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Future Trends Newsletter April 2006

Future Trends Newsletter April 2006

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Published by api-3697282
The Future Trends Newsletter for April 2006 by Brian Morgan.
The Future Trends Newsletter for April 2006 by Brian Morgan.

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Published by: api-3697282 on Oct 19, 2008
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Future Trends Newsletter April 2006
\u00a9 2006 Brian Morgan Research and Articles

Community Buying Networks.(New Form Of Supply & Demand)
Did Lies Get America in War?(Video From 20 Former US Workers)
Two Book Reviews from MarketWatch.
GM and Delphi News.
Online Movies & IPTV. (More TV on the Internet to Come)
Iran\u2019s Nuclear Story.(Preparing For Military Strikes Now)
Peer to Peer File Sharing, Free Movies Online.(Free Source of Online Movies)
Important Websites & Stories.

Community Buying Networks Online: The Future of the
Internet for Business and Consumers
\u00a92006 Brian Morgan Research and Articles

At the beginning of this week I went to the Microsoft website to see what kind of
content they offered in the line of videos. Most of what I found is business
related or news related. There was a keynote speech by Bill Gates (at the 2006

C.E.S. Conference) that explained his vision of the pc and the internet for the

next 5 years or so. And if anyone is going to predict the future, I guess he\u2019s
about the savviest to do so. At least for the developed world most of us are
accustomed to. The people I network with in India & Africa have a very different
world they live in. They are lucky to have electricity. One friend called from

Nigeria this afternoon to advocate that we attend a conference in Washington

DC (PEPFAR Conference), and half-way through the conversation he had to go
because of a power outage- everything went dark. Personally I believe that the
internet enables people to \u201cconsolidate into groups or networks\u201d, like when
people go to aforum and exchange ideas about current events and life in
general. People like forums to seek out \u201clike minded individuals\u201d and share their
perspectives in a very open forum, being safe behind the curtain of the internet.
These \u201cnetworks of people\u201d can be very large, (atwww.N a buur.c om we have
over 3,000 online volunteers) or they can be a small niche of people concerned
about special unique topics.

A few years ago I had a sort of idea about how \u201cnetworks of people\u201d could use
the internet, television, and the telephone to create what I will label \u201cConsumer
Buying Networks\u201d (CBN). The internet doesn\u2019t really need to be included for

the idea to work, but since many people use it as a form of communication, I add
it thinking people will converse online. The idea of the CBN is that a very large
audience (i.e. 100,000 people) could work as a group to buy bundles of

products from a manufacturer/wholesaler. The concept would be similar to

the television showQVC (www.QVC.com) with the difference being the
audience (network) could buy a bundle supply of products (i.e. a 12 month supply
of bath & kitchen products) and as thesales for the \u201cbundled products\u201d

increased the overall cost per unit would decrease. So as sales increased, the
price of the \u201cbundled product\u201d would decrease making it even more desirable for
new buyers. The CBN could even
post on the TV the amount of
sales necessary in order to
achieve a certain discounted
product price. So people would
call or contact their friends
trying to increase the sales
volume to lower the per unit
prices. This is how I see
\u201cnetworks\u201d being used for
the benefit of the individual family.
A company that would

empower this sort of benefit for large networks of people (say an entire city)
would really push their own competitors out of the marketplace for a period of
time. That is if the CBN is selling products for a 12-36 month supply. I think it
would be good for the customers, but it would really be a tough system to
compete against if your firm didn\u2019t employ the same platform of selling and
distribution. I guess product manufacturers should be seeing this in their \u201ccrystal
ball\u201d; it is the same way that the cellular companies have been selling

cellular service since the early 1990\u2019s.They sell their product in bulk only;

you sign a year or two year contract. This would be unlike Sam\u2019s Club in that the
consumers would have more control over the goods they purchase. Me ,for one,
would prefer buying a years supply of American Made Fax Paper and American
Made garbage bags or American Made light-bulbs, than I would a one months
supply of Asian Made goods. Ultimately the CBN would try to supply categories
of product lines so as to offer a family/consumer a complete area of products for
a specific length of time, so as to lock out their competition and provide the
buying network (CBN) with the lowest prices. Here is an example that I would
think would work as a \u201csample\u201d product category:

The Bathroom Product Line (24 month supply):
Toothpaste 12 Tubes
Toothbrushes 8

Mouthwash 12 Hand Soap 24 Shampoo 12

Conditioner 12
Men\u2019s Razors 216

Women\u2019s Razors 216
Shaving Cream 20
Toilet Paper 96

Tub Tile Cleaner 9
Toilet Cleaner 12
Scrub Brush 4
Rubber Gloves 4 pairs
Mop 1
Counter Wipes 12
CBN Article Resources:

Bill Gates Keynote:http://w ww.microsoft.com/ath ome/ vi deos/defau lt.mspx
Online Volunteering:http:/ /w w w.Nabuur.com
Well Known Forums:http:/ /w w w.To n yRobbi ns.com

Did Lies Get A Country Into War?

I will state that I am non-biased toward the war in Iraqi at least for this article; this
article is based on an online documentary video available for peer-to-peer file
sharing networks. I was trying to get the movie \u201cFahrenheit 911\u201d but instead got
a movie called \u201cUncovered The Whole Truth About The Iraqi War\u201d, \u00a92003
Carolina Productions, Inc., Produced and Directed by Robert Greenwald,
Associate Producers Chris Gordon & Jim Gilliam. I found this movie in the peer-
to-peer online site calledwww.LimeWire.com (Lime Wire) and the title was
called \u201cFarenheit 911- Film by Moor\u201d, which wasnot the correct title.

The \u201cUncovered\u2026\u201d movie I highly recommend, it contains about 1 hour of
documentation of 10 to 20 past government employees and service workers that
believe the US President and other high government officials (Powell & Rice...)
basically lied to congress and the media about the reality of Iraq\u2019s weaponry

and the state of it\u2019s \u2018weapons of mass destruction\u2019. Here are some tidbits
from the movie, I hope you are able to find it and watch it.

Ray McGovern (27 year CIA Analyst), \u201cWhen the emperor has no clothes you
have to have the presence of mind, and the courage to stand up and say \u2018the
emperor has no clothes\u2019.\u201d \u201cThere was never a clear threat. Weapons of mass
destruction was fabricated to get the House (Politicians) to approve the Iraqi war.
The administration has not been honest with its longer range goals and
philosophy for going to war\u2026,\u201d Graham Full (25 years foreign service).
Saddam Hussein\u2019s son-in-law, Hussein Kamel said in August of 1995 (he was in
charge at the time), \u201cI ordered the destruction of all chemical weapons, all
weapons- biological, chemical, missile, nuclear were destroyed\u2026\u201d. Kamel made
these claims in 1995 that the weapons of mass destruction were destroyed, and
the USA knew this. Yet video clips of politicians in this movie show, right before
the war, that they (politicians- Rice, Powell, Bush) claimed they knew for afact
that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Some politicians in this movie go as

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