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Unionist November 2011

Unionist November 2011

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Published by novvotik

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Published by: novvotik on Nov 18, 2011
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 Volume 41 • Number 10November 2011
Ofcial Publication o Social Service Employees Union Local 371-DC 37 AFSCME, AFL-CIO
Your Fifth Amendment Rights Resisting Hospital Cuts
Page 4
Page 8
Obama Talks Jobs
President Barack Obama addressed unionleaders, including our Union President, Nov. 1at the White House.
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n today’s political climate, public-sector unions like our own are underattack. That is why SSEU Local 371is organizing its Delegates and Alter-nates, the ront lines o the union in all o our workplaces, or a ght back campaign.Part o that eort was hosting the three-day Delegates Training in Stamord,Conn., where nearly 350 o our Delegatesand Alternates took part in trainings andheard moving speeches rom our Unionleaders. This year’s theme was “We ght back.” The Delegates and the Alternates arecentral in the ght back, as they inorm themembers on the ground o their rights andorganize them on a regular basis. The train-ing included help rom the Union’s parentorganization, the American Federation o State, County and Municipal Employees. AFSCME Secretary-Treasurer Lee Saun-ders addressed the Delegates and AlternatesOct. 22, stressing that members neededto mobilize the vote against a Republicanagenda that attacks working amilies.“They will have a dear price to pay inNovember,” Saunders said about the GOPopposition in the House o Representativesto President Obama’s jobs plan.
Lots of Workshops
 The crowd heard rom various otherspeakers, including VP o Organization In-grid Beaumont, the main organizer o thishistoric event, who brought the membersto a roaring applause.Delegates and Alternates attended workshops in which they learned aboutgrievances, internal organizing and nego-tiations. VP o Research and NegotiationsRose Lovaglio-Miller noted in her pre-sentation the negotiations process starts with Delegates, as they are responsible orpolling the members on what they think  were important demands. The Delegatesin turn pass on this inormation to theUnion’s negotiators. VP o Legislation and Political Action Michelle Akyempong led a discussion aboutpolitical organizing, in addition to StateSenators Eric Adams and Diane Savino, aormer SSEU Local 371 VP, who taughtstrategies or ghting back politically. Unionlawyers and VP o Grievances and LegalServices Lloyd Permaul spoke about work-ers’ rights and how to preserve them.In his address to members, SSEU Local371 President Anthony Wells underscoredthe importance o the younger generationo members. Among the Union’s Delegates who are a part o the AFSCME’s Next
‘We ight back’
Delegates Gather for Three Days of Training
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Delegates and Alternates participated in various training sessions, learning about grievances and legal services,organizing and union history.
   J   a   m   e   l   L   e   n   a   r   d
2 The Unionist | November 2011
Political Action Committee:
6:30 p.m.Union Ofce, 12th Floor23
Civilians in Law Enforcement:
 6:30 p.m. Union Ofce, 15th Floor30
HHC Chapter:
6:30 p.m. Union Ofce,12th Floor
Executive Committee:
6:30 p.m.Union Ofce, 12th Floor8
Black Heritage Committee:
6:30 p.m.Union Ofce, 12th Floor12
General Membership Meeting:
 6:30 p.m. TBA 13
Concerned Social Workers:
6:30 p.m.Union Ofce, 12th Floor14
Women’s Committee & Political ActionCommittee:
6:30 p.m. Union Ofce,12th Floor15
Jewish Heritage Committee:
6:30 p.m.Union Ofce, 12th Floor20
Alumni Committee:
6:30 p.m.Union Ofce, 12th Floor21
Delegate Assembly:
6:30 p.m. Advance Realty Building, 235 West 23rdStreet in Manhattan28
Civilians in law Enforcement:
6:30 p.m.Union Ofce, 15th Floor29
Caribbean Heritage:
6:30 p.m.Union Ofce, 12th Floor
Published monthly except or a combined issue in July/  August and a Supplement in January by the SocialService Employees Union Local 371, District Council 37, AFSCME, AFL-CIO. Subscription Price $2.00 annually.Periodical postage paid at New York, N.Y.POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to: TheUnionist, SSEU Local 371, 817 Broadway, N.Y., N.Y. 10003.USPS# 348990 (212) 677-3900ISSN# 0041-7092
 Anthony Wells
Executive Vice President
 Yolanda Pumarejo
Joe Nazario
V.P. Negotiations & Research
Rose Lovaglio-Miller
V.P. Organization & Education
Ingrid Beaumont
V.P. Grievances & Legal Services
Lloyd Permaul
V.P. Publicity & Community Relations
Patricia Chardavoyne
V.P. Legislation & Political Action
Michelle Akyempong
 Vincent Ciccarello Yolanda DeJesusMelva Scarborough
 Ari Paul
Visit us on the web at www.sseu371.org
inspraton, fromLk and the mebers
he Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial wasdedicated Oct. 16, marking a permanent honoror the civil rights hero in Washington, DC.Personally, the awesome moment was PresidentBarack Obama giving his speech under the toweringgure o Dr. King. It was priceless and inspiring.On the weekend o Oct. 21, more than 350 Delegatesand Alternates attended Delegate’s Training. The theme was “We ght back.” The energy and enthusiasmpermeated every corner o the place. The exchange o inormation was invaluable. There were workshops andgeneral sessions designed to equip the Delegates withthe tools to become eective leaders. They were givenmechanisms to energize and mobilize the membership.Furthermore, they shared ideas and concerns with eachother in an eort to develop solutions to the many issuesoccurring in locations. They let the conerence preparedto “ght back” whenever and wherever necessary. We are moving orward, energized or the many challenges acing us. To be successul, we must ad-dress the “enemy within,” i.e. apathy and complacen-cy. We need an inormed and mobilized membership. We need a membership that understands that thisght is about “putting ood on your table.” We needa membership that is prepared, willing and ready toght back. Indeed, we have that membership in you. And you have the leadership in our Delegates and Alternates. We are inspired by the events o the day, like Occupy Wall Street, Dr. King’s Memorialand Delegate’s Training. They remind us that change is possible with hope and determi-nation. It takes eort and commitment. It requires us to come together or a commonpurpose and goal. The purpose is to “FIGHT BACK” and the goal is to “put ood onour tables.” United we will be successul in both.
– Anthony Wells 
We are movingorward, energizedor the manychallengesacing us.
Ohio Fights Back and Wins
On Nov. 8 Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected a Republican-backed law that curbed thecollective bargaining rights o Ohio state workers. It is proo that a grassroots eort tostrengthen unions and workers’ rights can and will beat back the assault on labor nationwide.Governors who want to wage similar campaigns against unions should take note o whathappened in Ohio.“We witnessed a victory that is both encouraging and inspiring,” said SSEU Local 371 VP oOrganization Ingrid Beaumont. “Voters and unions collectively let their voices be heard in Ohio.Let this serve as proo o what is possible when we participate politically and we fght back.”
Save the Date:
The Black Heritage Celebration will take place Feb. 3, 2012. Stay tuned or more details.
November 2011 | The Unionist 3
 Ater setting up an opportunity or the TV crew to lm the child or sibling group, theclip airs and Davis elds calls rom parents who want to be oster parents and she walks them through that process.“It has been a rollercoaster,” she said o her tenure. “I eel like I want to take all thekids home with me.”Davis thinks it is a successul program:O the 600 children the segment has ea-tured under her watch, about hal o them
On the FrOnt Lines
A Product of Foster Care, and One of Its Best Advocates
day before her 10th birthday, KeemaDavis was placed in foster care. Atthe age of 14, along with her twosisters and one brother, she found a newloving mother who to this day she stillcalls “mom.” It was this woman who gaveher a warm home after a troubled start inlife who inspired Davis to do somethingpositive with her career. Today, Davis, anSSEU Local 371 member, works as thecoordinator for Wednesday’s Child, a seg-ment on Channel 4 that features childrenin need of foster parents.
“Even when I went through a roughpatch, she always believed in me,” Davissaid about her oster mother. “She really helped me out. She instilled a desire in meto help others like she did or me. It was apromise ullled doing this work.”
A Weekly Effort
 Wednesdays Child, sponsored by theFreddie Mac Foundation, has been airing inNew York City since 1999. Davis, who was working on her Master’s degree in commu-nications at the New York Institute o Tech-nology, was approached by Channel 4 aterthe segment’s coordinator saw her speakingabout her childhood in oster care.Each week, Davis works rom the Administration or Children’s Services’150 William Street headquarters and each week teams up with the contracted agen-cies to nd children in need o a home.
Keema Davis said her oster mother inspired her to make a career in helping kids in need.
   P   a   t   A   r   n   o   w
 A Testament For a Center rom the People It Serves
Senior citizens rom the Senior Center at the Frederick Douglass Houses (New York City Housing Authority)made tiles or this mural honoring the center and thework that it does. “It is important or the seniors,”said Floyd Cohen, a 33-year-member o SSEU Local371 and the Director o the center. “It makes them eelmeaningul and it makes them eel productive.” Themural was unveiled on Nov. 4, and it was meant, Cohensaid, “or beautifcation o the center and beautifcationo the community.”
The CCSW annual celebration will takeplace March 16,2012 at District Council37. Dinner will be served rom 5:30 to6:45 with a program to ollow.I you earned your MSW in 2011 pleasecontact Yolanda Pumarejo at (212) 598-7053 to ensure you are recognized oryour accomplishment.
have been introduced, matched or settledin oster amilies.Davis hoped more SSEU Local 371members would consider becoming osterparents, or i they could not do so them-selves, reach out to riends and amily members who could adopt children.“You don’t have to be rich to be a osterparent,” she said. “We want caring people. We need good homes.”Davis isn’t a oster parent hersel. Whenasked why not, she laughed, “My apart-ment’s too small.”
The segment airs each Wednesday between5:30 and 6:00 p.m., and re-airs on Sundaymorning between 7 and 8 a.m. To reach out tothe program, call (212) 676-WISH.

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