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The Qana Massacre

The Qana Massacre

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Published by: api-3844499 on Oct 19, 2008
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The Qana Massacre, Kafr Qana - The Peace FAQ

Aren't the Israelis also terrorists because they intentionally
targeted civilians when they bombed the UNIFIL compound in
Qana in Southern Lebanon?

"Anyone who knowsI sr a e l's rules of engagement knowsI sr a e l has
taken great pains and paid dearly for a strict policy to avoid civilian
casualties and the same thing is true here,
...People who are looking for an opportunity to do so will exploit
this ... fair people will look more carefully at the evidence and
conclude this was not deliberate."
- Malcolm Hoenlein , executive vice chairman of the Conference of
Presidents of Major AmericanJe w i sh Organizations, quoted by
Cynthia Mann,Je w i sh Telegraphic Agency, May 10, 1996
Hezbollah guerrillas fired two Katyusha rockets and eight mortars at
I srael from an area 300 yards away from the Fijian compound 15
minutes beforeI sr a e l i gunners opened fire,U. N . spokeswoman
Sylvana Foa said, quoting the commander of the U.N. peacekeeping
mission inLe b a n o n.
The Associated Press, Apr 18, 1996
The U.N. report acknowledges that Hezbollah took cover at the bases
of the United Nations Interim Force inLe b a n o n (UNIFIL).
- Cynthia Mann ,Je w i sh Telegraphic Agency, May 10, 1996
"Hezbollah used those civilians as cover in a very cynical and
despicable way"
- Nicholas Burns, U.S. State Department spokesman, quoted by
Cynthia Mann,Je w i sh Telegraphic Agency, May 10, 1996
WhenI sr a e l i soldiers targeted the launch points of those Katyusha
rockets, mistakes were made and the UNIFIL base was unfortunately
hit. The people inside lost, but because of the tremendous world
outcry blamingI sr a e l,H e zb o l l a h won. This, one assumes, was the
plan. Shame on the world for rewarding such tactics.
http://www.peacefaq.com/qana.html\ue000(1 of 2)8/9/2007 9:55:00 AM

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