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Published by api-3823736

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Published by: api-3823736 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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11 Th\u00e1ng S\u00e1u 2007
B\u00c0I V\u1ede THAM KH\u1ea2O
T\u00ecm ki\u1ebfm
Tin T\u1ee9c
Tin C\u1ed9ng\u0110\u1ed3ng
Tin Th\u1ebf Gi\u1edbi
Tin Vi\u1ec7t Nam
B\u00e0i V\u1edf
\u00d0\u1ecdc B\u00e1o Ngo\u1ea1i Qu\u1ed1c
B\u00e0i V\u1edf \u00d0\u1eb7c Bi\u1ec7t
B\u00ecnh Lu\u1eadn Th\u1ebf Gi\u1edbi
B\u00ecnh Lu\u1eadn Vi\u1ec7t Nam
C\u00e2u Chuy\u1ec7n Th\u1eddi S\u1ef1
C\u00e2u Chuy\u1ec7n Vi\u1ec7t Nam

Di\u1ec5n\u0110\u00e0n H\u1ea3i Ngo\u1ea1i
Di\u1ec5n\u0110\u00e0n Qu\u1ed1c N\u1ed9i
Khoa H\u1ecdc & \u00d0\u1eddi S\u1ed1ng

Ph\u1ecfng V\u1ea5n
Phi\u1ebfm Lu\u1eadn
S\u1ed5 Tay Ph\u00f3 Th\u01b0\u1eddng D\u00e2n
Sinh Ho\u1ea1t C\u1ed9ng \u00d0\u1ed3ng
T\u00e0i Li\u1ec7u

T\u00e0i Li\u1ec7u Ngo\u1ea1i Ng\u1eef T\u00e2m T\u00ecnh / T\u00f9y B\u00fat Tham Kh\u1ea3o

Th\u00f4ng C\u00e1o B\u00e1o Ch\u00ed
Th\u1ec3 Thao
Th\u1eddi S\u1ef1 Th\u1ebf Gi\u1edbi
Th\u1eddi S\u1ef1 Vi\u1ec7t Nam
Tin T\u1ee9c Qu\u1ed1c N\u1ed9i
V\u0103n H\u1ecdc Ngh\u1ec7 Thu\u1eadt
\u0110\u1eddi S\u1ed1ng Quanh Ta
C\u00e1c B\u00e0i Kh\u00e1c :
Ch\u00ednh Quy\u1ec1n C\u1ed9ng Ho\u00e0 Li\u00ean
Bang\u0110\u1ee9c (I), C\u01a1 Ch\u1ebf \u0110\u01b0\u1ee3c T\u1ed5
Ch\u1ee9c Ph\u00f2ng Ng\u1eeba\u0110\u1ed9c T\u00e0i v\u00e0 B\u1ea5t
T\u1ef1 Do Ng\u00f4n Lu\u1eadn, Quy\u1ec1n C\u0103n
B\u1ea3n C\u1ee7a Con Ng\u01b0\u1eddi v\u00e0 N\u1ec1n T\u1ea3ng
C\u1ee7a Th\u1ec3 Ch\u1ebf D\u00e2n Ch\u1ee7
\u0110\u00e2u ph\u1ea3i ch\u1ec9 c\u00f3 Ki\u00ean Giang,
m\u00e0 Phan Thi\u1ebft ng\u01b0\u1eddi c\u0169ng s\u1ed1ng
chung v\u1edbi ma v\u00e0 r\u00e1c
S\u1eafp X\u1ebfp C\u00e1c Quy\u1ec1n T\u1ef1 Do
Trong Hi\u1ebfn Ph\u00e1p\u0110\u1ec3 Th\u1ef1c Hi\u1ec7n
Ti\u1ebfn tr\u00ecnh l\u1eadp ph\u00e1p c\u1ee7a h\u00e0nh
ph\u00e1p trong hi\u1ebfn ph\u00e1p d\u00e2n ch\u1ee7
V\u0103n Ho\u00e1 N\u1ed9i Gi\u00e1n: Nh\u1eefng \u00e2m
m\u01b0u x\u00e2m nh\u1eadp v\u0103n ho\u00e1 c\u1ee7a
C\u1ed9ng S\u1ea3n
T\u00f4i th\u1ea5y v\u00e0 nghe\u0111 \u01b0\u1ee3c g\u00ec\u1edf
S\u00e0i G\u00f2n v\u00e0 mi\u1ec1n Nam sau 32
n\u0103m d\u01b0\u1edbi ch\u1ebf \u0111\u1ed9 c\u1ed9ng s\u1ea3n?
B\u1ea3o v\u1ec7 ng\u01b0\u1eddi d\u00e2n tr\u01b0\u1edbc c\u01a1
quan c\u00f4ng quy\u1ec1n
T\u01b0 t\u01b0\u1edfng H\u1ed3 Ch\u00ed Minh - hay
s\u1ef1 nghi\u1ec7p l\u00e0m t \u00f4i t\u1edb c\u1ee7a Vi\u1ec7t
T\u1eeb b\u1ea3n \u00e1n Nguy\u1ec5n H\u1ed3ng
Quang\u0111\u1ebfn v\u1ea5n \u0111\u1ec1 \u0111\u1ed9c l\u1eadp c\u1ee7a
t o\u00e0 \u00e1n n\u01b0\u1edbc CHXHCN Vi\u1ec7t Nam
Vietnam News Netw ork
P.O. Box 661162
Sacramento, CA 95866
Phone & Fax:
(916) 480-2724
Em ail:
M\u1ed9t L\u1ed9 Tr\u00ecnh D\u00e2n Ch\u1ee7 H\u00f3a Gian Kh\u1ed5
(L\u00caN M\u1ea0NG TH\u1ee8 HAI 11, TH\u00c1NG S\u00c1U 2007)
L\u00e2m L\u1ec5 Trinh
LTS:D\u01b0\u1edbi\u0111\u00e2y l\u00e0 ph\u1ea7n tr\u00edch l\u1ea1i t\u1eeb b\u00e0i n\u00f3i chuy\u1ec7n c\u1ee7a di\u1ec5n gi\u1ea3 L\u00e2m L\u1ec5 Trinh trong bu\u1ed5i H\u1ed9i

lu\u1eadn mang t\u00ean "V\u00e0i g\u00f3p \u00fd v\u1ec1 Vi\u1ec7t Nam trong c\u00e1c t\u00e1c t\u00e1c ph\u1ea9m c\u1ee7a Ls L\u00e2m L\u1ec5 Trinh" t\u1ea1i H\u1ed9i tr\u01b0\u1eddng Little Saigon Radio Houston, Texas, ng\u00e0y ch\u00faa nh\u1ef1t 27.5.2007. Ba t\u00e1c ph\u1ea9m l\u00e0 "V\u1ec1 Ngu\u1ed3n, Sinh l\u1ed9 cho Qu\u00ea h\u01b0\u01a1ng", "Th\u1ee9c T\u1ec9nh: Qu\u1ed1c gia v\u00e0 C\u1ed9ng s\u1ea3n" v\u00e0 "Viet Nam, A Painful transition" v\u1eeba ra m\u1eaft c\u00e1c\u0111\u1ed9c gi\u1ea3.

...Mi\u1ec1n Nam b\u1ecb b\u1ee9c t\u1eed c\u00e1ch\u0111\u00e2y 32 n\u0103m. D\u00f9 mang t\u00ean g\u00ec\u0111i n\u1eefa - Qu\u1ed1c h\u1eadn, Qu\u1ed1c n\u1ea1n hay Qu\u1ed1c kh\u00e1ng - ng\u00e0y 30 th\u00e1ng 4 v\u1eabn l\u00e0 m\u1ed9t ng\u00e0y\u0111en t\u1ed1i, m\u1ed9t ng\u00e0y t\u1ef1 v\u1ea5n. V\u1ebft th\u01b0\u01a1ng c\u1ee7a qu\u00e1 kh\u1ee9 \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c kh\u01a1i l\u1ea1i. Nhi\u1ec1u c\u00e2u h\u1ecfi\u0111\u01b0 \u1ee3c n\u00eau l\u00ean. Hoa k\u1ef3 hi\u1ec7n\u0111ang sa l\u1ea7y t\u1ea1i Irak v\u00e0 Afghanistan. H\u1ed9i ch\u00fang VN chia r\u1ebb tr\u1ea7m tr\u1ecdng n\u1ed9i b\u1ed9 ch\u00ednh tr\u01b0\u1eddng M\u1ef9. Cu\u1ed9c b\u1ea7u c\u1eed T\u1ed5ng th\u1ed1ng n\u0103m 2008 h\u1ee9a h\u1eb9n nhi\u1ec1u b\u00e3o t\u1ed1. CSVN s\u1ed1ng ph\u1eadp ph\u1ed3ng trong \u00e1c m\u1ed9ng "di\u1ec5n bi\u1ebfn h\u00f2a b\u00ecnh". Khuynh h\u01b0\u1edbng ch\u1ed1ng\u0111\u1ed1i, trong v\u00e0 ngo\u00e0i\u0110 \u1ea3ng, m\u1ecdc ra nh\u01b0 n\u1ea5m. G\u1ea7n m\u1ed9t th\u00e1ng nay, CS\u0111\u00e0n \u00e1p d\u00e3 man c\u00e1nh\u0111\u1ed1i kh\u00e1ng.\u0110 \u1ed3ng b\u00e0o Vi\u1ec7t, trong v\u00e0 ng\u00f2ai n\u01b0\u1edbc, ph\u1eabn u\u1ea5t nh\u01b0ng ch\u01b0a th\u1ea5y ng\u00f5 ra.

