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Published by asnaup

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Published by: asnaup on Nov 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ASNAU SENATE MEETING #9TWENTY FOURTH SESSIONOFFICIAL MINUTESDate: November 4th, 2011 Number on council: 12Date of Senate Meeting: November 3
, 2011 Number present: 12Prepared by Makenzie MastrudSenate Chair Sidney West called the Senate meeting of the 2011-2012 Senate toorder at 4:00 P.M. in the Havasupai Room A & B of the University Union.Roll CallAll Senators present Approval of MinutesMotion: Senator Woodhouse
move to approve the minutes’ from last week’s
meeting on Thursday October 27th , 2011
Second: Senator Walton
Discussion: NoneVote:
Unanimous, the minutes from last week’s Senate meeting are no
approvedCall to the AudienceNoneUnfinished BusinessNoneNew Action BusinessMotion: Senator Lee move to table item a, Club Recognition: SMS SnacksSecond: Senator AlcornDiscussion: NoneVote: Unanimous, item a, Club Recognition: SMS Snacks is now tabled
Motion: Senator Niemann move to vote on item b, Senate Bill 24-18: PeerJacks, $740 for participation in National Collegiate Leadership ConferenceSecond: Senator BuchtaDiscussion: NoneVote: Unanimous, congratulations Peer Jacks you have received your fundingfor $740Motion: Senator Walton move to vote on item c,OA: USTA Tennis on Campus,$500 for Devil Classic-A tennis tournament Second: Senator AlcornDiscussion: Senator Woodhouse asks how many team members will be goingto the tournament, Senator Walton asks how many schools will be competingin the tournament, Senator Lee asks what the money they have fundraised isgoing to,Response: 18-24 team members will be going to compete- the most theyhave ever taken, 16 schools will be competing and the money the havefundraised covers league feesVote: Eleven Senators vote yes, Senator Libby abstains, congratulations to XXyou have received your funding for $500Motion: Senator Buchta move to open up item d, IA/Extended IA: KileyBooth, $400 for dental hygiene externship to Togus VA Hospitalfor voteSecond: Senator BarnesDiscussion: Senator Niemann asks is the money is just covering the planeticket?Response: Yes, everything else was personally paid forVote: Eleven Senators vote yes, Senator Lee abstains, congratulations KileyBooth you have received your funding for $400Motion: Senator Buchta move to vote on items e and f, Senate Bill 24-19:Chabad at NAU, $1,193 for Chabad at NAU NYC Trip and OA: Chabad JewishStudent Center, $500 for NYC TripSecond: Senator Shayla
 Discussion: Senator Lee asks if the club has been able to receive any boostermoney or help from the church, Senator Woodhouse asks how many studentsare going, Senator Bingham asks if the chaperone listed to be going will becovered with this money, Senator Barnes wants to know how this trip willhelp to benefit NAU, Senator Niemann wants to know what activities areplanned for the tripResponse: The Rabbi spends a lot of time trying to work on gettingoutside funding but there are not many boosters in Flagstaff for us, tenstudents and one chaperone are making the trip, believes that this moneywill cover the chaperons planes ticket, last year many strong relationshipswere built among club members as well as great national representation of NAU and club members will be able to meet with international clubSenator Alcorn addresses concern with two chaperones being listed inbudget, because this budget says two chaperones in the budget this is what we are voting on, we need a revised budget not including the chaperonesSenator Lee states that for Senate should support the club and approve theSenate Bill and OA and then not allow chaperones to send in receipts
Senator Libby expresses that there is not a way to control who’s receipts are
sent in and that because the budget lists chaperones that is what we arevoting on, what is formally writtenAdvisor Dr. Brandel states a suggestion of the club adjusting their budget andpresenting it to Senate and then Senate can vote, because any one that reviews this Senate Bill and OA will think that we voted yes on giving nonNAU students money, under that condition we would need a motionChairperson Sidney West would like to entertain an amendment pending toadjust a budget reflecting no chaperonesMotion: Senator Buchta move to vote on the amendment Second: Senator AlcornVote: Unanimous, amendment is now approved and will read as a pendingamount of $1,693 until an adjusted budget with no chaperones listed isturned in to ASNAU from the Chabad Jewish Student CenterVote: Nine Senators vote yes, three opposed, congratulations Chabad JewishStudent Center, your OA for $500 and Senate Bill for $1,193 have passed

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