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JUDAS Moving Forward in Faith

JUDAS Moving Forward in Faith

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Published by api-3854744
Sketch from the Jesus/Disciple series. Pushing forward for GOD and bulding his kingdom.
Sketch from the Jesus/Disciple series. Pushing forward for GOD and bulding his kingdom.

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Published by: api-3854744 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Grace & Love Christian Fellowship
JUDAS\u2013 Moving Forward In Faith
Jesus is sitting quietly by himself when Judas approaches him.
Eh, Jesus.
Yes, Judas.
I think one of us has lost the plot here.
Why is that Judas?

Well, Jesus, we all talked and prayed this through. You, as well as us
disciples. We have spent hours in prayer meetings and planning what we
should do. We all agree that God is doing something really special here. We
all believe he is calling you to bring in the Kingdom, but we must stick to the
game plan. Jerusalem is the crunch point, and we will not take it like this. We
need to send in all of our followers to prepare the ground. They will be our
evangelistic team, going door to door if necessary telling people that you are
their saviour and the saviour of the nation. We can have marches witnessing to
your ministry. Meetings to spread the good news. We need to make more
disciples so we can make a strong move against those who won\u2019t accept
change or stand against God\u2019s purpose here.

Hang on a minute, Judas.

But, Jesus, there is no time left to hang on to. You are risking everything we have worked for. Everything we believe God wants. You gave us a vision, and now you are throwing it away.


- Long Pause\u2013 Judas, we have prayed; we have discussed; we have planned;
but most of all we have tried to listen for God\u2019s voice. You may think you
have caught a glimpse of His vision for this time and this place, but that is all it
is\u2013 a glimpse. Our Heavenly Father does want to usher in the Kingdom here,
but he will choose the method and the time. He will do it His way and how He
sees it, not how we see it.


But Jesus, you told us the Kingdom is at hand and that even now, strong men take it by force. We need to be strong in our faith, resolute in our purpose and focussed on building the Kingdom. We can see the goal and need to plan to make it happen. We can do this. We can do it for Him.


Judas, Judas! How many times must we go through this? How many good
men and women have planned and plotted to enable the Kingdom to come in
their time only to see their hopes dashed and people disillusioned or hurt? The
Kingdom of God is the Movement of God. You can no more force God to
move than you can fly to the moon. Make your plans, make your moves, but

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