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Published by Robert Vale

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Published by: Robert Vale on Nov 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Department of Defense
1400.25-V 2008
1400.25-V 2008
 August 17, 2009August 17, 2009
 Incorporating Change 1, January 15, 2010 Incorporating Change 1, January 15, 2010
USD(P&R)USD(P&R)SUBJECT: DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Defense Civilian IntelligencePersonnel System (DCIPS) Awards and RecognitionSUBJECT: DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Defense Civilian IntelligencePersonnel System (DCIPS) Awards and RecognitionReferences: See Enclosure 1References: See Enclosure 11. PURPOSE1. PURPOSEa. Instruction. This Instruction is composed of several volumes, each containing its ownpurpose. The purpose of the overall Instruction, in accordance with the authority in DoDDirective (DoDD) 5124.02 (Reference (a)), is to establish and implement policy, establishprocedures, provide guidelines and model programs, delegate authority, and assignresponsibilities regarding civilian personnel management within the Department of Defense.b. Volume(1) 2000 Volume Series. The 2000 Volume series of this Instruction, in accordance withthe authority in Reference (a) and DoDDs 5143.01, 1400.25, and 1400.35 (References (b), (c),and (d)), establishes policy, assigns responsibilities, and provides guidance for DCIPS. Hereafterthe 2000 Volume series of this Instruction shall be referred to as “the DCIPS Volumes.”(2) Volume. This Volume, in accordance with the guidance in the IntelligenceCommunity Directive Number 655 (Reference (e)), establishes policy, assigns responsibilities,and provides guidance for DCIPS awards and recognition programs.2. APPLICABILITY. This Volume:a. Applies to OSD, the Military Departments, the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefsof Staff and the Joint Staff, the Combatant Commands, the Office of the Inspector General of theDepartment of Defense, the Defense Agencies, the DoD Field Activities, and all otherorganizational entities in the Department of Defense (hereafter referred to collectively as the“DoD Components”).
Change 1, 01/15/2010
 DoDI 1400.25-V2008, August 17, 2009
b. Does not apply to employees covered by the Federal Wage System or equivalent, non-appropriated fund employees or foreign national employees. It does not apply to members of theDefense Intelligence Senior Executive System or the Defense Intelligence Senior Level unlessspecifically addressed in other volumes of this Instruction.3. DEFINITIONS. Unless otherwise noted, these terms and their definitions apply to thisVolume of this Instruction.a. award. An item of value bestowed or action taken to recognize and reward individual orteam achievement that contributes to meeting organizational goals or improving the efficiencyand effectiveness of the Government, or is otherwise in the public interest.b. awards program. The specific procedures and requirements established in a DoDComponent for granting awards pursuant to this Volume.c. DoD Components with DCIPS positions. Defined in Volume 2001 of this Instruction.d. monetary award. An award in which the means of recognition is a lump-sum cashpayment. No monetary award shall increase the employee’s rate of pay. The DCIPS pay-for-performance process is the means for increasing an employee’s rate of pay.e. non-monetary award. An award in which the means of recognition has a purely honorificvalue, such as a letter, certificate, medal, plaque, or other item of nominal cash value.f. time-off award. Defined in Volume 451 of this Instruction.4. POLICY. It is DoD policy that:a. DCIPS awards and recognition programs serve as important components of the overallDCIPS compensation philosophy by creating a positive work environment and a culture of recognition that continually identifies and rewards contribution to mission. Properly applied,awards and recognition programs provide management a continuous means of communicatingimportant organizational and mission values.b. DCIPS awards programs shall complement but not duplicate or undermine pay-for-performance outcomes.c. DCIPS awards are discretionary.d. DCIPS awards programs shall promote the overall efficiency and effectiveness of theDoD Components with DCIPS positions.5. RESPONSIBILITIES. See Enclosure 2.
Change 1, 01/15/2010
 DoDI 1400.25-V2008, August 17, 2009
3 6. PROCEDURES. Enclosure 3 provides guidance for DCIPS awards and recognitionprograms.7. RELEASABILITY. UNLIMITED. ThisInstruction
is approved for public releaseand is available on the Internet from the DoD Issuances Web Site athttp://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives.8. EFFECTIVE DATE. ThisInstruction
is effective60 days from date signed.
onOctober 8, 2009.
 Gail H. McGinnDeputy Under Secretary of Defense (Plans)Performing the Duties of theUnder Secretary of Defense forPersonnel and ReadinessEnclosures1. References2. Responsibilities3. Guidance for DCIPS Awards and Recognition Programs
Change 1, 01/15/2010

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