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November 2011 Advocate

November 2011 Advocate

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Published by clark_e

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Published by: clark_e on Nov 17, 2011
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 S  D E A
November 16, 2011
In response to outrage onthe part of SDEA members, parents and students, the San
Diego Unied School Board
voted on Tuesday, Nov. 1 to
drastically scale back their planto close up to 14 schools nextyear and realign dozens moreacross the District. The brain-child of Deputy Superintendentof Business Phil Stover, theseclosures were intended to be arst wave, with a dozen moreto follow the subsequent year,according to the
San DiegoUnion-Tribune
The school closure proposalrepresents a major blunder  by Stover and his staff, withmonths of community stress andheartache being riled up to defeata plan that made little sense. Eventhe District’s one supportive
Under pressure, Board backpedals on school closures
argument, that closures wouldhelp solve potential budget woes,made little sense to critics. At presentations throughout the city,Stover claimed that the closureswould save approximately $5million—a very small relativeamount in an annual budget thatsurpasses $1 billion. In fact,
even the estimated savings of 
$5 million was questioned bymany teachers and ultimatelymembers of the Board. Districtstaff alleged that closures wouldsave approximately $400,000to $500,000 per school site, butwere unable to address logisticalconcerns such as overcrowding,the cost to renovate remainingsites, and charter schoolsclaiming abandoned campuses.Educators and parents atsites across the District joinedto ght the closures. Hundredsattended a series of town hallsand School Board meetings inthe past several weeks protestingthe closures. The Board agreedthat the plan would do more harmthan good, and decided that futurediscussions of school closureswill revolve around what is bestfor parents, educators, studentsand the individual schools, andnot solely the potential nancialaffects.This is a major victory, but our work is not quite done.The District is still consideringsome elements of their closure plan. This includes the proposedclosure of Pacic Beach MiddleSchool and its merger withMission Bay High School tocreate a grades 6-12 IB programthe year after next (which wouldinvolve the loss of an estimated 40 percent of the staff and studentsat both schools). The District isalso still considering the collapseof small schools at the Crawfordand San Diego High Schoolcomplexes. SDEA members and parents are continuing to work together to educate the Boardabout the adverse impacts thesedecisions would have on our children. A mini-rally is planned prior to the Tuesday, Nov. 29School Board meeting, whereTrustees will review the scaled back plan in advance of a voteon Tuesday, Dec. 13 to accept or reject the proposal.The Board’s jettisoning of the majority of the school closure plan demonstrates that involvedteachers and parents
do have avoice
when we work together.
In “Managing the Boss: What to Do When the Boss is the Prob-lem” participants examined escalation as an element o a suc-cessul organizing campaign. From let: Viraj Ward (CrawordCHAMPS), Sue Giaquinta (Marston MS), Lynrae Swain (ScrippsRanch HS), Megan Sussamn (Sessions Elem.) and ClaudiaWeimer (Bayview Terrace Elem.). More photos on page 4!
SDEA Fall Leadership prepares site leaders or the year
Association Representatives(ARs), Council Representatives(CRs), and site organizing teammembers from across SDEAcame together on Saturday,Oct. 15 for a day of celebration
and union training at the
annual SDEA Fall LeadershipConference. Training coursesoffered included:Getting Members Involved• Making Your SGT & SSCWork for Members• Workload Rights: FightingBack against WorkloadOverloadSpecial Education: FromCaseload to Workload• Big Picture (education andunion issues at the nationaland state level)• Know Your Contract, KnowYour Rights• Managing the Boss: Whatto Do When the Boss is theProblemStudent DisciplinePlease acknowledge theARs, CRs, and site organizingteam members who came outon Saturday. Their dedicationmakes our union strong!
Bill FreemanSDEA PresidentCamille ZombroSDEA Vice President
November 16, 20113
November 16, 20112
SDEA Members— As recently published on SDEA’s website,dozens of SDEA member delegates to CTA StateCouncil joined roughly 500 rank and le publicschool teachers from across the state in an OccupyLAUSD protest last month (
 see photo above
). We joined our voices with thousands across the country,demanding an end to the systemic dismantlingof public education through a combinationof underfunding and legislation that makes itincreasingly easier for private interests to take over our local public schools.For all its patchwork variations in tenor and content (as is always the case with any trulygrassroots phenomenon), this Occupy movementmay be the moment that forces Americans to addressthe inequality of income in this country, and may pose an opportunity for those of us who care deeplyabout public education to shed some light on thespecial interests who have spent years organizing tosee this precious American institution dismantled.We know that corporate interests have movedaggressively to privatize education in this country.These same corporate interests have mounteda concerted attack on the fundamental right of American workers to form unions. And now commoncitizens across our nation are standing up in protest.These demonstrators are teachers, remen, nurses,carpenters, pilots, parents and students—people likeus. Corporate greed has cost many of us our homes,health insurance, jobs, and the opportunity to enjoythe American Dream. And we have had enough!As we look at the history of this great nation,it is well documented that change is hard. WhenSDEA members ght to protect our own core rights,it is heartening to know that our ght is merely onesmall part of a swelling national movement. We seeexamples of increasing income stratication in our own backyard: Trustee Scott Barnett is calling for a10 percent pay cut from teachers, while at the sametime Superintendent Bill Kowba is recommending a pay raise for CFO Ron Little (the primary architect behind the pink-slipping of one out of six teacherslast March). When we protests these hypocrisies, weare bolstering a growing movement that demandsrespect for the contributions of public sector workersto the fundamental fabric of our nation.The Occupy movement has begun to shiftconversations about income inequality in the mediaand in the halls of elected ofce. By joining our voices together with our fellow workers, parents andcommunity members, we
