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Lucifera - The Blood Countess of Transylvania

Lucifera - The Blood Countess of Transylvania

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Published by: Jesús Pedro Osorio Dávalos on Nov 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Blood Countess of  Transylvania
(a short and simple version)By LuciferaMany of you are familiar with the legend of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungariancountess who was obsessed with torturing and murdering other women to obtain their  blood. Well, here is a re-telling of her unforgettable legend. This research is derivedfrom a speech I gave in class and I decided to add it here for your pleasure andcuriosity.
If you don’t believe in the existence of vampires…think again!
To understand why Countess Bathory was defined as a vampire, you must firstunderstand what vampire is.A. Vampires are believed to be creatures that drain the life source or energy and whocan be physical, ghostly or formless.B. The vampire is known in superstitions for feasting on the blood of others.One woman managed to live like a vampire, this woman is Countess Elizabeth Bathory.In this essay I will write about her background, her marriage, her crimes, her trial, andthe works she has inspired. According to Anthony Masters and other sources, CountessElizabeth Bathory killed between 300-600 women.
Let’s start with a little background on CountessBathory
Elizabeth Bathory was born in Hungary in 1560 into a noble family that had landsthroughout Transylvania. She had relatives of high status. Her relatives were princes, acardinal, a prime minister, and others in high ranks The most famous Bathory wasStephen, King of Poland during the mid 1500’s.Elizabeth Bathory was promised in marriage to Count Ferencz Nadasdy at the age of 11,she married the 25-year-old count at the age of 15. The Count adopted her surname, andshe kept her last name. They both lived in Castle Csjethe, a cold, damp, gloomy castle,unfortunately, Count Nadasdy was always away in a battle and Elizabeth’s life in thatcastle became uneventful.Elizabeth decided to add some spice to her life and soon became unfaithful to her husband, in addition she easily found people to entertain her in the occult arts. Her husband didn’t seem to mind and forgave her for being unfaithful.
The Awakening
Elizabeth’s interest in torture began when she realized there were torture devices thatwere kept in the castle. She watched her husband torture prisoners on these claw-like pincers that when used could rip the flesh in such a way that even the count stoppedusing it. Elizabeth also became interested in playing with whips. During the 1600’sCount Nadasdy died.
The Torture Begins
Elizabeth Bathory tortured and killed many peasant women. After her husband died,Elizabeth found many lovers. They were interested in her name and fortune; her husband would be next in line to be king. This blew up Elizabeth’s ego making her  believed she was the most beautiful woman. Elizabeth feared that age would take awayher beauty.Infuriated, she struck one of her servant girls so hard that some blood dripped from her face onto Elizabeth’s hand making her believe that the blood that fell on her hand madeher skin younger.
Elizabeth Bathory decides she will bathe in youngwomen’s blood.
She had several accomplices go out and get girls. These peasant girls came believingthey were there to work but where tortured and killed instead.
Castle Csejthe became a torture chamber.
Women were hung upside down, while they were still alive and their throats were slit to prepare Elizabeth’s bath, many were put in cages that had spikes within, the victim wassquatted in this small cage and if they fell asleep they would be impaled. The Countessof Transylvania got to the point that she drank her victims’ blood but was never completely satisfied with the results (hmm I wonder why).Someone had the answer to Elizabeth’s dissatisfaction; her accomplice suggested thatshe should use better blood, the blood of other noble women. Many of these womenwere still of a lower status than Elizabeth but she managed to kill at least 40 of them.
Transition: Elizabeth’s blood fetish is finally stopped
Unfortunately for Elizabeth Bathory financial troubles and debts where her ruin. Thiswas one of the reasons she was investigated. The second reason was the killing of theupper class women, therefore, it seems that the investigation took place because of thedesire by others to obtain whatever was left of her wealth and her property.
In 1610, Elizabeth’s blood showers were stopped.

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