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Fourth Reich

Fourth Reich

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Published by Martus Ministry

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Published by: Martus Ministry on Nov 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fourth Reich
Holy Roman Empire (962 to 1806) German
Athanasius Kircher,
1602 – 1680
a German Jesuit priest
forming doctrine for the Kaballahuse in theJesuit Order andMasonic Order. German House of Rothschild Crestfrom the
from Germany  being given hereditarybaronies of theHabsburg Empireby Emperor Francis IIin 1816.
(Germanmonarchy existing from 1871 to 1918)
(1831-1888) asGerman crown princein 1875,
4 of the 7 Nationsinvolvement with treaty of  Berlin, theLeague of Nationswhich later became theUnited  Nations , assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinandsparked WW1.
  Nazi Germany( 1920 to 1945)
Pope PiusXII
Eugene PacelliReichskonkordatw/ GermanyHitler's Pope The VaticanFalse1000 Year Reignusing Hitler 
Adolf Hitler
SS Handschar Division(Muslim SS Nazis) Grand Mufti of Jerusalem , Founder of EU-Arab LeagueandOICof the U.N. and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.
 funds both sides WW1,2 &Zionism  GermanIG Farben&  Nazi UFO'sNaziMarking Rothschild and German “Jews” = 
Vatican Ratlines Videoof Nazi Escape Routes &  Nazi war criminals such asAdolf Eichmannone of the major organizers of theHolocaust. More information about Nazi's heremore Masonic and German Eagle references
(1945to current)
The European Union is set up with the aim of endingthe frequent and bloody wars between neighbors,which culminated in the Second World War. As of 1950, the European Coal and Steel Community beginsto unite European countries economically and politically in order to secure lasting peace. The sixfounders are Belgium, France,
 Italy,Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The 1950s aredominated by a cold war between east and west.Protests in Hungary against the Communist regime are put down by Soviet tanks in 1956; while the following year, 1957, theSoviet Union takes the lead in the space race, when it launches the firstman-made space satellite, Sputnik 1. Also in 1957, the Treaty of Romecreates the European Economic Community (EEC), or ‘Common Market’.http://europa.eu/about-eu/eu-history/index_en.htm
drafted the treaty of Romewhich became the EU Some euroscepticsuse the term "
Fourth Reich
" as a derogatory term todescribe theEuropean Union, with connection toGermany's dominant  positionwithin the Union. European Union founders connection to NaziGerman familiesand the sameEagle as shown on the crest and flags of the Reichs.The10 World Unionsin which the European Union is the Hub for the New World Order.
Nigel Farage
Calls out the European Union and their Communist roots. February 2010World Economic Crisis's and Bank Warfare is EconomicWarfare also used by Nazi's same type Economic controlling isdone today as which would be seen inOperation Bernhard  because same powers at be are in control. http://youtu.be/sSDQe3kMkXQ 
“I was elected by this parliament by Secret vote” http://youtu.be/kgDWkVPLBns
Germanfederal legislativebody the Bundestaeagle
 Nigel Farage United Kingdom Independent Partywww.UKIP.org http://youtu.be/bdob6QRLRJU European Parliament, Strasbourg, 16 November 2011 ,Nigel Farage to the commission of EU :“none of you have been elected , none of you actually have any democratic legitimacy for the roles you currentlyhold within this crisis... and we are now living in a
something theEuropean Project was actually supposed to stop, something that those who went before us actually paid aheavy price in blood to prevent. I don't want to live in a German dominated Europe and nor do thecitizens of Europe”“have a look at howMerkel'sgovernment is removing powers from its own parliament, and from its ownconstitutional court, in order to create a virtual dictatorship in Germany “- Andrew Stephan Reed Officeof Nigel Farage United Kingdom Independent Party www.UKIP.orgDec 5, 2011
Rise of the Fourth Reich
By SIMON HEFFER,Nov 21 2011 articleYesterday's crisis meeting between Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy was arranged before the participants knew of the disastrous growth figures in the Eurozone that emerged in the morning.The background to the meeting was last week's tumult in the world financial markets. Shares had goneinto freefall after the downgrading of America's credit rating.Worse than that, however, were the tremorsrattling some of Europe's most important banks, notably in France, caused by further evidence of the utter failure of even the more developed European economies to live anything like within their means.AngelaMerkel and Nicolas Sarkozy met to discuss the crisis yesterday, with the outcome of conversationssuggesting a fiscal union could be created -
of which Germany will dictate terms
Although she will not yet admit it, this all suggests the first step has been taken towards a fiscal unionthat will leave Germany dictating the financial terms for the rest of Europe. Mr Sarzoky and Mrs Merkeltalked of a 'true economic government movement' while the German leader called for 'a stronger coordination of policy' during the meeting in Paris.”http://www.ocnus.net/artman2/publish/Analyses_12/Rise-of-the-Fourth-Reich_printer.shtml

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