C\u00e1c t\u00edn hi\u1ec7u v\u1eeba k\u1ec3 b\u00e1o\u0111\u1ed9ng nh\u1eefng thay\u0111\u1ed5i g\u00ec?

M\u1ed9t ph\u1ea7n t\u01b0 th\u1ebf k\u1ef7\u0111\u00e3 qua. Ch\u00fang ta ph\u1ea3i x\u00f3t xa nh\u1eadn\u0111\u1ecbnh r\u1eb1ng t\u1ed1c\u0111\u1ed9 D\u00e2n ch\u1ee7 H\u00f3a VN qu\u00e1 ch\u1eadm, ti\u1ebfn m\u1ed9t b\u01b0\u1edbc, l\u00f9i hai b\u01b0\u1edbc. Cu\u1ed1i 2006, m\u1ed9t lo\u1ea1t s\u1ef1 ki\u1ec7n\u0111\u00e3 x\u1ea3y ra: VN gia nh\u1eadp WTO, t\u1ed5 ch\u1ee9c kh\u00e1 th\u00e0nh c\u00f4ng H\u1ed9i ngh\u1ecb APEC,\u0111\u01b0 \u1ee3c Hoa k\u1ef3 cho h\u01b0\u1edfng quy ch\u1ebf m\u1eadu d\u1ecbch v\u0129nh vi\u1ec5n,

\u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c b\u00f4i t\u00ean trong danh s\u00e1ch c\u00e1c n\u01b0\u1edbc g\u00e2y quan t\u00e2m \u0111\u1eb7c bi\u1ec7t (CPC), \u0110\u1ee9c Gi\u00e1o h\u00f2ang nh\u1eadn
\u0111\u00f3n? ti\u1ebfp Nguy\u1ec5n T\u1ea5n D\u0169ng t\u1ea1i Vatican, l\u1ea7n \u0111\u1ea7u ti\u00ean d\u00e2n ch\u00fang trong x\u1ee9 \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c ph\u00e9p ch\u1ea5t v\u1ea5n
Th\u1ee7 t\u01b0\u1edbng tr\u00ean truy\u1ec1n thanh/truy\u1ec1n h\u00ecnh, Ngh\u1ecb \u0111\u1ecbnh qu\u1ea3n ch\u1ebf kh\u00f4ng c\u00f2n n\u1eefa v\u00e0 Ngh\u0129a trang
Qu\u00e2n\u0111\u1ed9i Qu\u1ed1c gia\u0111\u01b0 \u1ee3c giao cho nh\u00e0 ch\u1ee9c tr\u00e1ch d\u00e2n s\u1ef1 qu\u1ea3n l\u00fd...v..v..

V\u00e0i tia hy v\u1ecdng v\u1eeba l\u00f3e s\u00e1ng th\u00ec b\u1ecb d\u1eadp t\u1eaft ngay Nh\u00e0 c\u1ea7m quy\u1ec1n CS tr\u1edf m\u1eb7t sau khi\u0111\u1ea1t m\u1ee5c ti\u00eau. Ch\u00fang b\u1ed1 r\u00e1p kh\u00f4ng n\u01b0\u01a1ng tay c\u00e1c ng\u01b0\u1eddi ch\u1ed1ng\u0111\u1ed1i,\u0111\u1eb7c bi\u1ec7t trong kh\u1ed1i 8406: Ph\u01b0\u01a1ng Nam\u0110 \u1ed5 Nam H\u1ea3i, L\u00ea Tr\u00ed Tu\u1ec7, L\u00ea Qu\u1ed1c Qu\u00e2n, L\u00ea Nguy\u00ean Sang, Nguy\u1ec5n V\u0103n\u0110\u00e0i, L\u00ea Th\u1ecb C\u00f4ng Nh\u00e2n, Nguy\u1ec5n Ch\u00ednh K\u1ebft, Lm Nguy\u1ec5n V\u0103n L\u00fd..v...v..\u0110\u00e2y l\u00e0 chi\u1ebfn d\u1ecbch c\u00e0n qu\u00e9t th\u00f4 b\u1ec9 nh\u1ee9t t\u1eeb 20 n\u0103m nay. Th\u1ebf gi\u1edbi b\u00e0ng ho\u00e0ng khi nh\u00ecn b\u1ee9c\u1ea3nh C\u00f4ng an b\u1ecbt mi\u1ec7ng cha L\u00fd tr\u01b0\u1edbc T\u00f2a. B\u1ee9c

\u1ea3nh n\u00e0y t\u1ed1 c\u00e1o h\u01a1n l\u1eddi n\u00f3i b\u1ed9m\u1eb7t v\u00f4 h\u1ecdc c\u1ee7a ch\u1ebf \u0111\u1ed9 H\u00e0 N\u1ed9i. B\u1ee9c \u1ea3nh g\u00e2y ch\u1ea5n \u0111\u1ed9ng. H\u01a1n c\u1ea3
t\u1ea5m h\u00ecnh m\u1ed9t sinh vi\u00ean tay kh\u00f4ng ch\u1eadn thi\u1ebft gi\u00e1p xa t\u1ea1i qu\u1ea3ng tr\u01b0\u1eddng Thi\u00ean An M\u00f4n n\u0103m
Trong b\u1ed1i c\u1ea3nh\u0111en t\u1ed1i tr\u00ean\u0111\u00e2y, ch\u00fang ta h\u00e3y th\u1eed ph\u00e2n t\u00edch v\u00ec sao t\u1ed1c\u0111\u1ed9 D\u00e2n Ch\u1ee7 h\u00f3a VN
qu\u00e1 ch\u1eadm nh\u01b0 v\u1eady v\u00e0 ch\u00fang ta c\u1ea7n l\u00e0m g\u00ec\u0111 \u1ec3 s\u1edbm ch\u1ea5m d\u1ee9t s\u1ef1 qu\u1ea3n l\u00fd t\u1ed3i t\u1ec7 c\u1ee7a CSVN.
1- Nh\u1eadn x\u00e9t v\u1ec1 Ti\u1ebfn tr\u00ecnh D\u00e2n ch\u1ee7 h\u00f3a hi\u1ec7n nay.
C\u00f3 kh\u00e1 nhi\u1ec1u l\u00fd do khi\u1ebfn CP H\u00e0 N\u1ed9i d\u00e2n ch\u1ee7 h\u00f3a theo ki\u1ec3u "g\u00e0 nu\u1ed1t gi\u00e2y thung", v\u1eeba\u0111\u1ed5i, v\u1eeba
run. Sau\u0111\u00e2y, ch\u00fang t\u00f4i xin n\u00eau ra b\u1ed1n l\u00fd do ch\u00ednh:
1) CSVN bi\u1ebft r\u00fat kinh nghi\u1ec7m t\u1eeb hai\u0111\u00e0n anh Nga, T\u00e0u.

X\u00e3 h\u1ed9i ch\u1ee7 ngh\u0129a s\u1ee5p\u0111\u1ed5 t\u1ea1i c\u00e1c ch\u01b0 h\u1ea7u\u0110\u00f4ng \u00c2u n\u0103m 1989 v\u00e0 t\u1ea1i Li\u00ean X\u00f4 n\u0103m 1991 v\u00ec T\u1ed5ng B\u00ed th\u01a1 Gorbatchev\u0111\u00e3 c\u1ea3i t\u1ed5 qu\u00e1 v\u1ed9i c\u00e1c c\u01a1 ch\u1ebf ch\u00ednh tr\u1ecb b\u1eb1ng hai gi\u1ea3i ph\u00e1pGl asn ost, C\u1edfi m\u1edf, v\u00e0Per est r o ik a, t\u00e1i c\u1ea5u tr\u00fac. G\u1ea7n\u0111\u00e2y, Nh\u00e0 xu\u1ea5t b\u1ea3n Ch\u00ednh tr\u1ecb Qu\u1ed1c gia\u0111\u00e3 ph\u00e1t h\u00e0nh quy\u1ec3n s\u00e1ch "S\u1ef1 ph\u1ea3n b\u1ed9i c\u1ee7a Gorbatchev"\u0111\u1ec3 t\u1ed1 c\u00e1o Gorbatchev, v\u00ec mu\u1ed1n c\u1ee9u v\u00e3n n\u1ec1n kinh t\u1ebf suy s\u1ee5p c\u1ee7a Nga,\u0111\u00e3 h\u1ea5p t\u1ea5p \u00e1p\u0111\u1eb7t nh\u1eefng c\u1ea3i t\u1ed5 d\u00e2n ch\u1ee7 n\u1eeda v\u1eddi.