shift the balance of  power to protect our public schools, our classrooms,our students and our core union rights.
Together We Are Stronger!In Solidarity,
Letters in Solidarity
Bill FreemanSDEA President Camille ZombroSDEA Vice President 
Occupiers oer national example
EXECUTIVEDIRECTORCraigLeedham,Ph.D.UNISERV FIELDORGANIZERSMuni CitrinErinClarkJonathonMello Anthony SaavedraAbdulSayidMorganThornberryCONTROLLER/PROPERTY MANAGERDianaHayes
10393 San Diego Mission Rd.Ste.100,San Diego,92108
Phone Fax
(619)283-4411 (619)282-7659
Web Email
www.sdea.net advocate@sdea.net 
The SDEA Advocate is publishedmonthly by the San Diego EducationAssociation and paid for in full byadvertising revenue.Advertising ratesare available upon request.
AREA IElizabethAhlgrenKishaBordenScott MullinAREA IIBarry DancherEleanorEvansManuelGomezAREA IIIIrisAndersonDeborahHoeltgenVACANCYAREA IVErinKoleMelissaRoy-WoodMelody Welch
 C o n t r a c t  C o r n e r
Strengtheningour union by  protecting our contract 
This may sound like a familiar story: Last year, the Principal atBayview Terrace Elementary issueda blanket denial of members’ rightto request the ve-year evaluationcycle, just as the Principal at EncantoElementary did last year as well. Theteachers at Bayview Terrace decidedto take a page from Encanto’s book.They invited the Labor Relations staff to come out to their school for the StepThree grievance meeting so that theYou cannot help
your colleagues in need
or be eligible to receive assistance
if youneed it
, unless you donate one full-salary sick leave day (or more) to the SDEA-AASD-POACatastrophic Leave Bank.The Catastrophic Leave Bank providesadditional paid sick leave when a member runsout of their own paid sick leave. Thousands of SDUSD employees have donated days since the bank was established in 1999 and hundreds have been the recipients of donated leave.But the bank cannot continue to functionwithout an infusion of new donations. That iswhere
come in. A one-time donation of a full-salary sick leave makes the employee eligible toreceive sick leave credit from the bank. Moreimportantly, it enables the Catastrophic LeaveBank to continue to provide assistance to allthose who are in need.Please contact your AR for an Enrollment/Donation form (or visit the SDEA website at
to download the form). Returnthe form in person or by mail to Gloria Rangelin the SDUSD Human Resources ofce (HR Benets Ofce - Room 1150, 4100 Normal St.,San Diego, CA 92103 or fax to 619-725-8132).Forms must be submitted by Dec.16 in order to prevent full depletion of the bank.
Catastrophic LeaveBank Nearly Empty!
Bayview Terrace Members StandUp or the Five-Year Evaluation
Contract Fact: Leaves and Layos
Recently, two teachers who werelaid off shortly after giving birth lastspring experienced the same violationof their contractual rights under theLayoff Impacts and Effects settlementagreement (reached on June 8, 2011).Those members educated themselvesand successfully fought back. Here is
their story.
Both members were recalledthis fall, but wanted to exercise their right to use leave rather than returnimmediately to the classroom. HumanResources initially told the membersthat they could not apply for leave because the deadlines had already passed last spring. That is not true! As part of the Layoff Impacts and Effectsnegotiations, SDEA secured languageallowing recalled members to applyfor long-term leaves within ten days of the recall. The language reads:
“Uponnotice of reappointment, unit members shall have ten (10) days to request a long-term leave of absence. The District shall communicate this leavedeadline in any reappointment notice provided to unit members.”
Rather than execute their responsibility under this language,District representatives insteadinformed both recalled new mothersthat if they were not willing to return tothe classroom right away, they wouldhave to waive their right to recall thisyear. These two members contactedtheir site Association Representatives,and then worked with SDEA staff toenforce their contractual rights. Bothwere recalled, and their leaves wereapproved (as the agreement requires).If you are a laid off SDEA member,it is important that that you review theLayoff Impacts and Effects settlement
agreement. The agreement provides
rights concerning benets, transfer,additional work days, job share, packing and moving, leaves, waiver 
of reappointment of probationary
teachers and make-up work days for movement from traditional calendar to
year round.
A copy of the agreement isavailable on SDEA’s website.
District could see that members arerm and united in demanding that our contract be honored. Unfortunately, just as with the Encanto grievance,the District has yet to offer a fair remedy. The grievance will advance toarbitration, and members at BayviewTerrace are committed to seeing thisright protected for themselves andfor all SDEA members. By standing
together, they are strengthening their 
site and our contract!
After two long years of organizing, bargaining and standing up for oneanother, the teachers at Tubman Village Charter School have ratied their rst union contractwith a 13-0 vote! Tubman teachers are the rstcharter school SDEA members to negotiate andratify a Collective Bargaining Agreement. Their accomplishment trailblazes a path for futurecharter educators who ght to form a union.Congratulations and welcome, Tubman!
Contract or Tubman!

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