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1984 Outline Final 3

1984 Outline Final 3



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Published by: api-3755299 on Oct 19, 2008
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Linda Liu
Stewart Wenner
1984 Essay Outline

Thesis:Though George Orwell\u2019s vision of a totalitarian, dystopian society did not materialize within the
time period that he foresaw, the human greed for power has led to increasing government control of
civilian life \u2013 simply visible in a more discreet and subdued form.
Topic sentence: The government in George Orwell\u2019s1984 maintained its power through extreme
totalitarianism, including the control of ideas and the truth, invasion of civilian privacy, and population
\ue000control of ideas, truth
\ue0011984: Ministries (i.e. Ministry of Truth) produce and censor all documents; Thought Police
monitors ideas
\u25a0Lack of legal rights

\ue000Ministry of Love: eliminates trials \u2013 truth of arrests and crimes hidden
\ue000forces citizens to love Big Brother, betray loved ones
\ue000forcefully, but secretly, eliminates \u201ccriminals\u201d

\u25a0manipulation of public opinion
\ue000propaganda: Two Minutes Hate
\ue000doublethink, Newspeak: limits ideas that can be expressed; intended to impose only
positive attitudes upon thinker
\ue000the Party can never be wrong (hold two contradictory thoughts in head)
\ue000promotes anti-solipsism \u2013 instead of only believing in one\u2019s self and one\u2019s thoughts,
the population was made to believe in only the Party and the Party\u2019s ideas
\ue000invasion of privacy
\ue0011984: telescreens, bugs and microphones (espionage)
\u25a0purpose: maintain loyalties of all citizens to Party (i.e. Maintain status quo)
\u25a0\u201c\u2019I didn\u2019t want to say anything in the lane,\u201d she went on, \u201cin case there\u2019s a mike hidden
in there\u2019\u201d (Orwell 99).

\u25a0no safe place\u2014even Mr. Charrington\u2019s house (a supposed safe haven) was bugged
\u25a0Thought Police \u2013 not even minds are free
\u25a0Young Spies recruits children to help the Party, turn against parents/friends

\ue000population control
\ue0011984: population control to maintain loyalty to Party
\u25a0sex as procreation only \u2013 not pleasure

\ue000marriages without children are sometimes separated
\ue000only proles acknowledged to have sexual instincts
\ue000love and eroticism removed from sexual act

\u25a0almost never see citizens of other super-states (other than as political prisoners, slaves)
\u25a0Junior Anti-Sex League/Young Spies
\u25a0People kept busy and distracted with community activities to channel sexual repression

into loyalty to the party
\ue000Literary device: anti-utopian/dystopian
\ue001imaginary place where people lead dehumanized, fearful lives
\u25a0dehumanization: repression and control of natural instincts such as sex, free thought
\u25a0fearful: paranoia pervasive,interminable (\u201che had set his features into the expression of
quiet optimism which it was advisable to wear when facing the telescreen\u201d (Orwell 8))
\ue001characterized by oppressive state control (i.e. authoritarian or totalitarian government)
\u25a0Party controls all aspects of life through four Ministries
Topic sentence: Though modern nations haven\u2019t reached the extremism of Orwell\u2019s
government, many of the controls on information, privacy, and choice initiated by current
administrations mirror dangerously those depicted in his dystopia.
\ue001control of literature/media
\u25a0manipulation of public opinion

\ue000propaganda: political campaigns
\ue000banned books from libraries
\ue000in People\u2019s Republic of China, some of the largest media companies are agencies of

the government (CCTV, People\u2019s Daily, Xinhua)
\ue001certain taboos (ex: not allowed to question Communist Party of China)
\ue000current Cuban regime very restrictive of media
\ue001Castro\u2019s regime maintains monopoly of information, confiscates property of
independent media
\ue001invasion of privacy
\u25a0monitoring of public communication
\u25a0\u201cI Spy\u201d

\ue000purpose: to maintain security of nation (i.e. to maintain status quo)
\ue000government tap into telephone wires, e-mail messages
\ue000\u201cSince 9/11\u2026has eavesdropped\u2014without warrants, or permission from the courts\u2014

on about 500 Americans a day\u201d
\ue000shows less obvious manipulation/control of citizens, but clearly prevalent
\u25a0though not exactly the same as Orwell imagined, technology has progressed to the point
that telescreens and hidden microphones are possible (and do essentially exist) today
\ue001population control

\u25a0cultural stigma against sex: East Asian societies, religious (e.g. Muslim) \u25a0government control: e.g. China \u2013 limit on family size/number of children \u25a0sexual oppression in Nazi party

\ue000desired population control/modification (to maintain \u201cpurity\u201d) --> party remains in
\u25a0genocides preserve current groups in power
\ue000Armenian: justification (propaganda) as liability, threat to security
\ue000Rwandan: prevent a rise of power of another ethnic group
\ue001similar controls: Hutu Ten Commandments \u2013 no intermarriage, more rights to
one group
\ue001propaganda: hate-radio broadcasts to arouse population to violence

\ue000Mr. Chiu simply argues with a police officer
\ue000immediately apprehended, thrown in jail
\ue000deprived of a trial, civil rights
\ue000falsification of past/information (seen by witness reports)
\ue000similarly to Winston, Chiu was not killed\u2014only forced to admit he was wrong

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