T\u1ea1i Trung Hoa, ng\u01b0\u1ee3c l\u1ea1i,\u0110 \u1eb7ng Ti\u1ec3u B\u00ecnh ch\u1ee7 tr\u01b0\u01a1ng\u0111\u1eb7t\u01b0u ti\u00ean v\u1ea5n\u0111\u1ec1 ph\u00e1t tri\u1ec3n kinh t\u1ebf. B\u00ecnh canh t\u00e2n ch\u00ednh tr\u1ecb theo giai\u0111\u1ecdan, kh\u00f4ng c\u00e2u n\u1ec7 v\u1ec1 l\u00fd thuy\u1ebft: "m\u00e8o tr\u1eafng, m\u00e8o\u0111en, mi\u1ec5n b\u1eaft\u0111\u01b0 \u1ee3c chu\u1ed9t."

N\u0103m 1987, T\u1ed5ng b\u00ed th\u01a1 Nguy\u1ec5n V\u0103n Linh thi h\u00e0nh l\u1ecbnh\u0110 \u1ed5i M\u1edbi c\u1ee7a Gorbatchev. Linh th\u1ea5t b\u1ea1i v\u00ec c\u1ea3i t\u1ed5 kinh t\u1ebf\u1ea5p \u00fang, gi\u1eef nguy\u00ean t\u01b0 duy.\u0110 \u1ec3 c\u1ee9u nguy ch\u1ebf \u0111\u1ed9,\u0110 \u1ea1i h\u1ed9i 6\u0110 \u1ea3ng CS m\u1edbi\u0111\u1ebb ra c\u00e1i qu\u00e1i thai,\u0111\u1ea7u voi\u0111u\u00f4i chu\u1ed9t, mang t\u00ean "Kinh th\u1ebf th\u1ecb tr\u01b0\u1eddng theo\u0111\u01b0 \u1eddng l\u1ed1i x\u00e3 h\u1ed9i ch\u1ee7

ngh\u0129a", tr\u1ed9n l\u1ed9n C\u00e1c M\u00e1c v\u1edbi John Stuart Mill. Nh\u1eefng thay\u0111\u1ed5i c\u1ee7a CS mang t\u00ednh c\u00e1ch ti\u1ec7m
ti\u1ebfn.\u0110 \u1ebfn nay, VN v\u1eabn qu\u1edd qu\u1ea1ng tr\u00ean con\u0111\u01b0 \u1eddng ph\u00e1t tri\u1ec3n. D\u00e2n ch\u00fang truy\u1ec1n kh\u1ea9u b\u00e0i th\u01a1
ch\u00e2m bi\u1ebfm nh\u01b0 sau:
B\u00e2y gi\u1edd \u0110\u1ea3ng l\u1ea1i s\u1eeda sai
S\u1eeda th\u00ec c\u1ee9 s\u1eeda, sai th\u00ec c\u1ee9 sai,
H\u1ec3 sai, s\u1eeda m\u00e3i, s\u1eeda ho\u00e0i
\u0110\u00f3 l\u00e0 ch\u00ednh s\u00e1ch l\u00e2u d\u00e0i \u0110\u1ea3ng ta.

S\u1ef1 ph\u1ed3n th\u1ecbnh hi\u1ec7n nay t\u1ea1i VN l\u00e0 m\u1ed9t s\u1ef1 ph\u1ed3n th\u1ecbnh gi\u1ea3 t\u1ea1o, t\u1eadp trung v\u00e0o c\u00e1c th\u00e0nh ph\u1ed1,\u0111\u00f4 th\u1ecb. T\u00e0i nguy\u00ean b\u1ecb nh\u00f3m t\u00e0i phi\u1ec7t\u0111\u1ecf t\u00f3m thu\u0111\u1ec3 h\u01b0\u1edfng th\u1ee5 ph\u00e8 ph\u1edfn, trong khi d\u00e2n ch\u00fang n\u00f4ng th\u00f4n, l\u00e0ng m\u1ea1c s\u1ed1ng trong c\u1ea3nh b\u1ea7n c\u00f9ng. So s\u00e1nh v\u1edbi c\u00e1c qu\u1ed1c gia trong v\u00f9ng, VN v\u1eabn c\u00f2n l\u1ea1c h\u1eadu - \u00edt n\u1eefa 25 n\u0103m - v\u1ec1 m\u1eb7t ph\u00e1p tr\u1ecb, gi\u00e1o d\u1ee5c v\u00e0 x\u00e3 h\u1ed9i.

2- L\u00fd do th\u1ee9 hai: Trong ho\u00e0n c\u1ea3nh b\u1ed1i r\u1ed1i v\u00ec n\u1ea1n kh\u1ee7ng b\u1ed1 to\u00e0n c\u1ea7u, Th\u1ebf gi\u1edbi t\u1ef1 do v\u00e0 Hoa k\u1ef3 t\u1ecf ra h\u00f2a h\u01b0\u1edfng v\u1edbi VNCS. Qu\u1ed1c t\u1ebf c\u1ea7n s\u1ef1\u1ed5n\u0111\u1ecbnh\u0111\u1ec3 m\u1edf mang kinh t\u1ebf th\u1ecb tr\u01b0\u1eddng. VN hi\u1ec7n nay l\u00e0 m\u1ed9t qu\u1ed1c gia \u00c1 ch\u00e2u kh\u00f4ng c\u00f3 H\u1ed3i gi\u00e1o qu\u00e1 kh\u00edch, may m\u1eafn kh\u00f4ng b\u1ecb c\u00fam g\u00e0, t\u01b0\u01a1ng

\u0111\u1ed1i an ninh v\u00e0 tr\u00ean \u0111\u00e0 ph\u00e1t tri\u1ec3n. V\u1edbi m\u1ed9t v\u1ecbt h\u1ebf \u0111\u1ecba d\u01b0 ch\u00ednh tr\u1ecb \u1edf trung t\u00e2m \u0110\u00f4ng Nam \u00c1, VN
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PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial versionwww. p d ff a c t o r y. c o m
\u0111u gi\u00e2y gi\u1eefa hai k\u00ecnh \u0111\u1ecbch M\u1ef9, T\u00e0u. Hi\u1ec7n \u0111\u00e3 l\u1ecdt \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c v\u00e0o h\u1ee7n\u1ebfp WTO, nh\u00f3m c\u1ea7m quy\u1ec1n t\u1ea1i
H\u00e0 N\u1ed9i nh\u00e2n danh nhu c\u1ea7u b\u00ecnh\u0111\u1ecbnh,\u0111\u00e0n \u00e1p th\u1eb3ng tay c\u00e1c khuynh h\u01b0\u1edbng ch\u1ed1ng\u0111\u1ed1i.

N\u0103m 1975, m\u00f2n m\u1ecfi v\u00ec chi\u1ebfn tranh, Li\u00ean Hi\u1ec7p Qu\u1ed1c\u0111\u00e3 im l\u1eb7ng tr\u01b0\u1edbc s\u1ef1 b\u1ee9c t\u1eed c\u1ee7a Mi\u1ec1n Nam VN, ti\u1ec1n\u0111\u1ed3n T\u1ef1 do. Ng\u00e0y nay, Th\u1ebf gi\u1edbi ph\u1ea3n\u1ee9ng d\u00e8 d\u1eb7c tr\u01b0\u1edbc th\u1ea3m c\u1ea3nh vi ph\u1ea1m D\u00e2n ch\u1ee7 v\u00e0 Nh\u00e2n quy\u1ec1n t\u1ea1i\u0111\u00e2y.

3- L\u00fd do th\u1ee9 ba: Di s\u1ea3n H\u1ed3 Ch\u00ed Minh\u0111ang l\u00e0m b\u0103ng h\u1ecdai t\u1eadn c\u00f9ng v\u00e0\u0111 \u01b0a x\u00e3 h\u1ed9i VN v\u00e0o c\u1ea3nh
b\u1ebf t\u1eafc.

