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Past Tense Exercise

Past Tense Exercise

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Published by encalambrada

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Published by: encalambrada on Nov 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WRITE THE PAST TENSE (REGULAR VERBS)1.Children (dress) quickly.2.I (help) my mother in the kitchen.3.We (walk) in the park.4.They (wash) their clothes in the bathroom.5.We (watch) an interesting film.6.Students (work) in the garden.7.Guna(play) basketball.8.The girl (skip) very fast.9.Henry (ski) down the hill.10.It (rain) a lot.READ THE FORMS OF THE VERBSsit sat have hadspeak spoke see sawrun ran pay paidmake made go wentswim swam fly flewsleep slept say saidstand stood read readWRITE IN THE FORMS OF THE VERBS1.I (see) my friends yesterday.2.He (have) a short break in the morning.3.They (speak) about holidays.
4.We (make) a nice present.5.They (sleep) well.6.She (go) home.7.I (swim) in the river.8.You (run) very fast.9.They (pay) for the hotel.10.She (say) very much.
WRITE IN THE FORMS OF THE VERBS.1.I (stand) at the door.2.The birds (fly) away.3.They (read) an interesting book.4.You (sit) at the fireplace.5.I (have) a good time yesterday.6.She (swim) in the sea.7.They (speak) English last lesson.8.You (pay) for the book.9.We (make) our beds.10.They (go) to work.WRITE IN THE FORMS OF THE VERBSsit havespeak seerun paymake goswim flysleep saystand read

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