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Memory Interface

Memory Interface

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Published by api-3749180

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Published by: api-3749180 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Advanced Microprocessor
Memory Interface
Memory Devices
Memory unit:
\ue000a collection of cells capable of storing a large quantity of

binary information and
\u2022 to which binary information is transferred for storage
\u2022 from which information is available when needed for processing

\ue000together with associated circuits needed to transfer

information in and out of the device
\u2022 write operation: storing new information into memory
\u2022 read operation: transferring the stored information out of the memory
Two major types

\ue000RAM (Random-access memory): Read + Write
\u2022 accept new information for storage to be available later for use
\ue000ROM (Read-only memory): perform only read operation
Advanced Microprocessor
Memory Interface
Types of Memories
\ue000 Random vs. sequential
\u2013 Random-Access Memory: each word is accessible separately
\u2022 equal access time
\u2013 Sequential-Access Memory: information stored is not immediately

accessible but only at certain intervals of time
\u2022 magnetic disk or tape
\u2022 access time is variable

\ue000Static vs. dynamic

\u2013 SRAM: consists essentially of internallat ches and remains
valid as long as power is applied to the unit
\u2013 DRAM: in the form of electric charges onc apacito rs which
are provided inside the chip by MOS transistors

Advanced Microprocessor
Memory Interface
\ue000Volatile vs. non-volatile
\u2013 volatile: stored information is lost when power is turned off
\u2013 Non-volatile: remains even after power is turned off
\u2022 magnetic disk, flash memory

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