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NJ CC Poll Topline Results Nov 11

NJ CC Poll Topline Results Nov 11

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Published by nationaljournal

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Published by: nationaljournal on Nov 22, 2011
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Princeton Survey Research Associates International November 2011 Omnibus Week 3 
November 2011 Omnibus Week 3Princeton Survey Research Associates International forNational Journal
Final Topline ResultsNovember 21, 20111,003 adults age 18 and olderMargin of error: Plus or minus 3.7 percentage pointsInterviewing dates: November 17 – 20, 2011CC1. As you may know, the congressional “super committee” is reaching its deadline toproduce a plan to reduce the federal deficit by at least $1.2 trillion over the next decade.If the committee fails to reach an agreement, who do you think would be most toblame: [READ AND RANDOMIZE 1-3, ALWAYS READ 4 LAST]Nov 17-20201119 Republicans in Congress10 President Obama8 Democrats in Congress54 Or all parties equally?8 Don’t know/Refused (VOL.)CC2. Some people say an agreement to reduce the deficit would help the economy byincreasing confidence among businesses and consumers. Others say an agreementwould hurt the economy by requiring tax increases and spending cuts that would reduceconsumer spending and business investment. In your opinion, do you think anagreement to reduce the deficit would: [READ 1-3]Nov 17-20201142 Help the economy16 Hurt the economy [OR]29 Not have much effect either way?13 Don’t know/Refused (VOL.)CC3. Which one of the following possible outcomes of an agreement to reduce the deficitconcerns you most? [READ AND RANDOMIZE]
Nov 17-20201138 It will cut too much from government programs like Medicare and Social Security23 It will raise taxes on people like you17 It will not meet its target for reducing the federal deficit and debt
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Princeton Survey Research Associates International November 2011 Omnibus Week 3 
12 It will allow for too much federal spending in the next few years10 Don’t know/Refused (VOL. DO NOT READ)CC4. The super committee has considered many proposals for reducing the deficit. As I reada list of ideas, please tell me if you think each one should be part of the final packagethat Congress considers to reduce the deficit, or not. First, how about [INSERT,RANDOMIZE]? Do you think this should be part of the package to reduce the deficit, ornot? Next, how about [INSERT]? [IF NECESSARY: Do you think this should be part of the package to reduce the deficit, or not?]
 Yes, should bepart of deficitreduction packageNo, should not bepart of deficitreduction package(VOL.)Don’t know/Refuseda.
Letting the Bush tax cuts expire forfamilies earning at least $250,000 ayear
 Nov 17-20, 2011 53 36 11b.
Reducing the value of itemizeddeductions for families earning atleast $250,000 a year
 Nov 17-20, 2011 55 32 14c.
Raising the eligibility age for Medicarefrom 65 to 67
 Nov 17-20, 2011 35 62 3d.
Placing strict limits on how muchWashington will spend on Medicaidand Medicare
 Nov 17-20, 2011 45 47 8e.
Freezing spending through the year2019 on nondefense domesticprograms such as education, parksand housing
 Nov 17-20, 2011 32 62 6
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Princeton Survey Research Associates International November 2011 Omnibus Week 3 
CC5. As you may know, if the super committee does not meet its deficit reduction target bythe deadline, Congress has set rules requiring large automatic cuts on defense anddomestic programs. If the committee fails to meet its target, do you think theseautomatic cuts should go into effect or that Congress should take action to stop them?Nov 17-20201126 Automatic cuts should go into effect61 Congress should take action to stop them13 Don’t know/Refused (VOL.)CC6. Would you like to see your representative in Congress vote in favor of a deficit reductionplan…[READ 1-2]Nov 17-20201131 Only if it fully reflects your priorities for taxes and spending, [OR]53 Even if it does NOT fully reflect your priorities, but that’s the only way forCongress to reach agreement on a deficit reduction plan3 Neither is acceptable (VOL.)13 Don’t know/Refused (VOL.)

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