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a Deployment

a Deployment

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Published by api-26304852

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Published by: api-26304852 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Executive Summary 1
Folder level deployment
Incremental deployment:

To outline the necessary step required for deploying informatica objects for complete and
partial deployment from one environment to another.

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Options available in GUI
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Folder level deployment
Execute the script $PM_HOME/export_fold.sh as infauser, this should create the XML of
the whole folder. Also, this should create a \u2018folder. log\u2019 file; user can review this to make
sure there is no error in exported XML file. It\u2019s very important to export the XML file
without any error.

Sftp the xml file to development and subsequently to local or share drive.
Invoke the repository manager GUI, Choose \u201cRepository -> Import Objects\u201cand
choose the XML which was copied over from the server.
Fig 1
Informatica will analyze the XML file and collate all the require information
Fig 2

For a full deployment, choose the top level folder and move onto the right pane. If
there are shortcuts referring to the folders, those also will be displayed on the left pane.
You don\u2019t have to choose the folder which contains shortcuts. As, it\u2019s a prerequisite that
all the shortcuts are deployed prior to the referenced object.

Referenced object deployment
Fig 3
Standalone object deployment: Choose the complete folder
Fig 4
If the name of the folder need to be changed, it can be done by pressing the
down arrow in the \u2018Destination folder\u2019 :
If this is redeployment make sure the folder name is same as \u2018Folder in XML
File\u2019, otherwise, this could potentially overwrite the folder specified in Destination.
Standalone object
Fig 5
Referenced object
Fig 6

Next step will provide more control on what objects to be deployed and what sort
of action to be taken if any conflicts occur during deployment. Choose \u2018all objects\u2019
under \u2018Selection Criteria\u2019 and \u2018Prompt User\u2019 under \u2018Section Resolution\u2019

Note: By default there will not any rule, you need to click on \u2018New Rule\u2019 to add.
Fig 7

Upon clicking Import, informatica will produce a conflict report and expect the
user to choose the course of action. This is pretty important step and a wrong option
might lead to unwanted results. For a fresh deployment, usually there won\u2019t be any
conflict, if at all there is it could be for the \u2018default session config\u2019. See below for the

General Conflict resolutions:
Conflict can occur when / if another workflow with the same name exists already.
Choose \u2018Reuse\u2019, if you decide to use the existing one available in the

destination.(choose this option for \u2018default session config\u2019 conflict)
Choose \u2018Overwrite\u2019 if you want to overwrite the existing object in destination

with the object to be deployed
Choose \u2018Rename\u2019, if you decide to keep both the objects
Choose \u2018Skip\u2019 if you decide to skip this object from deploying.

Session Conflict:
For the mapping which had gone changes, informatica will ask user to decide
which mapping session correspond to a session, user needs to associate the session to the
right mapping.

Shortcut Conflict:
As a rule of thumb, make sure shortcuts are available well ahead of deploying the
objects that are being referenced, On account of object is deployed without parent
objects, then all the links to and from the objects will be disconnected.

If the copy folders option is selected and if the parent for the shortcut(s) is/are not
available then shortcut will be created as copy. So the bottom line is, be sure to
successfully deploy the parent of the shortcuts first of everything.

Fig 8
Once done, Summary of the conflict resolution will be displayed, go through it
carefully to make sure all the actions are correct.

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