Trong giai\u0111\u1ecdan\u0111\u1ea7u, sau cu\u1ed9c C\u00e1ch m\u1ea1ng th\u00e1ng 8, H\u1ed3\u0111\u00e3 th\u1ec3 hi\u1ec7n s\u1eaft m\u00e1u k\u1ebf h\u1ecdach c\u1ee7a\u0110 \u1ec7 tam Qu\u1ed1c t\u1ebf ti\u00eau di\u1ec7t c\u00e1c th\u00e0nh ph\u1ea7n ch\u1ed1ng\u0111\u1ed1i g\u1ed3m c\u00f3\u0111 \u1ea3ng ph\u00e1i qu\u1ed1c gia v\u00e0 giai c\u1ea5p\u0111\u1ecba ch\u1ee7, thanh l\u1ecdc c\u00e1n b\u1ed9 v\u00e0 Qu\u00e2n\u0111\u1ed9i, truy l\u00f9ng tr\u00ed th\u1ee9c v\u00e0 v\u0103n ngh\u1ec7 s\u0129 trong c\u00e1c chi\u1ebfn d\u1ecbch C\u1ea3i c\u00e1ch Ru\u1ed9ng\u0111\u1ea5t, Nh\u00e2n v\u0103n Giai ph\u1ea9m, Tr\u0103m Hoa\u0110ua n\u1edf...v...v..

Trong giai\u0111\u1ecdan hai, \u0111\u1ec3 \u0111\u1eb7t VN v\u0129nh vi\u1ec5n trong g\u00f4ng c\u00f9m M\u00e1c L\u00ea, H\u1ed3 thay th\u1ebf v\u0103n h\u00f3a d\u00e2n t\u1ed9c VN b\u1eb1ng c\u00e1ch \u00e1p\u0111\u1eb7t n\u1ec1n v\u0103n h\u00f3a x\u00e3 h\u1ed9i ch\u1ee7 ngh\u0129a. H\u1ed3 bi\u1ebft r\u1ecf t\u1ea1i VN, con ng\u01b0\u1eddi l\u00e0 v\u1ed1n li\u1ebfng qu\u00fd b\u00e1u nh\u1ee9t, s\u1ee9c s\u1ed1ng c\u1ee7a d\u00e2n t\u1ed9c b\u1eaft ngu\u1ed3n t\u1eeb v\u0103n h\u00f3a, m\u1ed9t n\u1ec1n v\u0103n h\u00f3a "\u0111a nguy\u00ean m\u00e0

l\u1ea1i c\u00f3\u0111 \u1eb7c t\u00ednh nh\u1ea5t nguy\u00ean" v\u00ec dung h\u1ee3p nhi\u1ec1u v\u0103n h\u00f3a kh\u00e1c nhau,\u0110\u00f4ng v\u00e0 T\u00e2y ph\u01b0\u01a1ng,\u0111\u1ec3
kh\u1edfi s\u1eafc v\u1edbi nh\u1eefng\u0111\u1eb7c t\u00ednh nh\u00e2n b\u1ea3n v\u00e0 duy t\u00e2m, d\u1ef1a tr\u00ean Tam C\u01b0\u01a1ng, Ng\u0169 Th\u01b0\u1eddng.

V\u1edb\u00ed m\u1ed9t lo\u1ea1t ch\u00ednh s\u00e1ch: "b\u1ee9ng g\u1ed1c tr\u1ed3ng ng\u01b0\u1eddi", t\u1ea9y n\u00e3o,\u0111\u1ea5u tranh giai c\u1ea5p, "h\u1ed3ng h\u01a1n chuy\u00ean", tra c\u1ee9u l\u00fd l\u1ecbch, "h\u1ed9 kh\u1ea9u" (d\u00f9ng bao t\u1eed \u0111\u1ec1 ch\u1ec9 huy) v\u00e0 v\u1edbi m\u1ed9t n\u1ec1n gi\u00e1o d\u1ee5c tho\u00e1i ho\u00e1, H\u1ed3\u0111\u00e0o t\u1ea1o con ng\u01b0\u1eddi x\u00e3 h\u1ed9i ch\u1ee7 ngh\u0129a m\u1edbi: v\u00f4 lu\u00e2n, v\u00f4 ph\u00e1p, v\u00f4 th\u1ea7n, vong b\u1ed5n v\u00e0 m\u1ea5t g\u1ed1c,\u0111\u01b0 \u1ee3c\u0110 \u1ea3ng nh\u1ed3i s\u1ecd \u0111\u1ec3 thi h\u00e0nh "ngh\u0129a v\u1ee5 qu\u1ed1c t\u1ebf".

CS \u00e1p d\u1ee5ng ch\u00ednh s\u00e1ch ngu d\u00e2n\u0111\u1ec3 cai tr\u1ecb. H\u1ec7 qu\u1ea3 l\u00e0 nhi\u1ec1u th\u1ebf h\u1ec7 tr\u1ebb b\u1ecb hy sinh, kh\u00f4ng bi\u1ebft
\u0111\u1ecbnh ngh\u0129a ra sao hai ch\u1eef ho\u00e0i b\u00e3o v\u00e0 kh\u00f4ng c\u00f3 nhi\u1ec1u c\u01a1h\u1ed9i ti\u1ebfn th\u00e2n.

CS ch\u1ee7 tr\u01b0\u01a1ng Y\u00eau\u0110 \u1ea3ng l\u00e0 Y\u00eau N\u01b0\u1edbc,\u0111\u1ed3ng h\u00f3a T\u1ed5 qu\u1ed1c v\u00e0 X\u00e3 h\u1ed9i ch\u1ee7 ngh\u0129a. T\u1ed9i \u00e1c c\u00f3 d\u1ef1 m\u01b0u n\u00e0y l\u00e0m cho d\u00e2n tr\u00ed l\u1ee5n b\u1ea1i, d\u00e2n kh\u00ed ki\u1ec7t qu\u1ec7, d\u00e2n t\u00e2m chia r\u1ebd. D\u01b0\u01a1ng Thu H\u01b0\u01a1ng t\u1eebng nh\u1eadn\u0111\u1ecbnh kh\u00f4ng sai: "VN c\u00f3 truy\u1ec1n th\u1ed1ng ch\u1ed1ng ngo\u1ea1i x\u00e2m, kh\u00f4ng c\u00f3 truy\u1ec1n th\u1ed1ng ch\u1ed1ng n\u1ed9i

x\u00e2m". CSVN l\u00e0 k\u1ebb n\u1ed9i th\u00f9\u0111 \u1ed9c h\u1ea1i nh\u1ee9t, m\u1ed9t lo\u1ea1i th\u1ef1c d\u00e2n b\u1ea3n x\u1ee9, gian \u00e1c h\u01a1n t\u01b0 b\u1ed5n Ph\u00e1p,
\u0111\u1ebfq u\u1ed1c T\u00e0u. H\u1ed3q u a \u0111\u1eddi n\u0103m 1969, \u0111\u1ec3l\u1ea1i m\u1ed9t x\u00e3 h\u1ed9i \u0111\u1ea3o l\u1ed9n t\u1eadn g\u1ed1c, \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c d\u00e2n gian di\u1ec5n t\u1ea3
nh\u01b0 sau:

Th\u1eb1ng kh\u00f4n th\u00ec\u0111\u00e3 v\u01b0\u1ee3t bi\u00ean
Th\u1eb1ng kh\u00f9ng\u1edf l\u1ea1i, th\u1eb1ng\u0111i\u00ean n\u1eafm quy\u1ec1n
Cho n\u00ean d\u00e2n kh\u1ed5 tri\u1ec1n mi\u00ean...

4- L\u00fd do th\u1ee9 t\u01b0: S\u1ee9c\u0111\u1ed1i kh\u00e1ng c\u1ee7a qu\u1ea7n ch\u00fang\u1edf trong v\u00e0 ngo\u00e0i n\u01b0\u1edbc c\u00f2n r\u1eddi r\u1ea1c v\u00ec thi\u1ebfu t\u1ed5
ch\u1ee9c, thi\u1ebfu l\u00e3nh\u0111\u1ea1o v\u00e0 thi\u1ebfu\u0111\u01b0 \u1eddng l\u1ed1i chung.

