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Speedocon Technology by Ar Sanjay Prasade

Speedocon Technology by Ar Sanjay Prasade

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Published by Suvarna456

AR.Sanjay’s philosophy behind ‘SPEEDCON’- The Sustainable Development includes both ecological growth and maintenance of economical growth. The environmental factors play a significant role in the planning and development of human settlements. Due to depleting natural resources and non renewable energy, human race is facing an energy crisis.

AR.Sanjay’s philosophy behind ‘SPEEDCON’- The Sustainable Development includes both ecological growth and maintenance of economical growth. The environmental factors play a significant role in the planning and development of human settlements. Due to depleting natural resources and non renewable energy, human race is facing an energy crisis.

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Published by: Suvarna456 on Nov 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OMIRA SPEEDCON- A Cost Effective and Environment Friendly(CEEF)BuildingTechnology developed by Ar.Sanjay Prasade.Text-Ar.Suvarna Deshpande/Lele
Ar Sanjay PrasadeIndian Scenario-
It is a well known fact that about half of the total Investment in our country goes toconstruction sector. About 90% of investments in this field come from the privatesector.(Housing and commercial are two main branches of construction sector. Lately highscale infrastructure projects by state and central government are undertaken onpriorities for resolving complex urbanization issues in all the major and minor cities of INDIA. It has badly affected the supply of building materials to housing industry. TheConstruction costs in India are increasing around 50 percent over average inflationlevels. This cost rise is due to increase in costs of essential building materials such assteel, cement, bricks, timber, stone, sand and other inputs as well as cost of labour. As aresult the construction cost of a structure ranges from 10000-12000 per sq.m.approximately for a standard type.It becomes necessary to adopt the use of alternative building materials and constructiontechnologies to save the scarce resources. This may be done by up gradation of localtechnologies using local resources or by application of modern materials & techniques.
Cement18%Ir Labour 27%
Approximate BreMaterials and Lab
How do we substitute these materials? Energy Intensity Of Building Materials.Why Cost Effective Construction and Use of Alternate technologies?
India is undergoing transition from rural to urban society due to increasing migrationfrom rural to urban areas. There is a mismatch between demand and supply of sites
  E  n  e  r  g  y   C  o  n  t  e  n  t   (
CoarseAggregates/tBricks/t Lime/t Cement/t Steel/t ConcreteBlocks/tHollowConcreteBlocks/tBricks/'000
and services and also a disparity between high land costs, cost of construction and lowerincomes leading to a non-sustainable situation.
Several burning issues related to Low Cost and Ecological construction are-
1) Lack of equitable supply of land, shelter and services at affordable prices.2) Environmental paradigms neglected while design and planning.3) Depletion of natural resources in construction and negligence of ecology in design.4) Lack of application of cost effective building material/technology and energy efficientmethods in construction
The conventional construction methods where the energy intensive and high costmaterials are used in abundant having an adverse effect on scarce material supplies.
The appropriate technologies and their usage remains confined to lab and a fewpeople because the delivery system is unable to establish a proper linkage from ‘lab toland’.
Depletion Of Natural Resources-
Construction industries contribute in severe depletion of Environment.
This extensiveresource depletion occurs as the large volumes of materials are used for construction.
The depletion of resources can be in several ways such as-
1) Ruining of forest lands due to extensive cutting down of trees for requirement of wood.2) Destroying of mountains by quarrying.3) Exploiting the river basins for requirement of sand.4) Ruining the paddy fields for the want of clay for manufacturing the bricks.All the above elements are used in construction along with cement or for themanufacturing of cement which are converted into concrete garbage after demolition of the dilapidated building. They have zero salvage value. More materials are used tocreate more concrete garbage. This concrete garbage has a total inappropriate use of land filling for reclaiming our sea shores, creeks, water bodies or lakes.The materials are thus consumed in abundance and this uncontrolled usage is leading toa dangerous situation .This degradation is leading to a global catastrophe.The damageof these non renewable resources is irrevocable and every little use of materials isleading towards the scarcity of natural materials which would be unavailable to futuregenerations.
There are two methods which might diminish this inevitable environmental calamity-1) By reducing the usage of construction materials.2) By selection of proper materials and alternate technologies.Reducing the usage of materials, reusing and recycling them would certainly minimisethe negative impact on environment to a certain extent. For a designer, he has aprivilege of selecting materials and technology which is an integral part of the design.Ar.Prasade has been researching for alternate and appropriate technology to overcomethis issue through out his career since the last 22 years to replace the conventionalconstruction format which is to leading to this global catastrophe.Large volume of Housing is constructed all over India both in Urban and rural areasand there is a definite scarcity of materials as well as finance. Economically weaker, lowincome groups and lower middle income groups cannot afford these rates and areunable to fulfill their dream house.A Large chunk of middle-income group and lower income group invest their life longsaving to build their own houses.It is very essential to help this large segment, byproviding them necessary information regarding the cost saving techniques of construction, for saving their hard earned money. At the same time precious, materialslike cement, steel, timber, bricks can be saved, which can be used for more construction.Here, it becomes necessary to consider the newer and alternate modes of constructionusing the least of resources and money. The best option is to use local resources as men,machine and materials. Similarly local enablement, education and information are vitalcondiments for the process of sustainable planning and development.Considering all above issues Ar. Sanjay Prasade continued experimenting on his latestprojects in his regular practice where he worked on several typologies of constructionsuch as sky scrapers, universitycampus,hotels,buildings,bungalows,villas,hospitals,transportation terminals, recreationclubs, residential layouts and low cost Vernacular Architecture following the principlesof Ar.Laurie Baker. Ar Sanjay believes in principal of’ Building For Environmentaland Economical Sustainability’.
Construction through a common man’s perspective-
It is a tiresome procedure toconstruct ones own house considering the management of several parameters involvedlike cost, time, men and materials. Moreover it is becoming more and more difficult fora common man to build a house of his dreams due to tremendous rise in material costsand their scarcity.The scarcity is due to diversion of these materials to Mega scale Infrastructure projects.The two reasons why a common man is scared to venture into a project of his dreamhouse are -1) There is a continuous and steep rise in costs of basic building materials.2) The building industry is very disorganised and he has to spend his valuable time andmoney chasing behind the contractors.

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