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Bosch, Catalogo de Sensores

Bosch, Catalogo de Sensores



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Published by api-3850582
Catalogo de sensores para automovil, de la marca Bosch
Catalogo de sensores para automovil, de la marca Bosch

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Published by: api-3850582 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Angular-position sensors
Steering-wheel-angle sensors ±780°6Throttle-valve angular-position sensors 88°8
Rotational-speed sensors
Rotational speeds and angle12Rotational speeds 14
Acceleration sensors
Pyroelectric sensors up to ±5
16Piezoelectric sensors up to 35
18Surface-type micromechanical sensors±10
to ±50
20Piezoelectric vibration sensors22Vibration sensors for signal evaluation24
Pressure sensors
Pressure measurementIn gases from –100 kPa to 5 kPa26In gases and liquid mediumsfrom 2.5 kPa to +3.75 kPa28In atmosphere from 60 kPa to 115 kPa30In gases up to 250 kPa32In gases up to 400 kPa34In gases and liquid mediums up to 600 kPa40Pressure sensors up to 1800 bar (180 MPa)45
Temperature sensors
Air temperatures from 4C to 130 °C50Liquid temperatures from 40°C to 130 °C52
Lambda oxygen sensors
Air-mass meters
Air-mass flow rates up to 1080 kg/h54Air-mass flow rates up to 1000 kg/h56
Techniques and applications
Enquiry data sheet
61We reserve the right to make technical changes.
Yaw-rate sensors
2 Sensors
Techniques and applications
This catalog features the mostimportant technical data re-quired for selecting a givensensor. To date, the sensorslisted have all been used inautomotive applications, buttheir universal and highly ver-satile characteristics also makethem ideally suitable for indus-trial applications. For instancein:
Manufacturing engineering
Mechanical engineering
Materials handling andconveying
Heating and air-conditioning
Chemical and processengineering
Environmental and conser-vation technology
Installation and plantengineeringBrief descriptions and examplesof application are to be found inthe Table below.
For the applications listed below,prior clarification of the technicalsuitability is imperative. ThisCatalog only lists those productswhich are available from seriesmanufacture. If your problemcannot be solved with this rangeof products, please inform of usof your requirements using theEnquiry Data Sheet.
SensorsAutomotive applicationExamples of non-automotiveapplications
 Angular position sensors
measure simpleangular settings and changes in angle.
Rotational-speed sensors
measurerotational speeds, positions and angles inexcess of 360°.
Spring-mass acceleration sensors
measurechanges in speed, such as are common inroad traffic.
Bending-beam acceleration sensors
register shocks and vibration which arecaused by impacts on rough/unpaved roadsurfaces or contact with kerbstones.
Piezoelectric acceleration sensors
measure shocks and vibration which occurwhen vehicles and bodies impact against anobstacle.
Yaw sensors
measure skidding movements,such as occur in vehicles under road trafficconditions.
Piezoelectric vibration sensors
measurestructure-borne vibrations which occur atengines, machines, and pivot bearings.
 Absolute-pressure sensors
measure thepressure ranges from about 50% to 500%of the earth’s atmospheric pressure.
Differential-pressure sensors
measuredifferential gas pressures, e.g. for pressure-compensation purposes.
Temperature sensors
measure the tempera-ture of gaseous materials and, inside a suit-able housing, the temperatures of liquids inthe temparature range of the earth’s atmo-sphere and of water.
Lambda oxygen sensors
determine theresidual oxygen content in the exhaust gas.
 Air-mass meters
measure the flow rate ofgases.Throttle-valve-angle measurement for enginemanagement on gasoline (SI) engines.Wheel-speed measurement for ABS/TCS,engine speeds, positioning angle for enginemanagement, measurement of steering-wheel angle, distance covered, andcurves/bends for vehicle navigation systems.Registration of vehicular acceleration anddeceleration. Used for the Antilock BrakingSystem (ABS) and the Traction ControlSystem (TCS).For engine management, detection ofvibration on rough/unpaved road surfaces.Impact detection used for triggering airbagsand belt tighteners.Used on the vehicle dynamics control(Electronic Stability Program, ESP) formeasuring yaw rate and lateral acceleration,and for vehicle navigation sensors.Engine-knock detection for anti-knock controlin engine-management systems.Manifold vacuum measurement for enginemanagement. Charge-air-pressure measure-ment for charge-air pressure control, altitude-pressure-dependent fuel injection for dieselengines.Pressure measurement in the fuel tank,evaporative-emissions control systems.Display of outside and inside temperature,control