Kh\u1ed1i ng\u01b0\u1eddi b\u1ea5t m\u00e3n v\u1edbi CS c\u00e0ng ng\u00e0y gia t\u0103ng nh\u01b0ng tr\u00ean ph\u01b0\u01a1ng di\u1ec7n\u0111\u1ea5u tranh, c\u00f3 m\u1ed9t kho\u1ea3ng c\u00e1ch ch\u01b0a l\u1ea5p n\u1ed5i gi\u1eefa th\u1ebf h\u1ec7 gi\u00e0 v\u00e0 tr\u1ebb. Th\u00e0nh ph\u1ea7n ph\u1ea3n t\u1ec9nh trong\u0110 \u1ea3ng\u0111\u00f4ng h\u01a1n tr\u01b0\u1edbc. V\u00ec th\u1ea5t s\u1ee7ng, m\u1ed9t s\u1ed1 d\u1ee9t kh\u00f3at v\u1edbi ch\u1ee7 ngh\u0129a M\u00e1c L\u00ea v\u00e0\u0111\u00f2i h\u1ee7y b\u1ecf\u0111i\u1ec1u 4 Hi\u1ebfn ph\u00e1p. Ph\u1ea7n kh\u00e1c v\u1eabn v\u01b0\u01a1ng v\u00edu v\u00f3i gi\u00e1o\u0111i\u1ec1u M\u1ea1c x\u00edt v\u00e0 trung th\u00e0nh v\u1edbi B\u00e1c. C\u1ea7n\u0111\u1ec1 cao c\u1ea3nh gi\u00e1c

\u0111\u1ec3l\u1eadt t\u1ea9y c\u00e1c c\u00f2 m\u1ed3i ch\u1ed1ng c\u1ed9ng d\u00f5m \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c g\u00e0i v\u00e0o h\u00e0ng ng\u0169 ch\u00fang ta.
I I - V\u00e0i g\u00f3p \u00fd v\u1ec1 c\u00f4ng cu\u1ed9c v\u1eadn\u0111 \u1ed9ng D\u00e2n ch\u1ee7 h\u00f3a VN

L\u00e0m th\u1ebf n\u00e0o \u0111\u1ec3 \u0111\u1ea9y m\u1ea1nh c\u00f4ng cu\u1ed9c d\u00e2n ch\u1ee7 h\u00f3a\u0110 \u1ea5t n\u01b0\u1edbc\u0111\u1ec3 thu ng\u1eafn s\u1ef1 qu\u1ea3n l\u00fd nguy h\u1ea1i c\u1ee7a CS k\u00e9o d\u00e0i tr\u00ean ba th\u1eadp ni\u00ean?\u0110\u00e2y l\u00e0 m\u1ed9t\u0111\u1ec1 t\u00e0i ph\u1ee9c t\u1ea1p, kh\u00f4ng th\u1ec3 tr\u00ecnh b\u00e0y trong v\u00e0i gi\u1edd. H\u01a1n n\u1eefa, kh\u00f4ng th\u1ec3 qu\u00ean r\u1eb1ng VN ng\u00e0y nay l\u00e0 m\u1ed9t th\u00e0nh vi\u00ean c\u1ee7a Li\u00ean Hi\u1ec7p Qu\u1ed1c v\u00e0

\u0111\u00f3ng m\u1ed9t vai tr\u00f2 h\u1ec7t r\u1ecdng t\u1ea1i \u0110\u00f4ng Nam \u00c1. M\u1ecdi thay \u0111\u1ed5i \u1edfVN \u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c Th\u1ebfg i\u1edbi theo d\u00f5i c\u1ea9n
tr\u1ecdng n\u1ebfu\u1ea3nh h\u01b0\u1edfng\u0111\u1ebfn v\u00f9ng.
B\u1edfi l\u00fd do v\u1eeba n\u00eau n\u00ean trong ph\u1ea1m vi gi\u1edbi h\u1ea1n c\u1ee7a bu\u1ed5i h\u1ed9i lu\u1eadn h\u00f4m nay, t\u00f4i ch\u1ec9 g\u1ee3i ra m\u1ed9t s\u1ed1
nh\u1eadn\u0111\u1ecbnh th\u00f4 thi\u1ec3n xoay quanh 4\u0111\u1ec1 t\u00e0i ch\u00ednh:
1- Y\u1ebfu t\u1ed1 ph\u00e1t\u0111 \u1ed9ng\u0111 \u1ea5u tranh.
M\u1ecdi ph\u01b0\u01a1ng \u00e1n ch\u1ed1ng C\u1ed9ng\u0111\u1ec3 t\u00e1i l\u1eadp D\u00e2n ch\u1ee7, mu\u1ed1n th\u00e0nh c\u00f4ng, c\u1ea7n h\u1ed9i\u0111\u1ee7 ba y\u1ebfu t\u1ed1:\u0111\u1ed9ng
l\u1ef1c, ki\u1ebfn th\u1ee9c v\u00e0 t\u1ed5 ch\u1ee9c.
\u0110\u1ed9ng l\u1ef1c ch\u00ednh \u0111\u00e1ng c\u1ee7a ch\u00fang ta l\u00e0 b\u1ea3o t\u1ed3n \u0111\u1ee9c tin t\u00f4n gi\u00e1o, t\u01b0\u01a1ng lai c\u1ee7a con c\u00e1i v\u00e0 nh\u1eefng
quy\u1ec1n t\u1ef1 do c\u0103n b\u1ea3n c\u1ee7a con ng\u01b0\u1eddi.
M\u1eb7t kh\u00e1c, mu\u1ed1n th\u1eafng, ph\u1ea3i bi\u1ebft r\u00f5\u0111 \u1ecbch, nh\u1eadn ch\u00e2n b\u1ea1n v\u00e0 th\u00f9, tra c\u1ee9u nh\u1eefng\u0111i\u1ec3m y\u1ebfu v\u00e0
m\u1ea1nh c\u1ee7a\u0111\u1ed1i ph\u01b0\u01a1ng. N\u1ebfu ch\u1ecbu kh\u00f3\u0111 \u1ecdc qua c\u00e1c t\u00e0i li\u1ec7u c\u0103n b\u1ea3n nh\u01b0 Le Capital, Duy v\u1eadt Bi\u1ec7n
ch\u1ee9ng ph\u00e1p hay b\u1ea3n Tuy\u00ean ng\u00f4n\u0110 \u1ea3ng CS (1947)th\u00ec s\u1ebd th\u1ea5y h\u1ecdc thuy\u1ebft M\u00e1c Engels d\u1eaby\u0111\u1ea7y

l\u1eadp lu\u1eadn phi l\u00fd (absurdities). Trong s\u00e1ch v\u1edf c\u00e1c tr\u01b0\u1eddng, ch\u1ee7 ngh\u0129a CS\u0111\u01b0 \u1ee3c tr\u00ecnh b\u00e0y nh\u01b0 m\u1ed9t tri\u1ebft l\u00fd kinh t\u1ebf m\u00e0 kh\u00f4ng ph\u00e2n t\u00edch th\u1ef1c ch\u1ea5t c\u1ee7a n\u00f3 l\u00e0 m\u1ed9t h\u1ec7 th\u1ed1ng chuy\u00ean ch\u1ebf t\u1eebng s\u00e1t h\u1ea1i - nh\u00e2n danh Giai c\u1ea5p\u0111\u1ea5u tranh v\u00e0 C\u00e1ch M\u1ea1ng v\u00f4 s\u1ea3n - nhi\u1ec1u t\u1ef7 ng\u01b0\u1eddi v\u00f4 t\u1ed9i, qua m\u1eb7t c\u00e1c ch\u1ebf

\u0111\u1ed9 Ph\u00e1t x\u00edt v\u00e0 Qu\u1ed1c x\u00e3.
Ba t\u1eadp t\u1ea3i li\u1ec7u "Red File" c\u1ee7a VN Human Rights Watch (1995), "Le Livre Noir du
communisme" (Paris, 1997) v\u00e0 "Le s\u00ec\u00e8cle des communismes" (Paris, 1971) tr\u00ecnh b\u00e0y kh\u00e1 r\u00f5
c\u00e1c \u00e1n t\u00edch ch\u1ed3ng ch\u1ea5t c\u1ee7a CS.. N\u0103m v\u1eeba qua, Ngh\u1ecb h\u1ed9i \u00c2u ch\u00e2u nh\u00f3m t\u1ea1i Strasbourg\u0111\u00e3 l\u00ean
\u00e1n b\u1eb1ng ngh\u1ecb quy\u1ebft 1481 c\u00e1c th\u1ec3 ch\u1ebf to\u00e0n tr\u1ecb,\u0111\u1eb7c bi\u1ec7t CS - trong s\u1ed1\u0111\u00f3 c\u00f3 VN - v\u00e0\u0111 \u1ec1 ngh\u1ecb
\u0111\u01b0a ra tr\u01b0\u1edbc T\u00f2a \u00e1n H\u00ecnh s\u1ef1Qu\u1ed1c v\u1ec1t\u1ed9i \u00e1c ch\u1ed1ng nh\u00e2n lo\u1ea1i.
\u0110as\u1ed1 ch\u00fang ta th\u00f9 gh\u00e9t CS v\u00ec c\u1ea3m t\u00ednh, nh\u01b0m\u1ed9t ph\u1ea3n x\u1ea1t\u01b0 nhi\u00ean, v\u00ec \u0111\u00e3 m\u1ea5t m\u00e1t qu\u00e1 nhi\u1ec1u.

