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Bluebird Meadows Missions

Bluebird Meadows Missions

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Published by Roxann Smith

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Published by: Roxann Smith on Nov 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bluebird Meadows Missions
Talk to Zeke in Bluebird Meadows Mission
Talk to Zeke in Bluebird Meadows to find out where Tony is hiding Zoe.Requirement: Talk to Zeke.Hint: Click on Zeke in Bluebird Meadows.Reward:
22 XP, 82 Cash
Payday! Mission
Zeke's suppliers want their money, NOW! Fight them off!Requirement: Save Zeke from the dealers.Hint: Make sure you have good weapons and armor.Reward:
22 XP, 82 Cash
Torch Song Mission
Steal a Blowtorch so you can liberate Zeke's stash from his storage unit.Requirement: Steal a Blowtorch from the Fire Station.Hint: The Fire Station is on the east side of town.Reward:
22 XP, 82 Cash
Blow Job Mission
Use your Blowtorch to cut around the lock on the storage hanger.Requirement: Cut out the lock on the storage hanger to recover Zeke's stash.Hint: Click on the storage hanger to break in.Reward:
22 XP, 82 Cash
Caught In The Open Mission
Zeke's suppliers arrived just a little too late. You'll have to fight to keep the stash.Requirement: Fight off Zeke's suppliers.Hint: Visit Home turf. If you're losing the fights, try using boosts.Reward:
22 XP, 82 Cash
Reefer Redux Mission
Give stash to Zeke and he'll help you find Zoe.Requirement: Give Zeke the stash from the Storage Hanger.Hint: Return to Zeke.Reward:
22 XP, 82 Cash
Mall Mutterings Mission
Learn what you can by eavesdropping on Mall Employees.Requirement: Eavesdrop on the Mall Employees.Hint: Hang out near the mall to listen in on the employees.Reward:
22 XP, 82 Cash
Mall Mashing Mission
Apparently the customer is not always right.Requirement: Beat up the Mall Employees.Hint: Hints are for sissies! Figure it out!Reward:
22 XP, 82 Cash
Pass As A High Schooler Mission
To pose as a High Schooler, you need to dress the part.Requirement: Rob the strip mall to assemble a high school wardrobe.Hint: Pick the southernmost of the four strip mall buildings.Reward:
22 XP, 82 Cash
Townie Talk Mission
Gather information on Zoe's whereabouts by eavesdropping on Townies.Requirement: Eavesdrop on Townies.Hint: Click on the townies near the high school.Reward:
22 XP, 82 Cash
Back To School Mission
Get inside the High School so you can talk to the Janitor.Requirement: Infiltrate the High School.Hint: The High School is on the west side of town.Reward:
22 XP, 82 Cash
Interrogate The Janitor Mission
You need information. The Janitor has information. It's a match made in heaven.Requirement: Convince the Janitor to talk to you.Hint: This looks like a hint, but actually it's not. You know what to do.Reward:
22 XP, 83 Cash
Townie Tussle Mission
Apparently the townsfolk here are overly aggressive.Requirement: Beat down the Townies.Reward:
22 XP, 82 Cash
Speak With Zeke Mission
You've gathered some leads. Time to check back with Zeke to see if he can make sense of them.Requirement: Talk to Zeke.Hint: Zeke is still hanging out at the Strip Mall. And he's still stoned.Reward:
23 XP, 83 Cash
Rob An Electronic Store Mission
Rob the electronics stores in the strip malls in town to get the equipment you'll need to setup surveillance.Requirement: Steal 12 concealable cameras.Hint: Steal equipment from the electronic stores in the strip malls in Bluebird Meadows.Reward:
23 XP, 83 Cash
Plant Concealable Cameras Mission
Hide cameras around town to find out where Tony is hiding Zoe.Requirement: Plant the concealable cameras.Hint: Click on the houses with quest marks over them.Reward:
23 XP, 83 Cash
Check In With Zeke Mission
 Now that the cameras are planted, check in with Zeke to see if he has any news for you.Requirement: Talk to Zeke.Hint: Talk to Zeke.Reward:
23 XP, 83 Cash
Meet The Stranger Mission
Someone's looking for you. Better find them first!Requirement: Talk to the stranger.Hint: The stranger is loitering near the Storage Hanger.Reward:
23 XP, 83 Cash

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