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Published by api-3748568
How To Become What You Desire
How To Become What You Desire

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Published by: api-3748568 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How To Become What you "Want"
Number one fact;
you can go no where until you know where you want to go.
How To Get There;
No# 1; First admit to yourself where you are in life- because, only you & "God"
know the answer to that one unless you already told everyone else up to this point in
No# 2; Admit that (no one owns anything)... because if you cant take it with you
when you die- then it didn\u2019t belong to you in the first place...
No# 3; Your "paycheck" does not belong to you- it belongs to the owner who started
the company.

No# 4; The money in your coffers & wallet do not belong to you- it (ALL) belongs to
\u201cGod\u201d & the fullness thereof- and the treasury who printed it only did the
artwork..."You\u2019re only the manager of that money- NOT the Owner...! &

God can replace any manager due to mismanagement even if mismanagement
wasn\u2019t your fault. Sometimes managers need to be replaced for their own
safety or for the benefit of company growth. The money only helps pave

roads into (your future choices).

No# 5; God will only (help) or reward you according to how you (Respect) God. If
you see God as a penny-pinching miser & a violent task-master, God will NOT
disappoint you. If you see your situation as a (deserved) circumstance... God will
oblige! including (sickness) & disease. Not out of meanness- but out of (undying)
devotion to his "child" who exercises faith or (fear) in him according to what they
"believe about Gods true nature...!

You already know that God is (spirit) and this same "spirit" is (LOVE)
and sometimes (Love) can hurt.
No# 6; Know what "God" desires!
i.e.; (thankful heart) (praise) & (exaltation) just like any other real
You don\u2019t even have to be of ANY (Religious) persuasion for that one...

You can live the life of an "Agnostic" for that one. ...(agnostic) means (DONT
KNOW)... "Agnostic-atheist" means; "don\u2019t know-& don\u2019t care" If you care &
don\u2019t know- then you are an (Agnostic)

No#7; If you just simply want to get ahead in your company- you must first become
"over-qualified" @ what you now do for them....If you show these simple
steps to Donald Trump or/and Bill Gates- they will (all) agree...(why?)


No# 8; You can never experience a (miracle) nor see an Angel until you first believe
in them- same thing goes for belief in Devils & demons including belief in the
personification of a real living "Satan\u201d. Your belief in them gives them life and gives
them permission to manifest within your life and what you believe about them and
what they can do gives them permission to (do it!)...Can you see the wind? (no)- we
can only see & feel the results of it. It\u2019s the same way with the (spirit)

A popular name for "spirit" these days is called; (sub-atomic particle) from which
all solid mass & biologic life-form start from. This is why we need to guard our
thoughts- because in the beginning was the word, yet prior to that word- there must
first be a (thought) & prior to any thought- there must first be a thinker... So as a
"thinker" you must train your (thoughts) and this is why; for as a man "thinks"- he
will eventually often become thevictim orslave to those same thoughts he or she
chooses to entertain\u2026

...You might perhaps want to ask @ this point; "Am I" where I wish to be? The
answer is (YES) for the moment, however I\u2019m not finished "growing" into what I\u2019m
thinking. any plan takes time- just like any plant needs time to grow- "so do we".
Even Donald Trump & Bill Gates are not through growing & they will tell you so...
"However" once a human or plant is born- they begin to die. It might take them
99.1 years to die- but none the less, its death will eventually come. The only thing
about them that does not die are their "thoughts" because (thoughts) are made up
of pure energy & you will learn in physics that (energy) cannot be destroyed. It can
be stretched, compressed & even divided into billions of particles & sub-sections,
but itCANNO T be destroyed.

It was Dr Edgar Casey who once said; "thoughts are things" but what I contend here is that he meant; (thoughts) eventually become things if they are dwelt upon long enough... (so) the secret here is; "train your thoughts to stay focused!" When our thoughts are nothing more than "cluttered chaos",then our real-life experience will eventually mirror & reflect that very same clutter. Jesus taught; ALL THINGS

are possible to \u201chim/her/them\u201d that believe- but your belief needs a basis to exist at

all, so- what are you daring to believe? What are you basing that belief upon? Because in the end analysis- it is (you) alone who are responsible for What you boldly dare to believe.

Just remember; \u201cFaith\u201d is a gift from God given To every man according to that
man or woman\u2019s (abilities) to \u201ccomprehend\u201d all the aspects and will of God. Since
(faith) is a gift; \u201cyou cannot buy it\u201d nor can you Earn it through study- because it\u2019s

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