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The Prince of Libya, Act 4 cont.

The Prince of Libya, Act 4 cont.

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Published by David Seals

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Published by: David Seals on Nov 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MUHAMMADWell . . . okay, if you’re sure. I’ve been working with my Dad for the new Sadat government.Nasser died last year, or so, and there’s been the coup in Libya too.JIBRA’ILI hear it’s better in Libya? More of the oil money is getting down to the people?MYeah, I think so. But of course my father doesn’t like Colonel Qathafi, who’s apparently takenover the Revolution. He thinks he’s not much of a Muslim. Anyway, Dad wants me to join thearmy, but the doctors say I have epilepsy or something and don’t qualify.JEpilepsy, really? I didn’t hear that?MIt’s only a vague diagnosis. They don’t know what happens to me. There’s no medical evidenceof anything wrong.JWell that’s good if it keeps you out of the army.MDefinitely. But Dad still doesn’t like it. So, I’ve been working with some so-called “IntelligenceBrigades”, just as a job. I’m just winging it as I go along. Doing, kind of, non-violent type tactics.It’s all kind of on a religious scale, Gabby, for want of a better word. Jibra’il, I mean. I mean, I’veactually been studying about Osiris a lot, and applying it to some of my lectures at the MilitaryInstitute. I give a few lectures a week, on ancient Egyptian religious influences on their militaryhistory.JReally? That’s - -MYeah. It’s pretty vague alright.JLike your diagnosis.MAnd yours?JWell, yeah, sort of. It’s more in the psychology department. You know that’s what I majored in.Psychology.MYeah.JWhere all the wackos go, to study.
MI guess you’re more oriented to science, then, than me. jOh I don’t know. Paranoid schizophrenia, what does that mean really?MI like Jung though. The Collective Unconscious makes more sense. That’s a bit like what Osiristaught.JCollective Unconscious.MYeah. You look tired, Jibby. I can come back tomorrow.JNo. Please. I love you. I mean I love to hear you talking. You can do anything you want, youknow, Muhammad?MI remember you used to say that.JIt’s true. Please. Your voice soothes me. Tell me all about . . . Osiris.MAnd Isis. Well . . . I’ve been down at Dendera and Thebes a lot, way south, down, or actually it’sup the Nile, as it flows, oddly from the south in deepest Africa north to the Med. I’ve beenstudying, learning, hieroglyphics.J (exhausted)Hieroglyphics. Wonderful.MHis name is As-Ar, actually, pronounced with a soft A like Us-Ur.JWho?MOsiris. Us-ur. They claim they don’t know what his name means, or even that the most ancient,earliest Egyptians didn’t know either.JBig mystery, eh?
MYeah. No. Not to me. Because, you see Jibby, there’s also the hieroglyphic for As-t, for him,which is also exactly the name of Isis
Set. Set supposedly killed him. She’s the femalecounterpart of Osiris, and it is very probable, as the scholar E.A. Wallis Budge writes in hisbooks published almost a hundred years ago, that originally the same conception underlay bothnames. The same conception.J (eyes closed, wearily)The same conception.M (pulling out a paperback)Here, I’ll read it to you. “The truth of the matter seems to be that the ancient Egyptians knew justas little about the original meaning of the name As-Ar as we do - -JAs-Ar as we do. Funny.M“ - - and that they had no better means of obtaining information about it than we have.”J (skeptical)Incredible.M (reading)“It is tacitly assumed that the reader will understand that he once possessed human form andlived upon earth, and that by means of some unusual power or powers he was able to bestowupon himself after his death a new life which he lived in a new body in a region over which heruled as king, and into which he was believed to be willing to admit all such as had lived a goodand correct life upon earth, and had been buried with appropriate ceremonies under theprotection of certain amulets, and with the proper recital of certain ‘divine words’ and words of power. The worship of Osiris is, however, very much older than these views which, it is clear,could only belong to a people who had advanced to a comparatively high state of civilizationand of mental development.” Amazing huh? Jibby?J (only half-alert)Yeah. No. Amazing? What’s amazing?MWell I thought - -J“Amazing” he says.M (reading more)

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