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Published by api-3705877

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Published by: api-3705877 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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v]s]m]] aort]]
jy]\t]IB]]w p]qe
2 v]s]m]] aort]]
idl]n]I v]]t]
m]]rI kow p]N] rc]n]]n]I p]]CL m]]r] v]]\c]ko k]y]m] rhel]] j hoy] Ce. tom]n]] g]m]]-aN]g]m]]n]o
Ky]]l] r]K]v]] hu\ k]y]m] p\u2014y]tn]x]Il] p]N] rhu\ Cu

\. keql]]k loK]ko G]N]I v]K]t] khe Ce ke tom]n]I n]v]l]kT]]n]]\ p]]\u02c6]o jy]]re \u00abv]\t] T]w j]y] Ce ty]]re A sv]t]\\u02c6] T]w p]ot]]n]I rIto iv]h]r kre Ce ano v]]t]]* in]D]]*irt] m]]LK]]no b]dlo b]Ij] j m]]go* v]he

v]] m]]\ze Ce

jo ke m]]r]\ p]]\u02c6]o Av\u00b6\ m]n]sv]I v]t]*n] krt]]\ n]T]I. h], G]N]I v]K]t] v]]\c]ko v]]t]]*n]] p\u2014v]]hno b]dl]v]] m]no m]jb]Ur kre Ce A v]]t] m]]re sv]Ik]rv]I jowA. jy]]re a]v\u00b6\ b]no Ce ty]]re m]no v]]\c]kon]I v]]t] sv]Ik]y]]*n]o s]\t]oS] p]N] T]]y] Ce. ano ty]]re m]no l]]go Ce ke m]]r]\ s]j*n]o A Akl]]\ m]]r]\ j b]n]I rhe

b]dlo loK]k-v]]\c]kn]] s]ihy]]r] p\u00b6ruS]]T]*\u00d0p] b]n]I r\u00c1]\ Ce.

v]qe v]]\c]kon]] aiB]p\u2014]y] j t]o kow p]N] n]v]l]kT]]n]I l]okB]ogy]t]]n]I p]]r]x]Ix]I Ce. Aqlo jy]]re v]]\c]ko j s]ID]I rIto n]v]l]kT]]n]] p\u2014v]]h s]]To s]\kL]yol]] hoy] ty]]re ton]I l]okB]ogy]t]]n]o a]\k a]p]oa]p] {\c]o a]v]t]o hoy] Ce. m]]r] loK]k t]rIken]] an\u00b6B]v]m]]\ mo\ joy\u00b6\ Ce ke jy]]\ v]]\c]kon]] aiB]p\u2014]y]no k]rNo v]]t]]*n]] p\u2014v]]hno v]L]\k a]p]v]]m]]\ a]vy]o hoy] Ce to p\u2014s]\g]no v]]\c]ko v]D]]v]I l]et]] hoy] Ce.

m]]rI a] n]v]l]kT]]m]]\ mo\ m]]rI a] ag]][n]I n]v]l]kT]]aom]]\ v]]\c]koA krel]] in]de*S]on]o a]D]]r lov]] p\u2014y]tn] ky]o* Ce. Am]n]] g]m]]aN]g]m]]n]o mo\ x]ky] Aql]o Ky]]l] Am]]\ r]Ky]o Ce. m]no \u00db]DD]] Ce ke m]]rI any] n]v]l]kT]]aon]I je

m] a] n]v]l]kT]] p]N] m]]r] v]]\c]ko p\u2014em] p]Uv]*k v]D]]v]I loxo.

a] n]v]l]kT]]no Ak j aQv]]izy]]n]] qU\k] g]]L]m]]\ p\u00b6st]k\u00d0po p\u2014is]DD] krv]] m]]qe Am]. Am]. s]]ihty] p\u2014k]x]n]v]]L] B]]w y]]kub] m]loke am]d]v]]dn]I je dzm]jl] krI Ce A d]d m]]g]I lo tov]I Ce. Am]n]]\ a] K]\t] ano s]]hs] m]]qe hu

\ Am]n]o `N]I Cu\.