Ph\u1ea7n\u0111\u00f4ng c\u00e1c l\u00e3nh t\u1ee5 CS thu th\u1eadp kinh nghi\u1ec7m t\u1eeb \u0111\u1ea5u tranh, t\u1eeb c\u00e1c kh\u00e1m\u0111\u01b0 \u1eddng h\u01a1n l\u00e0 t\u1eeb l\u00fd thuy\u1ebft M\u1ea1c x\u00edt. CS T\u00e0u kh\u00f4ng \u00e1p d\u1ee5ng m\u1ed9t chi\u1ebfn thu\u1eadt gi\u1ed1ng CS Nga, l\u1eafm khi c\u00f2n\u0111\u1ed1i ch\u1ecdi gay g\u1eaft. Ngo\u00e0i nh\u1eefng th\u1ee7 \u0111\u1ecdan, m\u00e1nh kh\u00f3e h\u1ecdc h\u1ecfi t\u1eeb hai\u0111\u00e0n anh Nga-T\u00e0u, CSVN c\u00f2n c\u00f3 th\u00eam m\u1ed9t\u0111\u1eb7c t\u00ednh:Gian ngoan ph\u1ea3n tr\u1eafc, b\u1ecb \u0110\u1eb7ng Ti\u1ec3u B\u00ecnh t\u1ed1 gi\u00e1c khi y xua qu\u00e2n qua l\u00e0m c\u1ecf mi\u1ec1n Th\u01b0\u1ee3ng du B\u1eafc Vi\u1ec7t n\u0103m 1979.

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V\u1ec1 t\u1ed5 ch\u1ee9c, ph\u1ea3i c\u00f4ng nh\u1eadn CS c\u00f3 nhi\u1ec1u kinh nghi\u1ec7m. Ch\u01b0\u01a1ng tr\u00ecnh d\u00e2n ch\u1ee7 h\u00f3a\u0110 \u1ea5t n\u01b0\u1edbc l\u00e0
m\u1ed9t ch\u01b0\u01a1ng tr\u00ecnh ch\u1ed1ng C\u1ed9ng n\u00ean ph\u1ea3i\u0111\u01b0 \u1ee3c t\u1ed5 ch\u1ee9c r\u1ea5t k\u1ef9. Th\u1ef1c hi\u1ec7n th\u1ed1ng nh\u1ee9t trong s\u1ef1
\u0111o\u00e0n k\u1ebft l\u00e0 m\u1ed9t \u1ea3o \u1ea3nh. S\u1ef1 kh\u00e1c bi\u1ec7t linh \u0111\u1ed9ng trong m\u1ed9t x\u00e3 h\u1ed9i t\u1ef1 do ch\u00ednh l\u00e0 m\u1ed9t h\u00ecnh th\u1ee9c
th\u1ed1ng nh\u1ee9t. V\u00ec th\u1ebf n\u00ean khuy\u1ebfn kh\u00edch c\u00e1c phong tr\u00e0o ch\u1ed1ng c\u1ed9ng th\u00e0nh l\u1eadp d\u01b0\u1edbi m\u1ecdi h\u00ecnh
th\u1ee9c, v\u1edbi nh\u1eefng nh\u00f3m ng\u01b0\u1eddi c\u00f3 tinh th\u1ea7n tr\u00e1ch nhi\u1ec7m v\u00e0 h\u0103ng say tranh\u0111\u1ea5u.
2- Tr\u1ea3 s\u1ef1 th\u1eadt l\u1ea1i cho l\u1ecbch s\u1eed.

Ng\u1ea1n ng\u1eef c\u00f3 c\u00e2u "H\u1ea3y tr\u1ea3 l\u1ea1i cho C\u00e9sar c\u00e1i g\u00ec thu\u1ed9c v\u1ec1 C\u00e9sar."\u0110 \u1ec3 g\u1ea1t d\u00e2n, CS ng\u1ee5y t\u1ea1o tr\u1eafng tr\u1ee3n l\u1ecbch s\u1eed, ch\u1ec9 ch\u1ea5p nh\u1eadn l\u1ecbch s\u1eed n\u00e0o th\u00edch h\u1ee3p, c\u00f3 l\u1ee3i cho\u0110 \u1ea3ng. Ch\u00ednh H\u1ed3 Ch\u00ed Minh, d\u01b0\u1edbi nhi\u1ec1u bi\u1ec7t danh, Tr\u1ea7n D\u00e2n Ti\u00ean,..v..v...\u0111\u00e3 kh\u00f4ng ng\u01b0\u1ee3ng mi\u1ec7ng vi\u1ebft h\u1ed3i k\u00fd\u0111\u1ec3 t\u1ef1 th\u1ea7n th\u00e1nh h\u00f3a.

D\u1ed1i tr\u00e1 l\u00e0 b\u1ea9m t\u00e1nh th\u1ee9 hai c\u1ee7a con ng\u01b0\u1eddi CS. Trong Th\u00e1nh kinh c\u00f3 c\u00e2u: "S\u1ef1 th\u1eadt gi\u1ea3i th\u00f3at".
Ch\u00fang ta n\u00ean ti\u1ebfp t\u1ee5c tra c\u1ee9u v\u00e0 khai th\u00e1c th\u00eam c\u00e1c s\u1eed li\u1ec7u\u0111\u01b0 \u1ee3c gi\u1ea3i m\u1eadt sau chi\u1ebfn tranh VN
\u0111\u1ec3 \u0111\u00e1nh tan c\u00e1c huy\u1ec1n th\u1ecdai nu\u00f4i s\u1ed1ng \u0110\u1ea3ng CS trong t\u00e2m t\u01b0m\u1ed9t s\u1ed1n g\u01b0\u1eddi m\u00ea mu\u1ed9i, ng\u00e2y

C\u00f3 \u00edt n\u1eefa ba huy\u1ec1n th\u1ecdai: H\u1ed3 Ch\u00ed Minh l\u00e0 c\u1ee9u tinh c\u1ee7a d\u00e2n t\u1ed9c,\u0110 \u1ea3ng l\u00e0 th\u00e0nh tr\u00ec b\u1ea3o v\u1ec7 v\u00f4 s\u1ea3n v\u00e0 Qu\u00e2n\u0111\u1ed9i Nh\u00e2n d\u00e2n ch\u1ed1ng Ngo\u1ea1i x\u00e2m. Nhi\u1ec1u s\u1eed li\u1ec7u gi\u1ea3i m\u1eadt th\u1eddi h\u1eadu chi\u1ebfn, ngay t\u1ea1i VN, Nga s\u00f4 v\u00e0 Trung qu\u1ed1c, ch\u1ee9ng minh H\u1ed3 l\u00e0 m\u1ed9t t\u1ed9i\u0111\u1ed3 thi h\u00e0nh l\u1ec7nh c\u1ee7a\u0110 \u1ec7 tam Qu\u1ed1c t\u1ebf nhu\u1ed9m \u0111\u1ecf \u0110\u00f4ng D\u01b0\u01a1ng,\u0110 \u1ea3ng CSVN\u0111\u00e3 ph\u1ea3n b\u1ed9i v\u00ec c\u1eaft\u0111\u1ea5t, x\u1ebb bi\u1ec3n d\u00e2ng cho B\u1eafc kinh, b\u1eaft tay t\u01b0 b\u1ea3n \u0111\u1ec3 \u0111\u00e0n \u00e1p c\u00f4ng nh\u00e2n v\u00e0 Qu\u00e2n\u0111\u1ed9i Nh\u00e2n d\u00e2n ch\u1ec9 l\u00e0 c\u00f4ng c\u1ee5 c\u1ee7a Nga, T\u00e0u.

L\u1ecbch s\u1eed c\u00f2n t\u1ed1 gi\u00e1c c\u1ea3 hai Mi\u00ean Nam, B\u1eafc VN\u0111\u1ec1u\u0111\u00e3 ph\u1ea1m v\u00f4 s\u1ed1 sai l\u1ea7m, \u0111\u1ed1i n\u1ed9i v\u00e0\u0111 \u1ed1i ng\u1ecdai.
\u0110\u1ed3ng th\u1eddi hai b\u00ean \u0111\u00e3 b\u1ecfl\u1edfn h i\u1ec1u c\u01a1h\u1ed9i \u0111\u1ec3t h\u1ec3h i\u1ec7n \u0111\u1ed9c l\u1eadp v\u00e0 th\u1ed1ng nh\u1ee9t m\u00e0 kh\u00f4ng c\u1ea7n
chi\u1ebfn tranh.

