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Senior Test Systems Engineer in Huntsville AL Resume Dale Murray

Senior Test Systems Engineer in Huntsville AL Resume Dale Murray

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Published by DaleMurray
Dale Murray has an active DoD TOP SECRET/SCI (Refreshed Mar 2009) and has several years experience working system engineering processes within Special Access Programs in DoD.
Dale Murray has an active DoD TOP SECRET/SCI (Refreshed Mar 2009) and has several years experience working system engineering processes within Special Access Programs in DoD.

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Published by: DaleMurray on Nov 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dale N Murray
 Huntsville, AL 35816-1436Email:Dale@DaleMurray.com, 520 270-2762 CellPage 1 of 4
Mr. Murray is a perfect candidate for your open job(s). Mr. Murray has an activeDoD TOP SECRET/SCI (Refreshed Mar 2009) and has several years experience working systemengineering processes within Special Access Programs in DoD. He has always been consideredin the top peers during his employment within DoD. He graduated in the top quarter of hisClemson University Electrical Engineering class with a 3.0 GPA within his field. He attainedover 800 on his Scholastic Aptitude Test during his junior year. He began his DoD career at a GSlevel 7 or equivalent of a Master
s degree. He was promoted by special dispensation by thegovernment during pay freezes, further indicating his top performance and excellence in his CivilService work. Later he graduated from Ga Tech with a 3.4 GPA
Master’s degree
in Informationand Computer Science. He has an excellent understanding and balance of hardware, software,interface control, documentation, integration, and test activities. Mr. Murray was hired by BoozAllen and Hamilton (BAH) consultants, also known for hiring only the nation's top scientists,engineers and business professionals. Mr. Murray has always maintained cognizance of cutting-edge and breakthrough technologies, especially nano technology, with both paid and free leadingR&D publications.Mr. Murray has demonstrated a very creative mind and has improved the way things were done inhis previous positions, increasing efficiency and quality of many products in daily work. His firstprofessional assignment was to develop a government owned first-article automated,computerized, functional test measurement and reporting system. He used object oriented design(OOD) before it was ever published by others. He had a bank of stimulus equipment, bank of measurement equipment, and a routing switch between them, all computer controlled. Hedeveloped a specialized programming control language based on conversational basic language(slow, interpretive by line) that when the program was complete without syntax/number rangeerrors, it was then compiled through FORTRAN and executed. The result was very easy testprogram development by inexperienced users, with the real-time embedded computerperformance of optimally compiled programs.Mr. Murray has always been process oriented with focus on the day-by-day activities withconcern of how can the processes be improved. Another example of his creativity effectingproductivity was his assignment to assume the project metrics reported to program managementof a large Army battle simulation program. Previous peer was using over 4 hours per week tocollect, compile, and report results monthly. Mr. Murray proposed a change to metrics processthat saved over 75% processing time; (12 man-hours per month) with equivalent detail andimproved quality. In another case he was assigned to develop metrics to report productivity andutility of an enclosed RF radar hardware-in-the-loop test range. He defined the set of performance parameters, granularity of data, frequency of collection, and reporting process thatwas adopted as the baseline standard for other test labs in the company. His results clearlyshowed where resources needed to be applied to maintain or increase throughput.Mr. Murray is a very detailed person with a gift of looking beyond the immediate decision spaceto examine the consequences of the actions at hand, evaluate alternatives and options, and foreseeroadblocks that may result by selecting certain current options. He is known to look at a situationfrom the point of view,
“What is not obvious to the casual observer?” He is
known for seeingdetails often missed by others.
Mr. Murray’s superior performance,
work ethic, and technical excellence have earned him severaloutstanding awards, including
Who’s Who in America
, plus large performance bonuses(>$10K/yr) for five consecutive years in Missile Defense Agency
. Mr. Murray’s specialt
y issolving difficult, complex, challenging problems where there is no known solution, whether it isalone, or leading a small team of subject matter experts or specialists like him. Mr. Murray is anexcellent presenter and organizer of technical conferences, symposia, and technical interchange
Dale N Murray
 Huntsville, AL 35816-1436Email:Dale@DaleMurray.com, 520 270-2762 CellPage 2 of 4
meetings, with history of refereed publications in leading technical magazines & journals, andforeign
 presentations using translators. Mr. Murray’s strongest contribution to every organization
he has served is to accomplish the assigned tasks, on time, within budget, with technicalexcellence and positive attitude.
Degree, Georgia Institute of Technology, Master of Science in Informationand Computer Science, (MSICS) 3.5/4.0 GPABa
chelor’s Degree, Clemson University
, Bachelor of Science in ElectricalEngineering (BSEE), graduated in the top ten-percent of his class with over 800 on the ScholasticAptitude Test (SAT)
Current Security Clearance:
with SSBI for access into intelligence data, SCIand SAP programs (refreshed in Mar 2009)
Work Experiences:
July 2008 thru 30 Sep 11
BAH & Defense Systems Engineering, LLC,
Huntsville, AL.Senior Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) sub-contractor at the Space andMissile Defense Command, Technology Directorate, Space Superiority Division, Tactical DataTerminal
