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Fall Final Review

Fall Final Review

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Published by Bowman Dickson

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Bowman Dickson on Nov 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. by Leanne Conway and Faris Batayneh
Find the derivative.
Is g(x) differentiable at x = 2
? Why not?
2. by Hanadi Sabek and Mohammad Hassan
Does the limit as x approaches 2 exist? If yes,what is it? 
Is the function continuous at x=2? 
Is the function differentiable at x-2? 
3. by Shurouq Hijazi, Hana Mufti and Seema Samawi
  
 
Graph the piecewise function.b.
Find the limit at x = 2.c.
Determine if the function is continuous at x = 2.
4. by Rana Abulaban and Nagham Qanadilo
What’s the average rate of change of the
 function from x=0 to x=4 and from x=3.2 to x=4? 
List where the function is not continuous.
What’s the limit when x approaches 3 from the
left and 3 from the right? 
What’s the limit as x approaches 3? 
5. by Hisham Jazzar and Adel Nesheiwat
A cannonball is fired diagonally. The function
, where x is seconds afterlaunch, describes the height of the cannonball.a.
Find the average rate of change of the
cannonball’s height over the fi
rst 5 seconds.b.
Find the instantaneous rate of change of the
cannonball’s height after 5 seconds.
Find its acceleration after 5 seconds.
6. By Muhannad Abdeen and Reed Ghandour
a. Find the equation of the tangent line to
atthe point where x = 1.b.
What’s Mr. Bowman’s dog’s name?
7. By Yasmin Darwazah and Faisal Badran
At which points does the function not exist?b.
At which points is the function not continuous?c.
At which points does the limit not exist?d.
At which points is the function notdifferentiable?
8. by Iman Abu Alia and Malik Al-Jabori
9. by Dina Fanek, Aliaa Ibrahim and Reem Alhaddadin
Graph the following function. (Hint: simplify first)
 Determine the limit as x goes to 0 and the limit as xgoes to 2.
Where is
Estimate the following NUMERICALLY.a.
(i.e. use a table of function values)b. f 
(2) for
(i.e. calculate average rateof changes for closer and closer intervals)
long way.

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