Tr\u1ea3 s\u1ef1 th\u1eadt l\u1ea1i cho L\u1ecbch s\u1eed c\u00f2n c\u00f3 m\u1ed9t t\u00e1c d\u1ee5ng kh\u00e1c l\u00e0 x\u00f3a b\u1ecf m\u1ed9t s\u1ed1\u1ea3o t\u01b0\u1edfng. \u1ea2o t\u01b0\u1edfng nguy hi\u1ec3m nh\u1ee9t t\u1eebng ru ng\u1ee7 nhi\u1ec1u\u0111\u1ed3ng b\u00e0o l\u00e0\u0110 \u1ed3ng minh s\u1ed1ng ch\u1ebft b\u1ea3o v\u1ec7 \u0111\u1ed9c l\u1eadp v\u00e0 t\u1ef1 do c\u1ee7a ch\u00fang ta. Quy\u1ec1n l\u1ee3i qu\u1ed1c gia lu\u00f4n lu\u00f4n l\u00e0 kim ch\u1ec9 nam h\u01b0\u1edbng d\u1eabn ch\u00ednh s\u00e1ch li\u00ean minh. Kh\u00f4ng ai l\u00e0 b\u1ea1n mu\u00f4n\u0111\u1eddi hay k\u1ebb th\u00f9 tr\u1ecdn ki\u1ebfp tr\u00ean b\u00e0n c\u1edd qu\u1ed1c t\u1ebf. V\u1ecdng ng\u1ecdai d\u1eafc d\u1eabn kh\u00f4ng s\u1edbm th\u00ec mu\u1ed9n\u0111\u1ebfn con\u0111\u01b0 \u1eddng vong b\u1ed5n.

M\u1ed9t\u1ea3o v\u1ecdng kh\u00e1c c\u1ea7n lo\u1ea1i tr\u1eeb l\u00e0 c\u1ed9ng s\u1ea3n VN s\u1ebd t\u1ef1 \u0111\u1ed9ng canh t \u00e2n.\u0110 \u1ec3 c\u1ee9u v\u00e3n ch\u1ebf \u0111\u1ed9, CS \u00e1p d\u1ee5ng v\u00e0i ph\u01b0\u01a1ng s\u00e1ch n\u1edbi l\u00f5ng. D\u00f9 c\u00f3 nhi\u1ec1u chia r\u1ebd v\u1ec1 quy\u1ec1n l\u1ee3i v\u00e0\u0111\u1ecba v\u1ecb, Ban l\u00e3nh\u0111\u1ea1o v\u1eabn nh\u1ea5t tr\u00ed duy tr\u00ec\u0111 \u1ebfn c\u00f9ng\u0111\u01b0 \u1eddng l\u1ed1i gi\u00e1o\u0111i\u1ec1u\u0111\u1ec3 b\u1ea3o v\u1ec7 quy\u1ec1n l\u1ef1c v\u00e0 quy\u1ec1n l\u1ee3i. C\u00e1c khuynh h\u01b0\u1edbng x\u00e9 r\u00e0o,\u0111\u00f2i th\u1eadt s\u1ef1 \u0111\u1ed5i m\u1edbi b\u1ecb ch\u00fang di\u1ec7t th\u1eb3ng tay.\u0110\u00f3 l\u00e0 tr\u01b0\u1eddng h\u1ee3p c\u1ee7a Tr\u1ea7n Xu\u00e2n B\u00e1ch, Nguy\u1ec5n H\u1ed9, Tr\u1ea7n\u0110 \u1ed9, Ho\u00e0ng Minh Ch\u00ednh..v..v..

Ng\u00e0y n\u00e0o Hi\u1ebfn ph\u00e1p c\u00f2n gi\u1eef nguy\u00ean\u0111i\u1ec1u 4, b\u1ecdn mafia \u0111\u1ecf \u1edf H\u00e0 N\u00f4i v\u1eabn b\u00e1m tr\u1ee5. Boris Yeltsin t\u1eebng x\u00e1c quy\u1ebft: "CS kh\u00f4ng bao gi\u1edd s\u1eeda\u0111\u1ed5i, ph\u1ea3i thay th\u00ea CS!". B\u00ecnh lu\u1eadn gia Ph\u00e1p Jean Francois Revel kh\u1eb3ng\u0111\u1ecbnh m\u1ea1nh h\u01a1n: "Ph\u01b0\u01a1ng ph\u00e1p canh t \u00e2n CS hay nh\u1ee9t l\u00e0 x\u00f3a b\u1ecf n\u00f3\u0111i."

Sau h\u1ebft, tr\u1ea3 s\u1ef1 th\u1eadt l\u1ea1i cho l\u1ecbch s\u1eed s\u1ebd \u0111\u01b0\u01a1ng nhi\u00ean gi\u1ea3i tr\u1eebm\u1eb7c c\u1ea3m th\u1eafng, thua gi\u1eefa ng\u01b0\u1eddi qu\u1ed1c gia v\u00e0 ng\u01b0\u1eddi CS.\u0110 \u1ebfn nay CS v\u1eabn coi ch\u00fang ta l\u00e0 c\u00f4ng d\u00e2n h\u1ea1ng hai. H\u00f2a h\u1ee3p, h\u00f2a gi\u1ea3i ch\u1ec9 l\u00e0 tr\u00f2 h\u1ec3 b\u1ecbp b\u1ee3m n\u1ebfu kh\u00f4ng ph\u00e1t xu\u1ea5t t\u1eeb ph\u00eda CS b\u1eb1ng nh\u1eefng h\u00e0nh\u0111\u1ed9ng ch\u00e2n th\u00e0nh, s\u00e1m h\u1ed1i v\u00e0 l\u01b0\u01a1ng thi\u1ec7n.

Trong cu\u1ed9c chi\u1ebfn Nam-B\u1eafc do ng\u1ecdai bang\u0111i\u1ec1u khi\u1ec3n, ai th\u1eafng, ai b\u1ea1i? To\u00e0n th\u1ec3 d\u00e2n t\u1ed9c Vi\u1ec7t
\u0111\u00e3 thua n\u1eb7ng. Mi\u1ec1n Nam thua chi\u1ebfn tranh, Mi\u1ec1n B\u1eafc thua h\u00f2a b\u00ecnh. D\u00e2n ch\u00fang hai mi\u1ec1n g\u00e1nh
ch\u1ecbu t\u1ea5t c\u1ea3 h\u1ec7 l\u1ee5y. Chung quy, v\u1ea5n\u0111\u1ec1 ch\u00ednh c\u1ee7a VN l\u00e0 v\u1ea5n\u0111\u1ec1 t\u1ed3n t\u1ea1i (survival problem). Tr\u01b0\u1edbc
\u0111\u00e2y, t\u1ed3n t\u1ea1i v\u1edbi T\u00e0u. Ng\u00e0y nay, t\u1ed3n t\u1ea1i v\u1edbi T\u00e0u v\u00e0 M\u1ef9. CS \u1eaft \u0111\u00e3 hi\u1ec3u r\u1ecf: Theo T\u1ea3u th\u00ec m\u1ea5t \u0111\u1ea5t,

theo M\u1ef9 th\u00ec m\u1ea5t\u0110 \u1ea3ng.\u0110\u00e3\u0111 \u1ebfn l\u00fac ph\u1ea3i s\u00e1m h\u1ed1i, th\u1ee9c t\u1ec9nh, tr\u1edf v\u1ec1 ngu\u1ed3n, v\u1ec1 v\u1edbi D\u00e2n t\u1ed9c,\u0111\u1ec3 ph\u00e1t huy di s\u1ea3n cha \u00f4ng, \u0111\u1ec3 \u0111\u01b0a\u0110 \u1ea5t n\u01b0\u1edbc ra kh\u1ecfi c\u00e1i nh\u1ee5c ch\u1eadm ti\u1ebfn.\u0110\u00e2y l\u00e0 m\u1ed9t l\u1ed9 tr\u00ecnh chuy\u1ec3n ti\u1ebfp gian kh\u1ed5, kh\u00f3 kh\u0103n nh\u01b0ng kh\u00f4ng c\u00f3 s\u1ef1 ch\u1ecdn l\u1ef1a n\u00e0o kh\u00e1c.

