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The Prince of Lib Ya Page 3

The Prince of Lib Ya Page 3

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Published by David Seals

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Published by: David Seals on Nov 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scene 3.
Enter the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, looking every bit like the glorious God in shining classicalarmor, handsome, muscular, heroic.He addresses the invisible MUHAMMAD in the Dark.MICHAELMy Lord, it’s Michael. What is your command?MUHAMMAD (unseen)Jibra’il has betrayed us again, Son.MICHAELI knew it. Venus and Earth always arethe enemies of heavenly Father.MUHAMMADAs Dionysos, mutilated I --MICHAELMankind for its crimes against Thee and ‘gainst;it and itself Man’d to learn that Godthat Truth of terror and ecstatic joywas not the impostor Demi-Urge christ.MUHAMMADShe has dared me to kill all of mankind.MICHAELWhen Earth is the killer planet, not Thee.“Why can’t you kill them, Omnipotently,”I’ve heard her demand of you in despair,to solve her own injustice and the Death.I’ll hence to confront Venus, as you wish.MUHAMMADThe proof to man to the Universe ismathematical science, and Physics;but to God to prove to man that He isonly personal rare revelationdeeply experienced, as if in sleep,or this tomb where I am mutilated,convinced with reason and factual lawbelief, on knowledge and medicine based,that universal Truth a Universecreated a Mind creative like Mine -faithful, Amortal, mysterious Soulflying through Heaven blacker than a grave.I went there and was a witness so blindthat seeing It all saw nothing at all,
so full was it there and everywhereThe Void a nightly phantasm of lifethat hardly two specks or one moleculedanced lifeless, aimless, without vigorousand within limits unbounded by time;for where that all was was nowhere at allif time, as they say, is light and light lifeand life animated organisms,metabolisms, who grow and respondoriginally within to themselves.Space where I flew was not inanimate,nor were its functions un-manifestlydead, empty, without within stimuli.There could therefore not, in such a place, beTime. Devoid of light and shining star-fireor flesh to feel cold, irrelevant heat,mental existence, constituent pain,animals on Earth feared it as Damned,aged succubi accursed by timeto die, to pain, torment, and total waste.No! That is Earth’s and Gabriel’s argue.O, no, woe the tomb imaginationthe body describes final corruption,loss,O! loss too sweet of the life they loath’d.No words can assuage that horror of loss,or poems the promise of soulful releasewhen light fills the eyes of time’s dreadful marchand life’s power slips like skin over bone.It is, as they know, a blessing to curse.MICHAELDamn! Dionysos must challenge Mother Earth.Why did she have to do it, Creator?MUHAMMADShe may not, like Eve, have been the culpritof course, but it was no Denying Earthalone in Vacuum adored the Sunlight.Mercury, Venus, and Mars it abusedto the boiling point (but free of death’s fear,atmosphere, proximity, oxygen).MICHAELSeduced by Beauty? She wondered aloud.MUHAMMADBut then galaxies are lovelier Waysexquisite, milky, haloes of magiceven ashrouded in endless black robesperfect in pure taste and clean of all waste.

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