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Table Of Contents

Manual Set
Customer Feedback
Worksheet Graphical Interface
In This Chapter
Maple Help System
2.1 Introduction
Exact Expressions
2.2 Numerical Computations
Integer Computations
Table 2.1 Commands for Working with Integers
Commands for Working With Integers
Exact Arithmetic—Rationals, Irrationals, and Constants
Floating-Point Approximations
Arithmetic with Special Numbers
Mathematical Functions
2.3 Basic Symbolic Computations
2.4 Assigning Expressions to Names
Syntax for Naming an Object
Guidelines for Maple Names
Maple Arrow Notation in Defining Functions
The Assignment Operator
Predefined and Reserved Names
2.5 Basic Types of Maple Objects
Expression Sequences
Operations on Sets and Lists
2.6 Expression Manipulation
The simplify Command
The factor Command
The expand Command
The convert Command
The normal Command
The combine Command
The map Command
The lhs and rhs Commands
The numer and denom Commands
The nops and op Commands
Common Questions about Expression Manipulation
2.7 Conclusion
3 Finding Solutions
3.1 The Maple solve Command
Examples Using the solve Command
Verifying Solutions
The assign Command
The RootOf Command
3.2 Solving Numerically Using the fsolve Command
Limitations on solve
3.3 Other Solvers
Finding Integer Solutions
Finding Solutions Modulo m
Solving Recurrence Relations
3.4 Polynomials
Sorting and Collecting
Mathematical Operations
Coefficients and Degrees
Root Finding and Factorization
3.5 Calculus
3.7 Conclusion
4 Maple Organization
4.1 The Organization of Maple
The Maple Library
4.2 The Maple Packages
List of Packages
Example Packages
The Student Package
Worksheet Examples
The LinearAlgebra Package
The Matlab Package
The Statistics Package
The simplex Linear Optimization Package
4.3 Conclusion
Polar Coordinates
Functions with Discontinuities
Functions with Singularities
Multiple Functions
Plotting Data Points
Refining Plots
5.2 Graphing in Three Dimensions
Spherical Coordinates
Cylindrical Coordinates
Shading and Lighting Schemes
5.3 Animation
Animation in Two Dimensions
Animation in Three Dimensions
5.4 Annotating Plots
Labeling a Plot
5.5 Composite Plots
Placing Text in Plots
5.6 Special Types of Plots
Visualization Component of the Student Package
5.7 Manipulating Graphical Objects
Using the display Command
5.8 Code for Color Plates
5.9 Interactive Plot Builder
5.10 Conclusion
6 Evaluation and Simplification
Working with Expressions in Maple
6.1 Mathematical Manipulations
Expanding Polynomials as Sums
Collecting the Coefficients of Like Powers
Factoring Polynomials and Rational Functions
Removing Rational Exponents
Combining Terms
Factored Normal Form
Simplifying Expressions
Simplification with Assumptions
Simplification with Side Relations
Sorting Algebraic Expressions
Converting Between Equivalent Forms
6.2 Assumptions
The assume Facility
The assuming Command
6.3 Structural Manipulations
Mapping a Function onto a List or Set
Choosing Elements from a List or Set
Merging Two Lists
Sorting Lists
The Parts of an Expression
Changing the Type of an Expression
6.4 Evaluation Rules
Levels of Evaluation
Last-Name Evaluation
One-Level Evaluation
Commands with Special Evaluation Rules
Quotation and Unevaluation
Using Quoted Variables as Function Arguments
Concatenation of Names
6.5 Conclusion
7 Solving Calculus Problems
7.1 Introductory Calculus
The Derivative
A Taylor Approximation
The Integral
Mixed Partial Derivatives
7.2 Ordinary Differential Equations
The dsolve Command
Example: Taylor Series
When You Cannot Find a Closed Form Solution
Plotting Ordinary Differential Equations
Discontinuous Forcing Functions
Interactive ODE Analyzer
7.3 Partial Differential Equations
The pdsolve Command
Changing the Dependent Variable in a PDE
Plotting Partial Differential Equations
7.4 Conclusion
Writing Columns of Numerical Data to a File
Saving Expressions in the Maple Internal Format
8.3 Exporting Worksheets
HTML and HTML with MathML
Maple Input
Maplet Application
Maple Text
Plain Text
8.4 Printing Graphics
Displaying Graphics in Separate Windows
Sending Graphics in PostScript Format to a File
Graphics Suitable for HP LaserJet
8.5 Conclusion
9.2 Terminology
Drop-down List Boxes
9.10 Conclusion
9.11 General Conclusion
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