2 status will be earned by those who bowl 60 percent of the Tour schedule including the World Series, onemajor and one Xtra Frame Tour event. Players also must main-tain a minimum average of 190 in PBA Tour competition toretain their eligibility for the following season.“We hope the rule change concerning the dissolution of theExempt Player designation and continued focus on the value of the PBA Tour point list will give more opportunities for playersto grow as top PBA players and remove any confusion over what being exempt entails,” Clark concluded. “While elite sta-tus may be awarded to fewer players, the rewards for achievingthat status will have greater value than it has in the past.”
PBA Photo
Tommy Jones and Joel Rickettsof BowlersDeal.com
Anthony Ammirati, Paul MazzaRoll 300 at Farmingdale Lanes
FARMINGDALE, NY – Anthony Ammirati blasted a 300game while rolling in the FridayLate Mixed League atFarmingdale Lanes.Paul Mazza shot a 300 in theWednesday Early Men’s League.Ken Brown hit 278, DocMercurio 235-269-699, TonyCipriano 228-234-259-721, SteveGonzales 235-216-709, BobO’Keefe 255-231-213-699 andWilly Petro 217-225-257-699.
PBA to Return to Non-Exempt TourFor 2012-13 Season
Competition points will play key role in qualifying for new PBA Elite Players Championship, PBA Playoffs
By Bill Vint
November 16 - 22, 2011
Tournaments, tournaments,tournamentsBowling wouldn't be the samewithout them. They can be thesweet icing on the bowlingcake. Each year there are some10,000 tournaments, give ortake a few hundred. They offerprizes ranging from tiny tro-phies to $200,000 or more if you roll the right game in theright place at the right time.Tournaments can go in dis-tance from a single ball to asmany games as you can roll inmany days. They are conductedat any and all hours and thereprobably isn't any time of theyear, any year, when a bowlingtournament isn’t being con-ducted in this rapidly shrink-ing world.Why should you bowl in atournament?If you enjoy bowling, you arecompetitive to a degree. Leaguebowling is more competitivethan open bowling and tourna-ments are just another exten-sion into another field of com-petition.If you look at tournamentbowling as a way to quick rich-es, forget it. Sure, there arewinners, big winners. But look at the prize ratios, one winnerfor so many entries, meaningfor every winner there must bemultiple losers.But that’s talking money.There's plenty of experience,satisfaction and competitivefun in tournaments, rewardsnot as obvious as money. Onlyyour check book can tell youwhat you can afford in the wayof tournament play.Once it tells you how far youcan go or how near you muststay, the next step is to check out what is available. Thatinformation is usually as closeas your nearest bowling centeror bowling publication, andoften your mailbox brings younews of the tournament goodiesavailable near and far.There is a tournament foryou, no matter your age, size,sex, average or what. The goodtournament promoters vergeon genius. You can win money,cars, trips, merchandise of allsorts, notice, and even glory.A word of caution. Most tour-naments are well conducted,and a boost to al tournamentsis to gain the help of the UnitedStates Bowling Congress sanc-tion to insure the integrity of the events.But there are many grabbers,interested in themselves first,and one of their chief delightsis to con people. And bowlersare people, and they can beconned, simply because theydon’t take the time to read,count or add.Check the entry blanks close-ly and read all the fine print.Seek out the breakdown of theentry fee. Part of the fee paysfor bowling, some for scoringand supervising, and it is neces-sary that a fair amount becharged for the many otherexpenses. And this is all fine,within reason.Be wary of too much beingtaken from the total entry fee,or too little. Always rememberwith the exception of some spe-cialized commercially spon-sored tournaments, you are notgoing to get something fornothing.So, if you are paying, get themost for your money. It is notas difficult as you might think.The same way a housewifeshops for groceries and otherneeds, a bowler should shop fortournaments.A bowler, any bowler, whodoesn't compete in tourna-ments, is missing a good part of the sport. Every bowler shouldgo out of his way to support hislocal and state associationevents.If you haven't been bowlingin tournaments, toss away allthe excuses, and give a couple atry. If you have been, you don'thave to be sold the benefits,only the cautions.As they say at most events,good luck and good bowling.
Editor/Publisher- Dan McDonough
 Pat McDonough - 1967-1996 
Circulation ManagerEditorial Assistant
Henry AllenImmaculatta D'Elia
Contributing Writers
Chuck Pezzano George Faytok Joan Taylor Al Smetana Larry Diebner John JowdyPat McDonough Vince Albrech Joe Rizzi
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Fax: (201) 865-6246
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Sports R eporter
P.O. Box 1491, Secaucus, NJ 07094
MONTVALE, NJ – RyanMusciotto began bowling in 2005when he entered the SpecialOlympics program in Fairlawn, NJ and was happy just to scoreover 100 in a game. Then twoyears ago in the New Jersey Statefinals he won a gold medal while bowling on the Kingpins team andlast year he took gold in the topdivision for his age while alsoearning a gold with the Kingpinsagain as the record breakingmixed team.Ryan has bowled with the best,having competed in the PBA’sU.S. Open Pro-Ams bowling withWalter Ray Williams Jr. PeteWeber and Chris Barnes to name afew.He is currently holding a 190average as a USBC member and bowling in two sanctionedleagues.Just recently Ryan rolled a per-sonal best 730 series in theFrolicking Friday Mixed Leagueat Montvale Lanes and did it withgames of 220, 268 and 242.
