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Published by: api-3844499 on Oct 19, 2008
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Palestine - The Peace FAQ
Was there ever a state of Palestine? Did Israel conquer Palestine and
replace it with a Jewish state?
In what percent of Palestine does Israel exist?
Who does Palestine rightly belong to? Why do the Arabs, a nation
which occupies 22 countries, also insist on occupying Palestine?
What is the history of Palestine, where did it get it's name?

Who are the Palestinians? Where did the Arabs of Palestine come from? Are they a separate people, historically different from other Arabs?

Was Palestine full of Arabs before the mass return of Jews?
Did the Jews expel the Arabs from Palestine? Are there no more
Arabs in Israel?
If the Land of Israel was so important to the Jews, why did they
Jews were mostly living outside of Palestine for a long time, doesn't
that reduce their claim to the land?
Weren't the Arabs living in Palestine for hundreds of years or
millenea before the Jews came?
Why did the Jews insist on returning to Palestine? They were doing
quite well in other peoples' countries...
Did the Arabs invade the region by force?
Did the rich European Jews take advantage of the poor Arabs and
trick them into selling their best land at low cost?

Did the Jewish influx improve the job opportunities, health care,
standard of living, infrastructure, which made Palestine an attractive
place for Arabs, who would later immigrate to Palestine?

Is the Arab opposition to Israel's existence, an opposition to
imperialism, or a fight over limited land?
Where is Palestine? What are its borders? Is it only between the
Mediteranean and the river Jordan?
Was there ever a state of Palestine? Did Israel conquer Palestine
and replace it with a Jewish state?
In the Six-Day War ,I sr a e l capturedJu d e a,Sa m a r i a andEa s t
Jerusalem. But they didn't capture these territories from Yasser
Arafat. They captured them from Jordan's King Hussein. I can't help
but wonder why all thesePa l e st i n i a n s suddenly discovered their
national identity afterI sr a e l won thew a r.
http://www.peacefaq.com/palestine.html\ue000 (1 of 25)8/9/2007 9:39:21 AM
Palestine - The Peace FAQ

The truth is that Palestine is no more real than Never-Never Land. ... Palestine has never existed ...as an autonomous entity. It was ruled alternately by Rome, byI sl a m i c andCh r i st i a n crusaders, by the

OttomanEm p i r e and, briefly, by the British after WorldW a r I. The
British agreed to restore at least part of the land to the Jewish people
as their homeland.
- Joseph Farah ,Ar a b-American journalist,
editor and CEO of WorldNetDaily

WhenJe w s began to immigrate to Palestine in large numbers in 1882, fewer than 250,000Ar a b s lived there, and the majority of them had arrived in recent decades. Palestine was never an

exclusivelyAr a b country, althoughAr a b i c gradually became the
language of most the population after theMu sl i m invasions of the
seventh century. No independentAr a b orPa l e st i n i a n state ever
existed in Palestine. When the distinguishedAr a b-American historian,

PrincetonUn i v e r si t y Prof. Philip Hitti , testified against partition
before the Anglo-American Committee in 1946, he said: "There is no
such thing as 'Palestine' in history, absolutely not." In fact, Palestine
is never explicitly mentioned in theKo r a n, rather it is called "the holy
land" (al-Arad al-Muqaddash).
In a recent speech to the United Nations General Assembly,Y a s s e r
Arafat talked of "the need to realize justice for the Palestinian
people, to restore their international status and their seat in the
United Nations." He referred to "our country, Palestine" and
expressed the hope that it would be "restored its freedom."
The meaning of this message is clear: Palestine is a country that
belonged to the Palestinians until it was invaded and usurped byt h e
Jews. Jerusalemw a s the Palestinian capital now being Judaizedb y
Israel. Justice will be served only if the Palestinians are allowed to re-
establish their sovereignty in it.

That all this is unadulterated fiction has not prevented many
governments from accepting it. Nor has it deterred pundits from
upbraidingI sr a e l for failing to "give back"Pa l e st i n i a n land.

In fact, there never has been a state called Palestine, nor havet h e
Palestinian Arabs ever been an independent people, and Jerusalem
never has been anAr a b orMu sl i m capital.Je r u sa l e m has had an
absoluteJe w i sh majority for more than a century (and a plurality
before that), and for the last three thousand years, only the Jewish
people have called it their capital....To inveigh against " Judaizing"
Jerusalem is like protesting the Arabization of Cairo.
http://www.peacefaq.com/palestine.html\ue000 (2 of 25)8/9/2007 9:39:21 AM
Palestine - The Peace FAQ
David Bar-I llan, former Executive Editor of the Jerusalem Post , in
an article first published in November 1998 in the Los Angeles Times.
In what percent of Palestine does Israel exist?
Arab critics of I srael speak of Jewish migration to Palestine after

WorldW a r I, neglecting to mention that there has been a substantial and continuousJe w i sh presence in the land for over three thousand years, and a steadyJe w i sh majority inJe r u sa l e m . Nor do they care to remember that when, after World War II , the General Assembly proposed to partition Palestine, this followed an earlier (1922) and

illegal partition by the British which gave almost 80% of the land
promised to the Jews by the Balfour Declaration to create theAr a b
state ofTr a n sj o r d a n. Thus, at the time of the 1947 partitionv o t e in
the United Nations, the Jews had already been unlawfully deprived of
four-fifths of their entitlement.
-Louis Rene Beres
Professor of International Law
Department of Political Science
PurdueUn i v e r si t y
Who does Palestine rightly belong to? Why do the Arabs, a nation
which occupies 22 countries, also insist on occupying Palestine?
History and Background
In 1920 the world organization of nations [ League of Nations]
proclaimed that Palestine was to be a homeland for the Jews. Around
the same time,Le b a n o n was made a place for Arab Christians, and
Syria, and Iraq were to be homelands for Arab Moslems. In 1922
England [ the occupying power in Palestine] gave all of Palestine east
of the RiverJo r d a n [ 77% of Palestine] to Arab Moslems, forbidding
Jews to live there.
FurtherU N estimates put the property loses ofJe w s kicked out of
Arab countries after 1948 at 10 times those lost by Palestinian Arabs.
[In WorldW a r I] Turkey, with an expansivee m p i r e that compassed
the Middle East (including Palestine) and North Africa, fought with
Germany and the Central Powers against the Allies. At the breaking
up of the TurkishEm p i r e by the victorious Allies, bothJe w s and
Arabs requested independent states. The world powers were
generous in the extreme to the Arabs by granting them twenty-two
http://www.peacefaq.com/palestine.html\ue000 (3 of 25)8/9/2007 9:39:21 AM

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