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Ukedchat Archive 17 Nov 2011

Ukedchat Archive 17 Nov 2011

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Published by Colin Hill
Improving Imagination
Improving Imagination

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Published by: Colin Hill on Nov 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hosted by @TheHeadsOffice#ukedchat Archive 17 Nov 2011Improve ImaginationsusernametimestatusTCRoomCarousel19:59Hi Looking forward to tonight's #ukedchat; missed last week#ukedchatTheHeadsOffice19:59Welcome to tonight's 'ukedchat where we will look at how teacherscan help improve children's imaginations! #ukedchatrjnicolson20:00Time for #ukedchat...TheHeadsOffice20:00I want to see ch writing about things other than blood and gore onthe 100WC. How can I help? #ukedchatvicksytoria120:00Can't wait for #ukedchat tonight! Ready and excited to learn newthings for my new job :)ukedchat20:00Ok, over to @TheHeadsOffice for #ukedchat Please remember toinclude the hash tag so we can archive the chatmoreolives20:00RT @ukedchat: Want to keep up with #ukedchat ? Try the streamon http://t.co/0D5HCtH7Biolady9920:00#ukedchat hello :)ukedchat20:01RT @TheHeadsOffice: I want to see ch writing about things otherthan blood and gore on the 100WC. How can I help? #ukedchatTheHeadsOffice20:01Can teachers beat the influence of TV/DVDs & war games?#ukedchatinnerquest20:01@dailydenouement #ukedchat ahh, we used to call that overintensification of labour, Scruton and the neo conservatists! BristolPoly BEd :)ukedchat20:01It's 8pm - time for #ukedchat with @theheadsoffice - we'rewondering how to deviate from blood and gore in creative writingTCRoomCarousel20:02@ICTwitz I agree we've got some good ideas and writing usingRoald Dahl #ukedchatukedchat20:02If you're a first timer or you need #ukedchat help, give me a poke,I'm here to help!JamesTheo20:02RT @ukedchat: It's 8pm - time for #ukedchat with @theheadsoffice -we're wondering how to deviate from blood and gore in creativewritingLawrenceBham20:02@TheHeadsOffice You could always start by telling inspiring storiessuch as those of @MrMarkBeaumont or @Al_Humphreys#ukedchatICTwitz20:02Ooh #ukedchat Surely it's all about reading, and getting richexperiences from stories? _imaginaryme20:03Surely children write largely from their own frames of reference &films or video games play a huge part in that... #ukedchattheotheralig20:03@TheHeadsOffice remind them about audience. I once told minethat the blood & gore made me scared & that I couldn't mark#ukedchatvicksytoria120:03Can we use drama with history etc.. Use love of war to live life of arefugee maybe? Motivate to write using topic differently?#ukedchat
Hosted by @TheHeadsOffice#ukedchat Archive 17 Nov 2011Improve Imaginationsreflectivemaths20:03@ukedchat Avoid blood and gore by making it about robots. Atleast their fights require some imagination #ukedchatukedchat20:03What do you do to inspire a range of creative writing ideas in yourpupils - primary or secondary? #ukedchatbucharesttutor20:03Good Evening all n @TheHeadsOffice I would strongly edu basedgames via an iPad today as its varied n keeps the kids on their toes#ukedchatmr_chadwick20:03RT @ICTwitz: Ooh #ukedchat Surely it's all about reading, andgetting rich experiences from stories? > agreedTheHeadsOffice20:03What other influences can we put into the menu to produce richimaginations? #ukedchatICTwitz20:04@TheHeadsOffice #ukedchat I think more teachers also need toenhance visual literacy within the WHOLE curriculum - primary andsecondary! jodieworld20:04I have morning work for my kids during register and usually aroundtwice a week they have to describe setting from a pic on board#ukedchatTESConnect20:04I've got my @ukedchat hat on for the next hour - we're talkingabout promoting