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Atestat Engleza - The Scorpions

Atestat Engleza - The Scorpions

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Published by: Dogaru Claudia-Roxana on Nov 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Scorpions
Coordinator: Student:Corban Florentina Dogaru Claudia-RoxanaXII F Bucharest2011
Table of contents
ArgumentIntroductionChapter I HistoryFormation and early history (1965-1973)Rise to the fame (1974-1978)Commercial success (1979-1991)Later days (1992-2009) New album and retirement (2010-present)Chapter II Band membersCurrent membersFormer membersConclusionBibliogrphyAnnexes
As Klaus Meine said in an article (2007) „There are many longtime fans but there are a lot of young kids” .He also said that there are young kids rocking out to songs that were written way before they were born. It is amazing that they succeded to amaze the teenagers with their music.One of the reasons why I chose to speak about „The Scorpions” is because of the complexityof their music. They are a worldwide renowned in heavy metal music band that specializes inhard rock. It is one of the foremost bands that emerged in the music scene. The group has hadmany members over its long history, continuing to make very good songs.I am a big fan, and I would really like to go to their concert in June the 9
My father gaveme the opportunity to listen to this great metal band. My father is a musician so I got the love for good music from him and for music generally. In my deep appreciation for music I used to singlast summer in a band which made covers after The Scorpions, combining in this way my twoforever loves, music and The Scorpions.Their lyrics inspired me in life, and in my way of thinking. Their romantic lyrics andmelodies made me have a certain perspective of life. My sensitive way of being is mostly becauseof their music. For example the song” Love’em or leave’em” helped me pass a difficult timewhen I broke up with my teenage love, and my artistic inclination is also due to them.Their non aggressive music style helped me choose wisely in life who I should stay with, myclothing style doesn’t stand out and my life style isn’t rebel. Unlike other metal bands TheScorpions are softer and their music refers more to feelings.One of the things I love at this band is the devotion Klaus Meine showed during a concert,when he lost his voice during the song “Blackout”. He preferred a surgery to leaving the band.This incredible devotion moved me and made me appreciate them even more. This is inspiringfor every teenager, because this has a very profound message; never give up on what you like nomatter what.The passion for their art is notable from the fact that despite their age they still ”rock out”.And the love of younger people is still there, and also their admiration.Their music will live on forever in the hearts of their fans and in the hearts of future listeners;even though their songs are old the passion they invested in their art will make their musicimmortal. Hits like “Wind of change”, ”Rock you like a hurricane” and “Love of my life”, makethem ,in my point of view, the kings of metal.

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