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YMEC Meeting Notes-DC 5

YMEC Meeting Notes-DC 5

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Published by: api-3701251 on Oct 19, 2008
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Youth Ministry Executive Council
Potomac, Maryland
May 2-3, 2006
\u201cYouth Ministry and the Church of the Future\u201d

Present: David Blair, Ron Boehme, Dan Britton, Mike Calhoun, Terry Carty, Chad
Childress, Doug Clark, Rachael Cooley, Allen Copus, Dave Curtiss, Greg Davis, Tami
Dooms, Lance Finley, Paul Fleischmann, Bob Flores, Randy Hall, Beth Helton, Mike
Higgs, Monty Hipp, Mike King, Chuck Klein, Jerry Mann, Jay Mooney, Rick Morgan,
Chuck Neder, Fern Nichols, Danny Oertli, Mark Oestreicher, Jeff Piehl, Dave Rahn,
Rocky Rausch, Rolly Richert, Richard Ross, Johnny Scott, Barry St. Clair, Andy
Stephenson, Greg Stier, BJ Strote, Doug Tegner, Becky Tirabassi, Allen Weed, Haley
Wherry, Nancy Wilson, Don Wolgemuth.

Bob Flores, director of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (U.S.

Dept. of Justice) shared about the need for mentors for youth. He encouraged each
organization to find mentors within their membership, as well as to seek donors who
could support the NNYM effort, MentorYouth.com.

Rolly Richertand Paul Fleischmann introduced the evening\u2019s theme of \u201cPersonal
Preparation\u201d as leaders for youth ministry of the Future. After sharing one-on-one,
Danny Oertli led worship.
Progress in the Battle (Individuals sharing)

Greg Stier: great experience with mixed group of kids on \u201cretreat\u201d in mountains
Doug Tegner: Urban Summit was great leap forward in January
Jay Mooney: Sensing growing support for youth ministry from the body of Christ
Richard Ross: Turning Hearts conferences helped change families \u2013 dramatic stories
Mark Oestreicher: YS has been bought by Zondervan. It\u2019s a good thing!
Dave Curtiss: Youth ministry in Church of Nazarene has been turning the corner! New

staff and increased funding from the denom.
Chuck Klein: New website resources for evangelism have been receiving great response
Ron Boehme: Advances in the \u201cextreme experience\u201d in sharing the gospel on mission
frontiers like the Muslim world and in China.
Mike Higgs shared about \u201cdesperation.\u201d He recapped the story of \u201cThe Emperor\u2019s New
Clothes.\u201d There are parallels with the state of youth ministry and youth evangelism!
In 2 Chronicles 20, Jehoshaphat prayed a relevant prayer for us (20:12) \u2013 \u201c\u2026we are

powerless before this great multitude who are coming against us; nor do we know
what to do, but our eyes are on Thee.\u201d We need to admit that with all our good stuff,
we don\u2019t know what to do, either.

Revelation 3:17 \u2013 \u201cyou are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.\u201d
Isaiah 30: 15 \u2013 \u201cIn repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your
strength, but you would have none of it.\u201d
Small groups: Agree or disagree: \u2018We are in a place of desperation in youth ministry.\u201d
What are areas in your life where you sense desperation?
In 2 Chronicles 20, God directed Jehoshaphat to put the worshippers at the front.
Large Group: \u201cDesperate\u201d prayer\u2026
Worship and Scripture with Danny Ortlei
\u201cYouth Ministry and the Church of the Future\u201d
Mark Oestreicher: The World in 10 Years
Book: A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age
(Daniel Pink)
Asia \u2013 shifts as U.S. church becomes more like Europe; Asian church will set pace
Automation \u2013 we\u2019ll need to become more big picture/creative. Dominant social
networking site is MySpace, IM, not email
Abundance \u2013 we have lots of \u201cstuff\u201d but looking for meaning in our lives\u2026\u201dthe
most striking feature of contemporary culture is the unslaked thirst for meaning.\u201d
Identity is anchored in \u201clocal/global,\u201d not \u201cindividual/national\u201d which has
implications for youth ministry
Richard Ross: The Church in 10 Years
How do we do church when all human verbal knowledge can be accessed w/ a PDA
by the persons sitting in a pew? Three types of churches will emerge:
Traditional, Non Adapting Churches that are doing \u201cbusiness as usual\u201d will
close by tens of thousands. Many will be sold and become mosques\u2026or
something else.
Churches doing the wrong thing with excellence will be big and successful, but
on the wrong track. Building for segregation \u2013 by age\u2026for comfort of
membership\u2026palaces of religious people.
Biblical Churches Close to the Heart of God. Others will \u201cget it\u201d \u2013
characterized by brokenness, humility, pervasive prayer. People who humble
themselves\u20262 Chron. 7:14 lived out\u2026led by pastors who are broken, with
intergenerational relationships\u2026adults and children involved as mentors and
Dave Curtiss: Youth Ministry in 10 Years
Be prepared for the \u201cdeconstruction\u201d of modern youth ministry and a reformation of
ecclesiology and methodology.
Students\u2019 identity with a church will be increasingly built upon worship experience
Bigger is not necessarily better for this generation. They prefer a regular, yet liquid,
small community; intimate, protective relationships
\u201cInfo-lust age\u201d gives them great awareness and many options
Traditional mission trip may become thing of past\u2026they may create their own local
or global mission experience.
More student-led and less adult-driven

The \u201cgorilla in the room\u201d will be the increasing impact of ethnicity\u2026by 2025 50%
of U.S. will be Hispanic. If the church can\u2019t adjust to the increase in urbanization
youth ministry impact will erode.

The call: to be \u201cBoaz\u201d \u2013 to protect, resource, empower and redeem this generation
Small Groups: The World\u2026The Church\u2026 The Lost
\u201cThe World\u201d groups:
Asia: We as a church/culture are getting left in the dust\u2026need to move from right-brain
to left-brain dominated. Doctors as an example (from \u2018knowledge broker\u2019 to \u2018empathetic
listener\u2019). We need to learn from what we observe.
Automation: how do we use that reality to reach teenagers, and equip teenagers to reach
their tribe there?
Abundance: need for transcendence\u2026example of a youth group in Kansas City, MO who
adopted 250 abandoned kids in a third-world country \u2013 getting totally involved w/ people
there. Kids tend to identify globally.
Ministry cannot be defined by borders, but by communities and participants. Existing
structures will change or adapt or be abandoned. The church will probably be pressured

to change by global changes.
Church in other countries will come back to America to do evangelism here.
Contemporary Christians tend to do what works for them.
Action: Collaboration\u2026 Back to basics\u2026Community\u2026

\u201cThe Church\u201d groups:

Are kids leaving the church, or going out and searching for God? (Big \u201cC\u201d vs. little \u201cc\u201d)
We need benchmarks for spiritual growth\u2026if not the church, then who? Change is a
long-term process\u2026there is a need for a more relational approach.

Change will come from humility among groups.

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