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Legend of Troy

Legend of Troy



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Published by: api-26499375 on Oct 19, 2008
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Advanced EC I (sec. 1)
Prof. Gillian Kitrick
Due date: 10-6-04
Rungkarn R. (4680657)

\u2018The Legend of Troy\u2019

Some backgrounds and descriptions of the events and characters are not fully
provided in the movie \u2018Troy\u2019 and some are distorted from the original \u2018Troy\u2019 in Homer\u2019s
epic \u2018Iliad\u2019. The followings are extra information which would guide the audience to the
further understanding of the legend of Troy.

Introduction: the main characters
- Priam, King of Troy
- Paris (also called Alexandros), son of Priam and Hecuba, thought to be the

most beautiful man alive. Paris was going to be killed at birth because Cassandra (the
prophetic daughter of Priam) made a prophecy about Hecuba\u2019s dream of burning torch
that he would bring harm to Troy. However, the new-born Paris was rescued by
shepherds and taken to Mount Ida where he grew up. Some years later, young Paris
returned to Troy for the athletic game competitions and was recognized so he went back
to his royal family.

- Hector, Prince of Troy, Paris\u2019 older brother
- Zeus, the most powerful of all gods, who had over a hundred consorts and

- Agamemnon, the most powerful king in Greece, brother of Menelaus
- Menelaus, King of Sparta, Helen\u2019s husband
- Helen, daughter of Zeus and Leda, was believed to be the most beautiful

woman in the world. She was born from an egg because Zeus made love to Leda in
form of a swan. She is the only female child of Zeus and a mortal.

- Achilles, son of Peleus and Thetis, was bathed in the waters of the River Styx to protect him from death in the battle, as it was determined that son of a mortal and a divine sea nymph would die in war. He was the best soldier in the Greeks\u2019 army.

- Odysseus, King of Ithaca, Greece
- Telamonian Ajax, the second best soldier in Greeks\u2019 army
Background of the Trojan War: The Apple of Discord

The war between the Greeks and the Trojans was rooted from the marriage of
Peleus and Thetis, a sea-goddess, who deliberately did not invite Eris, the goddess of
discord, to the party. As a result, the goddess was angry and went to the party anyway,
bringing a golden apple with her which was written \u201cFor the fairest\u201d. Hera (Zeus\u2019 wife),
Aphrodite (Zeus\u2019 daughter), and Athena (Zeus\u2019 daughter) all claimed for the apple, and
asked Zeus to judge but he refused. So he chose Paris, [Contradiction between two
sources: one states that Paris still was a herdsman on mount Ida (5), another states that
he was Prince of Troy at the time (1)] who was thought to be the most beautiful man
alive, to decided who would get the apple. The goddesses each promised Paris prize if
he picked her: Hera promised him power, Athena promised him wealth and wisdom, and
Aphrodite offered him the most beautiful woman in the world as his wife. Paris picked
Aphrodite, who then announced that Helen of Sparta would be his wife.

The next section is the comparison showing the major differences between the
movie and original Troy, starting from the first part of the movie where Hector and Paris
went to Sparta as Trojans ambassadors. The following is the continuation of the event
mentioned above.

Troy: the movie
Troy: Homer
-Both Hector and Paris went to
Sparta as ambassadors.
-Menelaus was in Sparta at the
time Helen ran off.
-Paris did not take anything with
him from Sparta (apart from
-No ambassador was sent to Troy
before the Spartans set off for the
-Achilles withdrew his forces (the
Myrmidons) from the army.
-Hector saved Paris just as
-Only Paris went to Sparta.
-Menelaus was out of town when
Helen ran off with Paris.
-Paris took with them a vast
amount of Spartan\u2019s treasure.
-The Spartans sent a delegation

(Odysseus and Menelaus) to Troy,
demanding the return of Helen
and the treasure but Priam
refused, so they returned to
Greece. The war was declared.

-Achilles asked his mother, Thetis,

to negotiate on his behalf with
Zeus to give the Trojans help in
the war because Agamemnon
offended him and he no longer
wanted to participate in the war.

-Aphrodite saved Paris just as

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