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Document 6 Prison Up Rise

Document 6 Prison Up Rise

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Published by api-3824937
Prison Uprise April #6
Prison Uprise April #6

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Published by: api-3824937 on Oct 19, 2008
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The Abolishment Movement
April 2006
Peace and Solidarity
Prison Uprise
hope everyone is doing good, as good as
can be expected. I did not do a March

Issue, just did not have the time. I do this
little newsletter myself, with the help of some
typers, when needed occasionally. First, anyone
who is not a member of The Abolishment
Movement, and wishes to be, just send me a
letter. We accept non-death row members now,
and have a section for those. After all, some
inmates are doing a natural life sentence, the
other death sentence.

Anyone wishing to help with this newsletter,
or have their own monthly column, also let me
know. Please pass this around, since I cannot
send this to everyone.

Eleven states have halted executions, and the
way I see it, if it\u2019s cruel and unusual in those
states, why isn\u2019t it cruel and unusual for the rest?

We have to push this issue!

Maybe if we posted something on every
telephone post in Texas, and the other killing
states, people would have to look and read. Any

My contact information for submissions,

letters, etc.
Dee Martin
POBox 63095
New Bedford

As some of you may already know, I
freelance write for an online media magazine. I
have been putting my prison stories, and

interviews on there, and getting much response. I
recently did an interview with Roy Pippin
executed by the state of Texas on March 29 ,


2007. I got much response, and many calls to the
Governor. I am planning on doing more, since
it\u2019s bringing much awareness to prison issues. If
you want to be interviewed, please let me know.

One of the pro death penalty sites online had
the following post. this is the same site that
features \u201cThug of the Month\u201d, and had 2 people I
like, Sarge and Rob Will on it, from Texas. She
has a young girl as March\u2019s \u201cthug of the month\u201d.
The owners name is Pam, and I believe she may
live in NY or Florida, not sure. These people are
s pro as you can get, and \u201ctoast\u201d when someone
is executed, and laugh as well.

This is what was posted:

I have had this idea floating around for a while
now and today I got Docs approval to take his
brainchild and run with it so I bought the domain
name: citizensforswiftjustice.org I am going to
link it with this site and do a whole new section,
much like the old cfsj but our letters are going to
be respectful and request a dialogue with the
inmates to discuss the whole thing, and I am
going to post them all as they come in - no
retyping them, I will scan all original letters.

For those who are unaware, CFSJ wrote letters to
inmates requesting they drop all their appeals and
take their punishment. It was pretty much a
circus with the Anti's who rejected this idea. I am
going to maintain a friendly, respectful dialogue
with the inmates and see where it goes. I hope to
have this new section up and running by the end

2 The Abolishment Movement
April 2006

of this week. Of course I will type up and post for download a form letter for anyone else who would like to be involved.

Note: Please spread the word about this

My interview with Roy Pippin, R.I.P.
I miss you already

Interview With A Condemned Man
Roy Pippin Has An Execution Date of March 29,

Ok I will answer each question as briefly as I can
but beware I ramble!

1.Roy, Please tell us how long you have been on
death row, and what you are charged and
convicted of.

I was convicted of killing two Colombian men,
the police said were cousins, on 9/15/95 \u2013 so 11
years on the row. There were other murders in
the case they did not charge me with. In a
nutshell \u2013 I was a front for a large Colombian
cartel; they used my air conditioning shop, t-
shirts, vehicles and company name as their
employer (for a cover). I let them use my a/c
shop to unload truck loads of cocaine and they
brought me the money to count, separate by
denominations, package and load in vehicles to
be transported into Mexico and New Colombia. I
made some trips carrying the money.
In Mid 1994 (April) two Colombians (deceased
now) came to my home and demanded my
signature on a form (my a/c company worksheet)
saying I accepted XX amount of money. They
had no money with them. They were trying to
either set me up or just crew the big boss (Cuz). I
said I would not do it. They immediately
threatened to kill me and my family. I got them
away from my house by laying \u2013 saying I would
help \u2013 and called Cuz. He sent interrogators and
hit men to \u201ctake care of the problem\u201d. I allowed

them to use my shop for interrogations and I
rented hotel rooms \u201cin my own name\u201d (obviously
I thought it would be resolved peacefully) for the
five men to be \u201cheld against their will\u201d. I
testified to that but refused to give real names
etc\u2026so I\u2019m here, I did NOT shoot or kill anyone
but the state built their case saying I did and
couldn\u2019t back down once the ballistics evidence
proved their eyewitness (NOT!) had lied, so they
suborved perjured testimony and tried to hide
that 2 guns were used (3 in all \u2013 other victims) to
kill the Buitragos, their alleged eyewitness
testified it was me \u2013 with one gun. (see I ramble
\u2013 sorry)