imaginative writing. Please come and join us#ukedchatTheHeadsOffice20:04RT @imrandjk: @TheHeadsOffice i dont necessarily think it's aboutbeating it - more about embracing it #ukedchat >Good point. How? _imaginaryme20:04...so it is a matter of teachers working to try to influence or shiftthat frame of reference to help broaden experiences #ukedchatPrimary_Ed20:04How we can teach imagination and creativity http://t.co/SkbovH1pplease share your ideas here #ukedchatimrandjk20:04@TheHeadsOffice i dont necessarily think it's about beating it -more about embracing it #ukedchatTheHeadsOffice20:04RT @vicksytoria1: Motivate to write using topic differently?#ukedchatukedchat20:04@reflectivemaths good thinking! #ukedchatvicksytoria120:05
“@_imaginaryme: working to try to influence or shift that frameof reference to help broaden experiences #ukedchatâ€
exactly! XSomerseteSafe20:05RT @SecurusSoftware: RT @josiefraser: Using the mobile phone inschool handbook http://t.co/eX5I9AgM #esafety #edchat#ukedchatukedchat20:05@theotheralig that's an interesting idea. Did it work? #ukedchatbucharesttutor20:05Give them puzzles, half finished presentations via MS PowerPoint,some things which keep them thinking all the time #ukedchatPaperZip20:05Our latest free resource pack is about healthy eating! Download athttp://t.co/01jPN4md #ukedchat #food #teaching #resources
Hosted by @TheHeadsOffice#ukedchat Archive 17 Nov 2011Improve Imaginations jodieworld20:05#ukedchat other days I give a list of characters for them to writewith. Gradually trying to build up a base of different chs andsettings!BeeBecF20:05We have used Myst III to great effect for a Theseus and Minotaurcreative writing exercise @timrylands Got fantastic writing.#ukedchatreflectivemaths20:06@TheHeadsOffice @vicksytoria1 #ukedchat War themed: writeabout a code breaker and the need to run a double life?ukedchat20:06@BeeBecF this sounds like a really interesting and engagingapproach. #ukedchatLawrenceBham20:06@TheHeadsOffice Possible visual aids around the classroom?Outline a basic story and allow them to develop it further?#ukedchatukedchat20:06RT @BeeBecF: We have used Myst III to great effect for a Theseusand Minotaur creative writing exercise @timrylands Got fantasticwriting. #ukedchatimrandjk20:06@TheHeadsOffice I teach film studies to students so it's more aboutthem looking deeper into the eyes of the film/tv show #ukedchat _imaginaryme20:07We can't dismiss what chn value and want to write about but wecan help them learn to value other things & express that in writing#ukedchatLorna_Gallagher20:07#ukedchat children are naturally imaginiative when they areplaying. Play and drama can be fantastic ways to develop writing. jodieworld20:07
RT @vicksytoria1: “@theotheralig: @TheHeadsOffice remindthem about audience. #ukedchatâ€
agreed! giving them apurpose and audience is vitalBeccaGlenny20:07provide children with the stepping stones that give them theconfidence to be independent and adventurous #ukedchatBeeBecF20:07@ukedchat We fortunate to have training by @timrylands himself to demonstrate use of virtual reality. Chdn really get 'into' setting.vicksytoria120:07
“@theotheralig: @TheHeadsOffice remind them aboutaudience. #ukedchatâ€
agreed! giving them a purpose andaudience is vitalukedchat20:07Has anyone used geocaching to promote imaginative writing?#ukedchatphotographamy20:07@ukedchat Lots of disguised opportunities in F2! Making labels fortheir construction. Writing on different things, clipboards, chalk etc.TheHeadsOffice20:07@LawrenceBham I like the idea of visual aids around the room.How long do they work on it? #ukedchatictast20:08@ukedchat No, but would love to give it a go. What are peopleusing for geocaching? How could it be used to promoteimagination? #ukedchat

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