of air conditioners and inside temper-ature, control of radiators and thermostats,measurement of lube-oil, coolant, and enginetemperatures.Control of A/F mixture for minimizationof pollutant emissions on gasoline and gasengines.Measurement of the mass of the air drawn inby the engine.Door/window opening angle, setting-leverangles in monitoring and control installations.Proximity or non-contact measurement ofrotational speed, displacement and angularmeasurement, definition of end and limitsettings for industrial machines, robots, andinstallations of all types.Acceleration and deceleration measurementfor safety, control, protective systems in lifts,cable railways, fork-lift trucks, conveyor belts,machines, wind power stations.Forced switch-off for machines, industrialrobots, manufacturing plant, and gaming ma-chines in case of sudden acceleration or decel-eration caused by shock or impact.Detection of impact in monitoring/surveillanceinstallations, detection of foreign bodies in com-bine harvesters, filling machines, and sortingplants. Registration of score during riflemancompetitions.Stabilization of model vehicles and airplanes,safety circuits in carousels and other entertain-ment devices on fairgrounds etc.Machine-tool safety, cavitation detection, pivot-bearing monitoring, structure-borne-noisedetection in measurement systems.Pressure control in electronic vacuum cleaners,monitoring of pneumatic production lines,meters for air-pressure, altitude, blood pres-sure, manometers, storm-warning devices.Monitoring of over and underpressure.Pressure limiters, filled-level measurement.Thermometers, thermostats, thermal protection,frost detectors, air-conditioner control, tempera-ture and central heating, refrigerant-tempera-ture monitoring, regulation of hot-water andheat pumps.Pollutants reduction during combustion, smokemeasurement, gas analysis.Flow-rate measurement for gases on testbenches and in combustion plant.
Sensors 3IP degrees of protection
Valid for the electrical equip-ment of road vehicles as perDIN 40050 (Part 9).
Protection of the electricalequipment inside the enclosureagainst the effects of solidforeign objects including dust.
Protection of the electricalequipment inside the enclosureagainst the ingress of water.
Protection of personsagainst contact with dangerousparts, and rotating parts, insidethe enclosure.
Structure of the IP code
IP23CMCode lettersFirst characteristic numeral0...6 or letter XSecond characteristic numeral0...9 or letter XAdditional letter (optional)A, B, C, DSupplementary letter (optional)M, SK
If a characteristic numeral is not given, it must be superseded by the letter “X”(i.e. “XX” if both characteristic numerals are not given).The supplementary and/or additional letters can be omitted at will, and need not besuperseded by other letters.
The supplementary letter “K” is located either directly after the first characteristicnumerals 5 and 6, or directly after the second characteristic numerals 4, 6 and 9.
During the water test. Example: IP16KB protection against the ingress of solid foreignbodies with diameter
50 mm, protection against high-pressure hose water, protectionagainst access with a finger.
Comments on IP code
1st charac-Protection ofPersons2nd charac-Protection ofAdditionalProtection ofAdditionalteristic numeralelectrical equip-teristic numeralelectrical equip-letterpersons againstletterand supple-ment againstand supple-ment against(optional)contact with (optional)mentary letteringress of solid mentary letterthe ingresshazardous partsKforeign objectsKof water0Non-protectedNon-protected0Non-protectedAProtectionMMovable partsagainst contact of the equip-with back of handment are inmotion
1Protection againstProtection 1ProtectionBProtectionSMovable partsforeign bodiesagainst contactagainst verticallyagainst contact of the equip-
50 mmwith back dripping waterwith fingerment areof handstationary
2Protection againstProtection 2ProtectionCProtectionKFor the electri-foreign bodiesagainst contactagainst drippingagainst contactcal equipment
12.5 mmwith fingerwater (at an with toolof roadangle of 15°)vehicles3Protection againstProtection 3ProtectionDProtectionforeign bodiesagainst contactagainstagainst contact
2.5 mmwith toolsplash waterwith wire4Protection againstProtection 4Protectionforeign bodiesagainst contactagainst
1.0 mmwith wirespray water5KDust-protectedProtection 4KProtectionagainst contactagainst high-with wirepressurespray water6KDust-proofProtection 5Protectionagainst contactagainst jetswith wireof water6Protectionagainst power-ful jets of water6KProtection againsthigh-pressure jets of water7Protection againsttemporaryimmersion8Protectionagainst con-tinuous immersion9KProtectionagainst high-pressure/steam- jet cleaners

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