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You Are Very Blessed!

You Are Very Blessed!



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Published by Rose
Just some thoughts on Thanksgiving and living life in gratitude!
Just some thoughts on Thanksgiving and living life in gratitude!

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Published by: Rose on Nov 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You Are Very Blessed! A Thanksgiving Message 
You are very blessed! I do hope you know that! But maybe you think Iam wrong. Maybe you think I can't know that, or anything else about you, Dear Anonymous Reader. But actually, I DO!!
Certainly there IS much I don't know about you. I don't know if youexperience God the same way I do. I don't even know if you believe inGod at all. I don't know if you are part of the culture that celebrates thefourth Thursday of November as a time of feasting and enjoying family,a special day dedicated to gratitude. Maybe in your culture there issome other day set aside for this purpose, other traditions and ways of celebrating.I don't know your circumstances. Maybe you are living in abundance,or maybe you don't even have enough to meet basic needs. Maybe youare enjoying good health, or maybe you are in severe pain or living out your very last days on this earth. Maybe you have a wonderful, lovingfamily and many close friends. Or maybe you are alone. Maybe you areexperiencing a time of grief, deeper and more intense than you everthought possible.Definitely these are things I can't know about you. But, because you arereading this, right here, right now, there are a number of things I DOknow about you.I know that you have a computer and Internet access. Most likely youown your very own computer. But even if you don't, you have a familymember or friend or resource in your community that shares and gives you the opportunity to be a part of the www. You are very blessed!I know that you have a bit of leisure time available for your hobbies,interests, and passions. It may not seem like much, but even if you area busy, busy person stuck spending most of your time doing somethingquite grueling or uninspiring, you are reading now. So I do know youhave at least some tiny bit of time available for relaxation andenjoyment. You are very blessed!And because you are reading this, I know you have a certain amount of freedom and access to all sorts of written material. No one is restricting what you are allowed to see and read. You are very blessed!And because you are experiencing this, I know that most likely you areable to read and able to see. But if you are lacking one or both of thoseblessings, then you do have a family member or friend or professionalcaregiver who cares enough to read to you. You are very blessed!
You must agree now, because I have proven it to you logically. You arevery blessed! So take a moment to reflect, and breathe it in, and enjoythe experience of gratitude!Reflect on the truth that, if your life is in such a state that blessings arenearly impossible to recognize and gratitude seems tragically out of place, then in some ways, your situation is similar to that of those whocelebrated the “First Thanksgiving”.Life was difficult in America in those years. The event that inspired theholiday we celebrate today happened as a kind of brief moment of joyshining through the struggle. It was a moment of peace in the midst of conflict, a moment of abundance in the midst of scarcity, a moment of acceptance of diversity in the midst of intolerance and hatred.No doubt the Native Americans and early European settlers who sharedthat time of feasting together had a bit of difficulty trusting and feelingcomfortable with each other, at least at first. So it is interesting that the way we celebrate the holiday now tends to be by spending time with thepeople who are most like us, the people we feel closest to and mostcomfortable with.Definitely most of my nearly 53 Thanksgiving Days have been spent withmy very wonderful family and I am, of course, grateful for that. But I doremember several different years scattered throughout my lifetime whenI was far from my own family, times when I spent the day welcomed intosomeone else's family.I think of one year in particular. My little daughter and I were invited tothe home of a coworker, a young woman who was not really a closefriend of mine. She had a beautiful Hawaiian name and said she washalf Hawaiian and half African American. It was the African Americanside of her family that lived there in North Carolina. My daughter and Ihad a very blessed day, spending time with people who were differentfrom us and didn't know us, but accepted us as family and made us feelat home.Certainly it is a good and beautiful thing to spend time with those welove and feel most comfortable with. But in the true spirit of the eventthat inspired the holiday, maybe we could include someone we are notso comfortable with, maybe because we don't know them well or

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Rose added this note
Live a life of gratitude all year long!
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Unidentified name added this note
Thank you, Rose. It was a real blessing to read this.
Rose added this note
Happy November!
Rose added this note
Happy awesome day!!! We got rain!!! Thank you, God!!!
Rose added this note
Happy Saturday! Every day is a gift from God!
Rose liked this
Tammy Rudolf-Greene added this note
Very well perceived, expressed and received. I am blessed over and over and over and over and over and over....... Thank you for sharing it. <3
Naeem Baig added this note
Rose another excellent piece of work. So hopefully enjoyed your thanks giving moments....

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