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The Powwow Highway Act 2

The Powwow Highway Act 2

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Published by David Seals

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Published by: David Seals on Nov 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Act 2 ______________ 
Scene 1.
The JAIL in NEW YORK, a larger Community Room, with chairs, sofa, a Coffee Pot andcups etc. on a small table - and a large WINDOW with BARS on the outside.It is empty for now, overly lit, like a cold Gov’t building.
still in her drab prison dress, slippers, no makeup and indifferent hair.And
, as before, in uniform.GUARDYou can wait in here, for your visitors. There’s no . . . uh . . time limit. It’s quiet. For theholidays.BONNIE (listless)Thanks. What visitors?
running in to hug her.SKYMommy!BONNIE (hugs)Oh, my Baby!
, trying to be more mature, and
both of them dressed nicely, warmly.JANE (staying apart a little)Hi Mom.
BONNIEOh Janey, give me a hug. Oh, my Darlings.SKYJane doesn’t hug.BONNIEWhat? C’mon Honey.JANE (she doesn’t)We took the subway.SKYIt was cool.RABBITHiya, Girl.BONNIE (hugs her)Oh Rabbit, Rabbit, thank you. Thank you. You’ve been heaven-sent.RABBIT (hugging back)Well, hell . . .GUARD (trying to be nice)You can have all the time you want.She exits.JANECreepy.BONNIEOh my babies, my darlings. How have you been?SKYCool.JANE
We’re staying in the Algonquian Hotel.BONNIEOh yeah? Sounds nice.RABBITIt is. Nice to max out on a credit card once in a while.BONNIEOh thank you Rabbit. I don’t know how to thank you. Or re-pay you.RABBITOh, don’t worry about that. We got more problems than that. I just got some bad newsfrom the bitch upstairs in the Sheriff’s Office. They’ve raised your Bond.BONNIEWhat? What, how much?RABBITYou’re not going to believe it. I don’t know how they can do this. I didn’t think they could just change a bail-bond around like that, and raise it like hell, and add more charges towhat they -- I mean, they’ve added charges to you, Bonnie. God. Without even a courtdate yet, or a judge.BONNIEWhat? I don’t . . .RABBITNew felony charges. Serious shit, she said. She actually said that, like she liked it.These are rotten . . . They’re adding Terrorism charges, Bonnie, for running contrabandacross the Border. That’s the word they’re using, “contraband”, like it’s machine guns or explosives or some such bullshit. Because we were using sovereign Indian Nations.Federal stuff. I think they got the Homeland Security Department in on it now, or whatever they’re called. They’ll be after me too. I don’t know how they haven’t gottenme. I gotta get outa here too. Somehow.BONNIERabbit . . .RABBIT

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