 Mike Garrido 299
FARMINGDALE, NY – Mike Garrido led the scoring in the TuesdayEarly Birds League firing games of 299-229 for a 715 series.Frankie Berardino rolled 212-255-246-713, Jim McGlynn 246-234-237-717, Edward Brown 246-222-223-691, and Kerrick Jones 223-233-203-659.
 Kerrick Jones 794
FARMINGDALE, NY – In the Tuesday Early Birds Kerrick Jones posted 279-247-268 to finish with a 794 league leading series.In another session Frankie Beraridon shot 234-234-286-754, andLarry Romero 267-227-214-708.
 Joe Iacona 267 
LAKEWOOD, NJ - Joe Iacona led the scoring in the Saturday Junior Classic League firing a high game of 267.Mike Ormsby rolled 254, Kelly Nicosia 252-209, Ryanmelia 248-247, Amber Huschak 236, Luke Kane 232, Corinne Maher 231-226,Kathy Lash 221, Madison Lukosius 195, Tori Campbell 194, FaithMeder 190 and Ariana Vincneti 180.Michael Guzman rolled 166, Paige Peters 160, Kamerin Peters 157,Livia Spalluto 155 and Mikayla Lane 127 in the Saturday Pin Hitters.
 Katie Hagan 245
LAKEWOOD, NJ - Katie Hagan led the scoring in the SaturdayScratch Trio League firing a high game of 245.Michael Brennan rolled 216, Cathy Jones 214, Michael Tedeschi 203,Brain Lash 201, Christine Jones 194 and McKenan Collier 190.
Ryan Musciotto 730At Montvale Lanes
Mike Pasch 747
In Montvale Major
By Joe Rizzi
MONTVALE, NJ - Mike Paschled all scorers in the MontvaleMajor League, bowling a 747series on games of 267, 213 and267. His fine effort, along withMike Wuhrman's 244-697 andKevin Mahon's 226-669, led first- place Davey's Locker to a 30.5-2.5 blowout of second-place BergenBatting Center.Rick Whitling bowled 279-697,John Rankin 238-682, BobGreenwood 248-675, RockyDurocher 258-673, RalphBernardo 244-667, GerritOvereem 258-656, Rick Guevarra233-654, Mike Rovetto 222-643and Ron DeLuca 238-643.
November 16 - 22, 2011
 Steve Lella 713
MADISON, NJ - Steve Lella topped thescoring in the Livingston Business Men’sLeague firing a 267 game for a high seriesof 713.Paul Demyanovich shot 257-681, MikeFarrell 253-619.In the Tuesday Doubles League DanPridham hit 225, Jimmy Granato 224 andDave Hanft 217.
 Stephanie Rahn 695
MADISON, NJ – Stephanie Rahn led thescoring in the Pat Martinelli Friday ClassicLeague firing a high game of 259 and ahigh series of 695.Russ Kyzima rolled 248, Joe Horincewich244, Tom Lulewicz 243, Dorey Badolato674, Andre Stephens 670, Paul Shiel 649,Donna Badolato 213 and Sue Dobrinski210.
 Ben Geffken 685
MADISON, NJ – Ben Geffken rolled a 685set in the Wednesday Trio League.Andrew Stephens shot 249-669, JoeyParisi 257-656, Dick Raymond 251,Stephanie Rahn 215 and Lissette Tapanes204.
 John Manganielllo 679
MADISON, NJ – John Manganiello toppedthe Pat Martinelli Friday Classic Leaguetossing a 269 game for a 679 set.Wayne Dybach shot 257, Joe Columbo255, Kyle McKissock 737, Russ Kyzima 689,Sue Dobrinsky 213 and Stephanie Rahn 198.
 Andrew Stephens 675
MADISON, NJ - Andrew Stephens ledthe scoring in the Wednesday Trio Leaguefiring a 248 game for a high series of 675.Jon Russo rolled 244-663, Oren Warter 249-653 and Stephanie Rahn 245-612.
Froggy Waeschle 278
MADISON, NJ - Froggy Waeschle rolled278, Jennifer Dunklin 244, and Rick Bednarik 716 in the CMIL League.
Frank Parrillo 268
MADISON, NJ - In the Thursday MixedFrank Parrillo rolled 268, Travis Wilfong258-706 and Carig Swarts rolled a 220.
 Paul Perri 660
MADISON, NJ - Paul Perri led the scoringin the Morris County Police & Fire Leaguefiring a 257 game for a high series of 660.Tim McKenna hit 235, Dan Pridham 235-630 and Bob Newell 644.
Tom Klein 659
MADISON, NJ - Tom Klein led the com- petition in the Livingston Business Men’sleague tossing a 235 game in a 659 series.Billy Piccola shot 236-627, Steve Payne232 and Ben Geffken 622.
 Scott Harnish 256 
MADISON, NJ - Scott Harnish rolled 256,Jon Russo 234, Lina Adams 225, and DonMiller 216 in the Pharma Plus League.In the Ladies League Cindy Heinemeyer rolled 210 and Jane Inch 208.

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