2. Do you feel your representation was adequate?

My legal representation was deplorable, they
believed the prosecutions case so they never even
looked for my multiple alibi witnesses \u2013 I was at
a club with people doing coke and driving when
the shootings occurred and they \u2013 therefore \u2013
could not re-group when the prosecutor was
caught withholding the ballistics evidence that
completely destroyed his case. My state habeas
attorney was a total joke. He never answered a
letter in over 4 years, refused to visit and refused
to file actual innocence claims, oh he refused to
hire an investigator and said he told it all on the
phone. I got 3 federal habeas attorneys dismissed
due to all of them being uncaring and
incompetent, all stepped down to be a judge. One
got dismissed under 28 USC 2261 (e) \u2013 look it
up \u201cineffective and incompetent\u201d and he is still
doing DP appeals in Texas!!!

3. I understand you have been given an execution
date of March 29th, 2007. Do you feel you will
be given a stay of execution?

I would say my odds are maybe 2% of a stay J
better than zero but we will see. A Mexican lady
wrote in 5/06 saying she knows I didn\u2019t do this
and knows who did. She was part of the drug
group and fears for her life after being

3 The Abolishment Movement
April 2006

threatened. It may not be enough \u2013 in Texas.
Also new proof they withheld ballistics evidence
proving it was two guns \u2013 where my idiot expert
couldn\u2019t ascertain the true facts.

4. The Polunsky Unit in Texas where you are
being housed has been called "The Texas Death
Camp" by some, why is this?

Polunsky cells are not bad \u2013 but 22+ hours a day
in them is barbaric, the major problem is
despotic new wardens and rank. Most guards are
ok but like in any society, some are sadistic and
feel they need to make us miserable every day.

5. Please tell us about the conditions at Polunsky

Bullying; we have to follow rules but guards can
do whatever they want with impunity,
intimidation tactics by rank, cold food ( like I
care now J) the rudeness to loved ones is
unacceptable, messing with our mail etc done
with impunity and if a female guard says you
masturbate or talk dirty you are automatically
found guilty. Grievance systems is a total joke \u2013
I've won 2 out of 100\u2019s, kept dirty \u201cunless
visitors \u2013 zoo watchers are coming\u201d

6. Do you feel the prison staff is well trained, and
act as compassionate, human beings?

Trick question right? Well trained? Most can't
brush their teeth by themselves. No they are far
from being well trained..

7.Are you being supported by friends and family
at this time?

Yes I am blessed to have loving friends and
family who support me emotionally, financially
and spiritually.

8. What are your general thoughts about Capital
Punishment, and what should the public know?

You won't like this \u2013 even though I was
wrongfully convicted and \u201cremarkably\u201d
sentenced to death (no other convictions, abuse
charges etc\u2026in my life, not DUI\u201dS etc) I still
believe some crimes deserve a death sentence, if
someone raped and murdered my daughter,
(nowadays) son, mother, sister, lifelong friend
etc I would want them to pay the ultimate price.
But since my case I've said \u201cconfessed felons,
DNA proving it\u201d multiple witnesses and/or
weapon proving the crime etc\u2026.should result in
a conviction and the D.P, I've asked many anti-
DP or abolition group members what they would
want if one of their loved ones died a horrendous
death. You would be surprised at the percentage
that rethink their position.

9. What about the victims in the crime you were
convicted of, what about their friends and
family? Is there anything you wish to say about

The Colombian victims in my case were drug
dealers and murderers. They knew that on any
given day, as I did, that they would be put in
prison or die. Their family and friends knew it
too. I pity any fatherless children from this case \u2013
but they did not die by my hand AND they would
have killed my family, so the jurors never saw
remorse or sorrow for the victims from me, why
should I show those emotions? If it wasn\u2019t them
\u2013 it would be me and my family, but I made a
phone call, not fired a gun.
I guess I would say: \u201cSorry you ended up with
the type of parents you did and lived with the
fear they would die due to their illegal activities
all those years. I wish you a peaceful life and stay
out of their business because it ends in death or

10. What is it like to count down the days to your
My execution will be an escape from this man
made hell on earth. It will be a release. I know

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