Hvo p]CI s]]ihty]n]] p\u2014k]x]n] ano p\u2014s]]rN]no Xo\u02c6o kompy\u00b6qrn\u00b6\ v]c]*sv] j]m]v]]n\u00b6\ Ce. hvo p]CIn]]\ dx] v]S]*m]]\ dex] ano p]rdex]m]]\ wnqrnoq Av\u00b6\ p\u2014c]il]t] ano h]T]v]g\u00b6\ T]w jv]]n\u00b6\ Ce ke m]oq]\ m]oq]\ p\u00b6st]k]l]y]on\u00b6\ s]G]Lu\ s]]ihty] wnqrnoqn]] m]]Dy]m] m]]rPto G]rn]] kompy\u00b6qrn]I d]b]zIm]]\ s]m]]w jv]]n\u00b6\ Ce. p]rdex]m]]\ t]o h]wsp]Iz keb]l] noqv]k*no s]h]re A aty]]rT]I j G]reG]rm]]\ p]g]pos]]ro krI g]y\u00b6\ Ce

. a]p]N]] dex]m]]\ p]N] n]\u00abkn]] B]iv]Sy]m]]\ wnqrnoq drek s\u00b6K]I G]rm]]\ ag]ty]n\u00b6\ a\g] b]n]I rhexo Av]]\ A\D]]N] v]t]]*w r\u00c1]\ Ce.

m]]rI any] n]v]l]kT]]aon]I jem] a] n]v]l]kT]] p]N] p\u00b6st]k\u00d0po p\u2014is]DD] krv]]n]I s]]To vob] s]]wqn]] m]]Dy]m] m]]rPto a]p]n]I s]m]X] rjU krv]]n\u00b6\ s]]hs] krI r\u00c1o Cu\. a]x]] Ce ke p]rdex]m]]\ v]sol]]\ m]]r]\ v]]\c]kono m]]ru\ s]]ihty] vob]s]]wq : http:/ / pustakalay.com p]r m]]N]v]]n\u00b6\ g]m]xo.

a]p]n]]\ m]]rI any] n]v]l]kT]]ao a\go ke vob] s]]wq a\go kow p]N] s]Uc]n]o hoy] t]o m]no iv]n]]
s]\koco m]okl]I a]p]x]o. m]]ru\ wmowl]n\u00b6\ s]rn]]m\u00b6\ a] m\u00b6jb] Ce :j d 4 b o o k s@g m a i l .co m
__jy]\t]IB]]w p]qel].
v]s]m]] aort]] 3
je p\u2014krN] v]}c]v\u00b6\ hoy] An]] p]r kl]Ik kro

1. j]g]Ird]rn]I a]b]\u00d0
2. m]no B]Ul]I jje
3. bo s]K]Iao
4. v]Iruno ty]]\

5. t]mo b]hu K]r]b] Co
6. aj]N]I duin]y]]m]]\
7. in]x]IT]n]I \u00d0m] p]r
8. v]&\d]no s]o\p]N]I krI
9. ip]C]N]n]I p]] p]] p]g]l]I

10 in]x]IT] ano rv]In\u00a8
11.wS]]* t]]ru\ j n]]m] s\u02c6]I no!
12.m]]r] je
v\u00b6\ kow n] T]jo
\ p]N] tom]n]] jev]I j Cu\, b]s] !
16. in]x]IT]n\u00b6\ idl]
17. An]In\u00b6\ aoLK]]N]
18. a]<p]rex]n] T]y\u00b6\.
19. l]]go Ce t\u00b6\ m]no B]Ul]I g]w Cu
20. x]\k]x]Il] p]it]
21. somy\u00b6al] ke s\u00b6ism]t] ?
22. v]c]n] m]oG\u00b6\ p]z/y\u00b6\
23. somy\u00b6al]n]I ic]\t]]

24. An]IA j]Ny\u00b6\
25. m]n]n]] m]\u00f1y]] x\u00b6\ moL ?
26. a]p]No PrIT]I m]LIx\u00b6\ j.
27. m]o\Goru\ im]l]n]
28. t]]re \u00abv]v\u00b6\ j p]zxo

29. in]x]IT]n]o p]\u02c6]
30. is]lv]Ia] ism]T]
31. jn]m]B]UK]I

32. v]s]m]] aort]]
33. hu
\ dex]m]]\ j][\ Cu
34. is]lv]Ia]no s]\zov]I
35. s]PL xoQ
36. B]\u00c7]c]]y]*n]o Akr]r
37. m]no m]]P krx]o no ?

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