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Published by: api-3748568 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Magi\u2019 s Si mple Magi ck

\u201c\u201dBlind Faith\u201d in your choice of method is all that is required of you to
obtain Favorable results. There are tons of different methods in
Witchcraft as well as Different traditions\u2026 Many Gods & Goddess\u2019s
by tons of different names & every name is only a single attribute of
the one single source of energy that delegates the powers that be thru
all those \u201csingle\u201d Gods & Goddess\u2019s at hand\u2026 In the end- you often
receive only what you really \u201cexpect\u201d.

I find the Wiccan Rede below to be very lovely poem- however,
Much like any other law, including the 10 commandments; The
Written laws only promote equal democracy- but does nothing for the
Poor & starving & once the operator or adept sees this, then spell
casting of any kind becomes much easier- for in the real world there is
no such thing as absolute right or wrong except according to personal
view point & true sin can only be found within the eyes of it\u2019s

I have found in spell casting that as long as you can convince yourself
that your spell of retribution is \u201cjustified\u201d\u2026then there
Will never be a backlash to fear. So, sometimes you may need to lie to
yourself just long enough until you convince yourself that the spell is

Crystal balls, candles, voodoo dolls, and tarot cards are only to help
the operator or adept to focus on the desired outcome. Eventually- you
will one day no longer need any of those psychic crutches- but even if
you do keep using the crutches- you will do yourself no harm- so what

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