Space (SMDC-RDT-SS). As an independent contractor and consultant through SAIC,Mr. Murray provides subject matter expertise in systems engineering, test, and defenseacquisition. He worked with the team to produce a space data terminal program of record. Hereceived letter of recognition for his technical documents produced for successful Milestone A.He worked with SMDC customers to develop high level requirements then allocated them to abaseline configuration design. He developed various verification plans and strategies.Specifically he wrote the Test & Evaluation Strategy (TES), draft Test and EvaluationManagement Plan (TEMP), Statement of Objectives (SOO) for Technology Development (TD)phase for two contracts; Statement of Work (SOW), and Technical Requirements Document(TRD) for Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) phase. He supported the teamdevelopment of other required technical documents for Milestone B. Mr. Murray activelyparticipated in all periodic Technical Interchange Meetings (TIM) plus all major technicalreviews with both contractors, (i.e. System Requirements Specification (SRS), SoftwareSpecifications Requirements (SSR), Systems Functional Review (SFR), Test Readiness Review(TRR), System Acceptance Tests (SAT), Technology Readiness Level (TRL) assessment, andTailored Preliminary Design Review (T-PDR). He contributed to Source Selection ReviewBoard (SSRB) decisions. In other companies he has contributed significantly to Critical DesignReviews (CDR), Configuration Management (CM) reviews, Engineering Change Proposals(ECP), Change Control Boards (CCB) Reviews; and in some cases was responsible for changeimpacts to requirements using traceability, duplication, and completeness tools.Mr. Murray completed two Defense Acquisition University (DAU) courses in DefenseAcquisition. He received several awards and recognition in Security awareness and support byhelping keep the project on schedule and within cost; and with technical excellence.
 Feb 2003 thru Jul 2008, Modern Technology Solutions Inc,
Alexandria, VA
Mr. Murray wasSETA Subject Matter Expert in systems engineering and test for the Missile Defense Agency(MDA), Advanced Technologies (DV) Deputate, Project Hercules (DVH); a separately fundedprogram for development and fielding of complex Missile Defense algorithms for discriminationand battle management control. Mr. Murray was the lead customer representative for the KineticEnergy Interceptor Program (MDA/KI), and Multiple Kill Vehicle (MDA/KV) to develop,negotiate, collect, and advocate their requirements for algorithms. Many cases requireddevelopment and execution of trade studies to find best approach and algorithms to develop. Mr.
Dale N Murray
 Huntsville, AL 35816-1436Email:Dale@DaleMurray.com, 520 270-2762 CellPage 3 of 4
Murray also served on the Hercules senior management team to evaluate and allocate limitedbudget for all Hercules funded tasks at the yearly Program Office Technical Review meetings fortwo years. His experiences on this team provided valuable skills and abilities relating to allBallistic Missile Defense Systems and the algorithms to make them more responsive to the everchanging threats and robust to unexpected events and counter measures. He worked with optical,infrared and radio frequency radar, ladar, and laser sensors and algorithm design and utilizationwithin MDA. This experience required working across multiple disciplines and teamwork acrossmany contractors with on-going projects. He received a letter of recognition from MDA andhuge performance bonuses for 5 consecutive years.
Previous to MDA.
Raytheon Missile Systems
, Tucson, AZ & Huntsville, AL(including Hughes Aircraft Company). Principal Systems Engineer. Mr. Murray worked in theTomahawk Block III All Up Round (AUR) Failure Analysis Group. He provided engineeringand analysis support to trace failure to root cause to resolve issues and anomalies as theyoccurred. He was assigned as leader of a special studies task to isolate root cause, andrecommend remedy for a significant number of spare generator-regulator assemblies (of the samevintage as fielded units) that now failed original performance acceptance tests on an automatedtest station. Mr. Murray made extensive use of Tomahawk modeling and simulation tools in thespecial analysis task. Result was to change the refurbishment process of missiles as they wererecycled, thus avoiding recall of all currently active Tomahawk missiles.Mr. Murray was hired by Hughes Aircraft Company to lead and supervise the hardwaredevelopment test group and manage allocated budget. He used proprietary requirementsmanagement tools to develop and execute test plans and procedures for requirements verification.He received several awards and a promotion for performance and jobs well done.Mr. Murray performed Research and Development (R&D) and was principal investigator onseveral tasks where he contributed significantly to studies and analysis for the DoD. Many of hisrecommendations were eventually implemented.
Summary Highlights:
- Well versed in hardware and software engineering processes from design and tests,instrumentation, specifications engineering, requirements engineering, flow down, test plans,procedures, execution & reporting to integration, testing and delivery acceptance tests;experienced in using proprietary requirements management tools- Pioneered, designed, built, operated, & maintained computer automated, first-article functionaltest system based on later-published object-oriented design principles- Experiences with design & development, repair and maintenance of various specific defenseweapon systems including land-combat support systems, air defense systems, missile defensesystems and sensors, battle management, communications, command, control, computers,intelligence, and surveillance, (MEADS, THAAD, Patriot, SM-3, Tomahawk, Stinger/Red Eye,Hawk, Roland, Shillelagh, TOW, and Army Space Communications Data Terminal)- Worked with EO/IR sensors, functionality and management of radar sensors, and active(LASER) sensors- Performed distributed computing systems research and development, includingcommunications, databases, and DB-specific hardware, & compilers- Instrumental in Local Area Network (LAN) annual conference & technical interchangemeetings for several years; performed research & published measured performance results totechnical communities via several journals

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