3-\u0110 \u1ea9y gi\u1edbi tr\u1ebb ra l\u00e3nh\u0111 \u1ea1o c\u1ed9ng\u0111 \u1ed3ng
\u0110\u1ec3 x\u00fac ti\u1ebfn ti\u1ebfn tr\u00ecnh d\u00e2n ch\u1ee7 h\u00f3a VN, n\u00ean th\u00fac \u0111\u1ea9y gi\u1edbi tr\u1ebbd\u1ea5n th\u00e2n \u1edfh\u1ea3i ng\u1ecdai. Gi\u1edbi tr\u1ebb

sanh sau chi\u1ebfn tranh, kh\u00f4ng bi\u1ebft h\u1eadn th\u00f9,\u0111\u00e3 v\u00e0o gi\u00f2ng ch\u00ednh, c\u00f3 ki\u1ebfn th\u1ee9c v\u00e0 th\u1ebf l\u1ef1c\u0111\u1ed1i v\u1edbi nh\u00e0 ch\u1ee9c tr\u00e1ch\u0111\u1ecba ph\u01b0\u01a1ng. Gi\u1edbi tr\u1ebb sinh h\u1ecdat trong m\u1ecdi l\u00e3nh v\u1ef1c chuy\u00ean m\u00f4n c\u1ee7a Hoa k\u1ef3, h\u1ea5p th\u1ee5 v\u00e0 th\u1ef1c nghi\u1ec7m d\u00e2n ch\u1ee7 v\u00e0 bi\u1ebft c\u00e1c ng\u00f5 ng\u00e1ch c\u1ee7a gu\u1ed3ng m\u00e1y cai tr\u1ecb M\u1ef9 qu\u1ed1c n\u00ean c\u00f3 th\u1ec3lobby h\u1eefu hi\u1ec7u cho d\u00e2n ch\u1ee7, nh\u00e2n quy\u1ec1n. V\u1edbi tinh th\u1ea7n b\u1ea5t v\u1ee5 l\u1ee3i, gi\u1edbi tr\u1ebb ph\u00e1t\u0111\u1ed9ng phong tr\u00e0o\u0111o\u00e0n k\u1ebft d\u1ec5 h\u01a1n c\u00e1c\u0111\u1ea3ng ph\u00e1i ch\u00ednh tr\u1ecb v\u00e0 t\u00f4n gi\u00e1o. Gi\u1edbi tr\u1ebb kh\u00f4ng m\u1ea5t g\u1ed1c \u00fd th\u1ee9c

\u0111\u01b0\u1ee3c s\u1ef1t h \u00e0nh \u0111\u1ea1t c\u00e1 nh\u00e2n trong cu\u1ed9c s\u1ed1ng m\u1edbi ch\u1ec9 c\u00f3 \u00fd ngh\u0129a khi h\u01b0\u1edbng v\u1ec1p h\u1ee5c v\u1ee5Qu \u00ea
cha,\u0110 \u1ea5t t\u1ed5. Gi\u1edbi tr\u1ebb s\u1ebd s\u00e1ng su\u1ed1t ch\u1ecdn nh\u1eefng b\u1eadc\u0111\u00e0n anh c\u00f3 kinh nghi\u1ec7m\u0111\u1ea5u tranh \u0111\u1ec3 \u0111\u01b0a
v\u00e0o Ban C\u1ed1 v\u1ea5n\u0111\u1ec3 l\u1ea5p kho\u1ea3n c\u00e1ch gi\u00e0, tr\u1ebb.

D\u01b0\u1edbi s\u1ef1 l\u00e3nh\u0111\u1ea1o c\u1ee7a m\u1ed9t \u00ea-k\u00edp n\u0103ng n\u1ed5, h\u1ecdat\u0111\u1ed9ng quy c\u1ee7 v\u00e0 c\u00f3 k\u1ebf h\u1ecdach, c\u00f4ng cu\u1ed9c\u0111\u1ea9y m\u1ea1nh ti\u1ebfn tr\u00ecnh d\u00e2n ch\u1ee7 h\u00f3a Qu\u00ea h\u01b0\u01a1ng s\u1ebd s\u1edbm th\u00e0nh t\u1ef1u, chuy\u1ec5n t\u1eeb th\u1ebf th\u1ee7 qua th\u1ebf c\u00f4ng, t\u1eeb th\u1ee5 \u0111\u1ed9ng qua t\u00e1c\u0111\u1ed9ng. Nh\u01b0 th\u1ebf, m\u1edbi kh\u00f4ng phung ph\u00ed nh\u00e2n l\u1ef1c, t\u00e0i l\u1ef1c v\u00e0 th\u1eddi gian. Nh\u01b0 th\u1ebf, m\u1edbi c\u00f3 th\u1ec3 bi\u1ebfn qu\u1ed1c h\u1eadn th\u00e0nh qu\u1ed1c kh\u1edfi.

4- C\u1ea7n c\u1ed5 \u0111\u1ed9ng v\u1ec1 ngu\u1ed3n, d\u00e2n t\u1ed9c h\u00f3a c\u00e1c c\u01a1 ch\u1ebf ch\u00ednh quy\u1ec1n

Th\u00e1ng 4.1975,\u0111o\u00e0n binh vi\u1ec5n chinh B\u1eafc Vi\u1ec7t tr\u00e0n v\u00e0o Mi\u1ec1n Nam. Ch\u00fang v\u01a1 v\u00e9t v\u00e0ng b\u1ea1c, ch\u00e2u b\u00e1u, m\u00e1y m\u00f3c,\u0111\u1ed3 qu\u00fd ch\u1edf v\u1ec1 B\u1eafc,\u0111\u1eadp ph\u00e1 c\u00e1c di t\u00edch l\u1ecbch s\u1eed,\u0111\u1ed1t b\u1ecf s\u00e1ch v\u1edf, b\u1eaft d\u00e2n h\u1ecdc t\u1eadp m\u00fat m\u00f9a,\u0111\u00e0y\u0111i v\u00f9ng kinh t\u1ebf m\u1edbi,\u0111\u1eadp ph\u00e1 ngh\u0129a trang, m\u1ed3 m\u00e3, thay\u0111\u1ed5i ti\u1ec1n b\u1ea1c, thay lu\u00f4n t\u00ean th\u1ee7\u0111\u00f4 S\u00e0ig\u00f2n nh\u01b0 CS l\u00e0m b\u00ean Nga s\u00f4. B\u1ea1o H\u1ed3 \u00e1c h\u01a1n B\u1ea1o T\u1ea7n. Ch\u00fang h\u00e0nh

\u0111\u1ed9ng nh\u01b0t h\u1ed5p h\u1ec9 Ph\u00e1p th\u1ef1c d\u00e2n. Trong c\u00e1ch cai tr\u1ecbn\u01b0\u1edbc, h\u1ecd \u0111\u1ec3l\u1ed9t\u01b0 c\u00e1ch ngo\u1ea1i qu\u1ed1c. D\u00e2n
ch\u00fang t\u1ef1 h\u1ecfi: Ng\u01b0\u1eddi CSVN thu\u1ea7n th\u00e0nh, tay sai c\u1ee7a\u0110 \u1ec7 tam Qu\u1ed1c t\u1ebf, c\u00f2n l\u00e0 ng\u01b0\u1eddi VN th\u1eadt s\u1ef1
hay kh\u00f4ng?
H\u1ed3 v\u00e0 c\u00e1c\u0111\u1ed3ng ch\u00ed l\u00e0 nh\u1eefng k\u1ebb ti\u1ebfm quy\u1ec1n sau cu\u1ed9c C\u00e1ch m\u1ea1ng th\u00e1ng 8. H\u1eb1ng ng\u00e0y c\u00e1c quy
\u0111\u1ecbnh c\u1ee7a nh\u00e0 c\u1ea7m quy\u1ec1n CS vi ph\u1ea1m Hi\u1ebfn ph\u00e1p 1992 do ch\u00ednh h\u1ecd\u00e1 p \u0111\u1eb7t. Ph\u00e9p n\u01b0\u1edbc ch\u00e0o

thua tr\u01b0\u1edbc ph\u00e1n quy\u1ebft t\u00f9y h\u1ee9ng c\u1ee7a c\u00e1n b\u1ed9 \u0111\u1ecba ph\u01b0\u01a1ng. Ch\u00ednh ph\u1ee7 xem th\u01b0\u1eddng c\u00e1c giao\u01b0\u1edbc qu\u1ed1c t\u1ebf v\u1ec1 nh\u00e2n quy\u1ec1n, x\u00e9 b\u1ecf Hi\u1ec7p\u01b0\u1edbc Gen\u00e8ve 1954 v\u00e0 Paris 1973.\u0110 \u1ea3ng, Nh\u00e0 n\u01b0\u1edbc v\u00e0 Qu\u1ed1c h\u1ed9i l\u00e0 m\u1ed9t.

Mu\u1ed1n d\u00e2n ch\u1ee7 h\u00f3a VN, ph\u1ea3i h\u1ee7y\u0111i\u1ec1u 4 Hi\u1ebfn ph\u00e1p, tr\u1ea3 quy\u1ec1n l\u1ea1i cho d\u00e2n, x\u00f3a b\u1ecf M\u1eb7t tr\u1eadn T\u1ed5
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